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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

2016 Academy Awards and Faux Racism

~ The NAACP Movie Image Awards.. No whites Ever honored.. Guaranteed

The more I hear of wealthy and well-to-do blacks in the entertainment industry bitch and complain that no black got nominated in this year's Academy Awards, the more its obvious they are deeply out of touch with the daily struggles affecting real blacks daily

When white celebrities complain, especially those who are nominated like ultra liberal douche George Clooney and then express No desire to be taken off the Academy ballot so a black can 'rightfully' take his/her place, you realize they're just uttering empty empathy

More importantly, blacks today do not have the slightest real-world concept of what Genuine racism is because very few to none in 2016 have experienced it..
Because capital 'G' Genuine racism really doesn't exist anymore, blacks often have to create and conjure imaginary slights/offenses in the mind then allow them to fester until eventually illusions of 'Did he avoid my look?' and 'Did she clutch her purse when I walked by?' become this "reality" or racism

Because like I said, very few to no blacks living today under the age of 45 have experienced Genuine racism which what Actually existed and what kin certainly went through in pre-Civil Rights era

No black person living today who has ever been a slave or lived through the Civil War..

No black under 45 has had to sit in designated toilets or drink out of specific water faucets..
No black celebrity is alive today that really knows first hand what its like to not succeed as an entertainer in a Genuinely racist environment

One hundred years ago, black entertainers like Josephine Baker and Paul Robeson had to repatriate to Europe to establish any kind of career and respect because there simply were no opportunities for financial gain in theater or doing early cinema..

If you were a smart-assed black comic like Chris Rock, back then, you'd be more likely to get lynched then evoke a laugh the first time you utter an anti-white joke

Yet this same loud mouth piece of dung who acts like everyone is out to get him and his people will be hosting those same 'racist' Academy Awards in a month or so in an industry that is Overwhelmingly Democrat and foolishly donated to Obama's two elections..

And Rock is getting paid quite nicely for it..
Not too many other professions where blacks can complain that the "Man" is keeping them down while they're making 6 to 8 figure salaries annually..

They truly have no idea what Genuine racism is; to be called 'Nigger' by a white not as some accidental slip of the tongue which blacks milk so well, but with the goal of provoking then beating that black to death..

And it wasn't always so 'cool' and 'chic' to promote interracial fucking and bi-racial children as 'awesome' at every turn by Madison Avenue..  Used to be, look at a pretty white girl wrong and a black could find themselves dangling from a rope from a tree

That's Genuine racism, the kind few to none experience today.
So much white guilt out there and can't even blame blacks one bit for playing on it and squeezing every drop of Caucasian 'self-shame' to increase their power..

It is like they say..  If someone is giving away free milk, why take the time and trouble to go out, find your own cow and squeeze your own?

Do you really think if Dr King was alive today, he'd really give two shits that no black actor or actress was nominated for some meaningless award, especially when the blacks themselves hold an annual movie award show in early Feb. called the 'Image Awards' where ZERO whites are EVER nominated for anything??
And by the way out of curiosity, what was the black movie or black actor that was so wronged this year?

Really..  Name someone black appearing in a film released in 2015 that you thought, 'Wow, what a performance' and feel was given the rough end of the stick?

I certainly can not..

Maybe that black actor in 'Creed' but that's only because Sly Stallone got nominated so people wish to draw dots..

But to be real, every single year one very old actor who looks decrepit gets a token supporting nomination which he of course never wins, and this year the choice based merely on age and worn-out face, was Stallone.
In year 8 of horrible Black President with a black Attorney General in power who replaced another black Attorney General and only a decade or so ago saw two black Secretary of States under W. Bush, must they really keep resorting to this Bullshit?

Don't these blacks feel any shame?

Do they want separate categories??..  'The nominees for Best black-skinned Cinematographer are..

Do they want guaranteed slots??.. 'The nominees for Best Actor are.. Liam Neeson in Hamlet, Marlon Wayons in Scary Movie 5...'
We all know the real world stats..

Blacks have double the unemployment rates as whites, high dropout rates in high-school and college, high incarceration and welfare recipient rates, high percentage of children out of wedlock i.e. black teen-mothers, abandoned fathers, alcoholism, drugs, crime..

Generation after Generation.. Trillions poured down the drain

In never improves..
And THIS.. This is what blacks give a shit about..

Movie award representation and of course, Confederate flags..

When are these people finally going to collectively get their act together..

Being empathized and patronized by whitey can be fun, even addictive but ultimately every group has to prioritize what is most important to the economic benefit and advancement of their people..

And being nominated for Best Sound Editing or Best Black Supporting Actress is not it..