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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Muslim Sexual Assaults of German Women? 'Carry On'

At first we were going to write this long detailed blog how based on a survey by Bankrate, most Americans are one paycheck from living on the street..

We were going to provide all these facts and figures based on the survey which if we wrote like the common, worthless corporate media would be meant to shock, surprise and provide 17 seconds of water-cooler discussion..

But that's really not what A&G is about..

Besides, you know if you are one of those living that way and don't need us to remind you..
We at A&G hate Muslims..

We make no secret of this feeling nor do we make apologies for it.

It is sorta like the parable of the apple tree..  If most apples fall off a tree ripe and fresh while only a small number are 'rotten', that is considered a good tree

When a tree produces a few decent apples while the rest is rancid fruit that even flies want no part of, then even though 100% of the tree isn't producing bad fruit, it is still a rotten tree..

Showing the small handful of 'good' apples the rotten tree produced among the buckets upon buckets of rancid does not alter the tree.

That is Islam.
Not sure if this news item was ever reported in the US, especially since its not a pro-Muslim story:

According to BBC on Jan 1st, in the town of Cologne, Germany, nearly 100 women reported they were robbed, threatened or sexually molested at the New Year's Eve celebrations outside the city's cathedral by young, mostly drunk, men with at least one telling police she was raped..

About 1,000 drunk and aggressive young men were involved.

Citing the police chief Wolfgang Albers, BBC noted that the men were of "Arab or North African region", adding that they were mostly between 18 and 35 years old. He added that the attack was a "completely new dimension of crime".
What was particularly disturbing was that the attacks appear to have been organised. Around 1,000 young men arrived in large groups, seemingly with the specific intention of carrying out attacks on women.

Here's an account from a woman who claims to have been a victim of an assault:

"The men surrounded us and started to grab our behinds and touch our crotches. They touched us everywhere. I wanted to take my friend and leave. I turned around, and in that moment, someone grabbed my bag."
~ Lara Logan in Tahrir Square just moments before she was sexually assaulted and raped by a mob of  Koran-loving Muslims on Feb. 11, 2011.

Just like in Egypt during that bullshit Arab Spring revolution back in 2011 where 60 Minutes correspondent Lara Logan was trapped then repeatedly raped by scum Muslim men and still faces terrible trauma to this day.

In fact, her attacks were so horrific at the hands of these sand-monkey barbarians, she had to be hospitalized four years later for complications and still suffers PTSD..

Imagine what these clean German women will be going through as their lives are forever ruined by brown rats of a cult-faith that preaches and celebrates sexual violence toward women who are not willing to live life like it was 1099...
Local news website Koelner Stadt-Anzeiger stated the suspects were already known to police because of frequent pick-pocketing in and around Cologne central station

And should there be any surprise you'd have such brazen criminality after Herr Andrea Merkel, winner of the utterly meaningless 'Time's Person of the Year' for opening Germany's doors to any Muslim scum who wishes to enter under the false pretense of sanctuary, tells her native Germany citizenry these mongrels are good people?

And what did Germany's government including the pro-refugee mayor of Cologne do in response?

Just like the black scum that run our nation, they issued edicts calling for calm, and tolerance & acceptance for all, and attacks on Muslims would not be tolerated..
And of course Chancellor Swine Merkel still calls for open borders, just like President Oreo Cookie pushes in the US..

The populace's feelings be damned..

The mayor of Cologne,a woman with pro-Muslim symapthies even dared to suggest the women were themselves at fault and they should learn to develop a code of conduct so not to provoke such incidents!
Its funny how a nation goes from the extreme of beating and killing Jewish people who lived peaceably side by side, many of them educated, productive and tax paying members to to a nation they lived in for hundreds of years prior, to the other extreme intentionally and willingly tolerating and protecting Muslim savages with black hearts of hatred and intolerance for anything Judeo-Christian..

Oh sure.. now 70 years later Germany says xenophobia is bad

Problem is the wrong group is getting the benefit of this enlightenment...
The head of a pig found in front of a mosque..  big Front Page news..

A thousand Islamic pieces of shit attacking Christian women in Germany..  move on.. move on

Wonder what the tipping point is when the civilized Western world stops bending over backwards to tolerate, sympathize, rationalize, and protect this human incarnate of Evil.

Wonder what is the 'moment' when the corrupt media with its biased yellow journalism starts reporting on this problem with honesty and stops taking the side of the evildoers..

Just wonder..