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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Master Debaters

Tonight (Thursday) on FoxNews, will be another Republican party Presidential Nominee debate....  I think its the 50th

I won't be watching, and not just because that conceited, rotten bitch Megyn Kelly will be one of the moderators, a classless pretend-journalist who sucked and fucked her way to the top and whose political views are more aligned with the nutty-nuts at MSNBC..

I won't be watching as I've refused to watch every single 2016 debate on both the Rep and Dem side because what the networks are presenting to viewers is not a debate in any accurate representation of the word.
On the Republican side, its more of a comedy roast, where all 20 or so candidates try to pile on as many un-funny, mean-spirited yuk-yuks at Donald Trump as their fear for his candidacy grows and their self-confidence shrinks

On the Democrat side, its more of an anointment for the old wretched power-hungry bitch in the decades-old politically expedient yet completely loveless marriage

Thank goodness Bernie Sanders is showing himself more formidable a candidate than many believed at the start or the Hillary 2016 bum-bum kissing/licking by Dem debate moderators would even be more overt
So what is a 'Real' political debate?

Well, I will tell you but you won't like it..  Involves too audience listening and thinking

It goes like this: You have let's say 3 candidates on stage, and moderators who are politically independent, impartial and sincerely fair ask questions

And a panelist may ask a question like 'Candidate A, what is your specific stance when it comes to guns and gun possession?  Are you happy with laws at present and if not, what would you like to either change or rescind if President?"

Then Candidate B and C is asked to present their positions in their allotted time but without this back n' forth nonsense where the other candidates gang up on the front runner or give mean one-liners to make the audience laugh..
Its the best way to truly know where candidates stand on issues of the day, there's no leeway given for them to go on rants or jags or defend their record from empty attacks..

Its boring.. its conventional..  It works!

Nearly 160 years ago, (1858) the most famous debate in US history took place in Illinois between Steven Douglas and Abraham Lincoln as both men sought the office of US Senator..

Now these events were nothing like the 'gotcha' garbage on TV today..

There were seven debates held between August and October of that year and were both specific in content and philosophical in tone, and candidates had far more time than 60 second arguments with 30 second rebuttals
The format for each debate was where one candidate spoke for 60 minutes (yes, a Full Hour), then the other candidate spoke for 90 minutes (imagine any political candidate sitting patiently for one hour, 30 minutes before giving a response), and then the first candidate was allowed a 30-minute "rejoinder."

So each debate lasted 3 hours with no potty breaks..  

And unlike in the present, people not only possessed long attention spans but eagerly sat through such debates with full attention and keen interest.

An example as good as any how deeply dumbed down we are as a society today vs then

People just want to see fireworks..  Watch candidate yell at each other and come up with mean-spirited one-liners, then check a shit TV show like Saturday Night Live to see how the super-ultra liberal writers mock and degrade the Republicans into vicious caricatures

It is just not worth my time to watch the FoxNews debate, just like I won't waste my time watching the Academy Awards and see whiny monkey Chris Rock and a cavalcade of white-guilt celebs try to put other Caucasians down because no black performer was good enough to be nominated

Thank goodness there's still some semblance of 'choice' left..