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Thursday, December 10, 2015

When You Don't Know, You Can't Act/React

For many of you who saw yesterday's list, irregardless if you support Trump's belief that Muslims must be prevented from entering the US or think him a fool, I am 100% positive most of you ever heard of many of the Muslim-perpetrated atrocities committed since Paris

19 separate global terror incidents in less than 30 days since Paris

And if what happened in San Bernandino happened in Saudi Arabia or Russia or Indonesia, the US media would not have bothered to spend a single moment reporting it

The less you know, the better and more easily controlled citizenry you will be.
Its really no different than all the killings of blacks from Trayvon to what happened in Ferguson to NYC to Baltimore..

If the news does not report it, then no one knows, no one reacts and you have 'peace' in the black community; no marches, no demonstrations..  all is calm

If the news does report it, and patterns emerge such as the belief police shoot/kill unarmed blacks or the 100% undeniable truth that Every Single act of Global violence and terror aimed at civilians since 2000 has been carried out in the name of Allah...

Well now you have an angry populace..  They want answers.. or justice.. or in the case of Muslim killers, they want to feel safe in their cities and communities..
But the system's agendas are always counter to the populace

Government has no interest 'representing' people; it prefers controlling

It doesn't want an actively engaged populace; it prefers docility and distraction

When it comes to police, even in the most affluent of neighborhoods, the police always get the benefit of the doubt; their word holds more weight in court vs yours barring physical or visual proof to the contrary
Police are treated as special by the authorities..  

One of us gets shot and killed, and when they're done eating their donuts, a detective will come out..  investigate.. question a few people and if the spouse, child, business partner or butler didn't do it, our murder is pushed aside.. info put in a box called 'Cold Case'

One of them gets shot or killed and its a 24/7 manhunt where counties and sometimes states pull in resources..  No one sleeps or eats until the killer is found..

And the apprehended killer of an officer.. Notice the sentence is always greater vs if a normal person was killed in the same manner..
The American System for some God-knows-why reason bends over backward to accommodate Muslims and ignore the dot-connecting between crime and criminal.

I'd say normally its because we have a Muslim President who pretended to be Christian while he rose in power and prominence but W Bush went out of his way to protect those scum after 9/11 as well..

He even had the bin Laden family secretly flown back to Saudi Arabia from the US for their protection right after it happened..

Then again when you see pics of Bush Jr like his dear ole' Dad '41' hold hands with Saudi leaders and kiss their cheeks oh so soft n' gentle like, its insane sometimes to imagine we voted these imbeciles into office!
We know corporations go out of their way not to alienate anyone and to them, every Muslim doesn't carry a vest full of dynamite, but a few Visa, M/C and AMEX cards for shopping fun..


Interesting little aside about the bullshit which is holiday political correctness

Everyone now is forced to say 'Seasons' Greetings' and Happy Holidays while completely ignoring the existence of Christmas and any of its meaning (even secularly speaking)

Yet a few days ago I had to find a Hanukkah card and present for a friend who is Jewish and it was among the most difficult, time-consuming experiences I ever have had shopping..
I went to the local Hallmark and just like the local Target, Wal Mart, etc there were a boundless assortment of Christmas cards to choose from

Hanukkah was either a couple cards of religious meaning which I wasn't going to send, or a small handful of 'funny' cards with really insipid puns about potato latkas, whatever that is

Ultimately I got my friend a normal gift but at first I thought she'd enjoy something with a Hanukkah theme..

Christ, talk about no selection of any kind!

I had a choice of dreidels, a coloring book and a dancing rabbi who moves to music..

Since my friend is neither a child nor retarded, I chose a more contemporary present..
So all those stores that pretend to be all-inclusive for all faiths and beliefs..  If 95% to 99% of your merchandise is going to be aimed at people who celebrate Christmas, have the Guts to acknowledge it

There's so much information out there in the world you and I are intentionally prevented from knowing or having blocked access to, and that is why so many so ignorantly support the Muslims while not realizing the devastation they've caused over the years..

Most people don't even realize that Robert F Kennedy was murdered back in 1968 by a Palestinian Muslim piece of shit named Sirhan Sirhan..

And imagine hoe different the world would have been then and now if a believer of Islam hadn't shot RFK dead in cold blood!
A&G will do our best to keep providing you information most don't wish you to be privy to -- nothing top-secret  (sorry) but factual info out there you are not having access to elsewhere..

You're welcome..