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Friday, January 29, 2016

The (Lack of) Power of a President in an Individual's life

As we were thinking more and more about the whole process of selecting nominees who will represent each political party followed by ultimately a grande November general election, a reality dawned upon us..

With very few exceptions, it really does not matter who is President.

That's not to say we don't have our preferences and if the primaries were to end this moment, we openly admit the candidates we'd like to see is Trump v Sanders.

Now as to who would have the easier go of it vs the other, let your opinions and political loyalties entertain you..

But as stated before. a President has not as much impact upon an individual's daily life as one might think.
For instance a President can have us invade any nation(s) and get into endless wars if he or she wishes but until a national draft is ever once-more enacted, no individual is legally compelled to participate.

When it comes to taxes, Congress works with the President to set a budget and decide whether or not to raise and while it is nationally decided the legal age for alcohol and cigarettes, for those who love to get high, pot legality is now state by state decided

A President mostly presides..  He/she delegates responsibilities to the various Secretaries who delegate to their deputies and so on..

The rest of the time, speeches are made, dignitaries are entertained and lots n lots of vacations are taken..
Your daily life is far greater impacted by who your state Governor is than President, and if living in a city or town, your Mayor or other local government administration being even more important

It is certainly not the President who decides if your property and/or school taxes are to be raised, or if your sales tax on purchases will go up another half-penny

The President is not responsible for potholes being filled and the community libraries, playgrounds and swimming pools remaining open or whether you get your zoning permit to build a fence so not to look at the next door neighbor you despise...
And yet a Presidential election takes about two years to run from potential candidates announcing exploratory committees until final National election and sooo much money is wasted on the process.

The Democrat National Convention to be held this summer in Philly is expected to cost the city upwards of $60 million with the Republican Convention in Cleveland targeted about the same amount..

All in the hopes these 4 day propaganda-fests draw in lots of tourism dollars to pay the bills and then some..

And everyone promises this or that and every candidate has an answer for everything..
Governor Jerry Brown expressed it very honestly back in 2000 after his victory as Governor of California and its a quote we've never forgotten:

"It's all a lie...  You run for office and the assumption is, ' I know what to do'.. You don't!.. You say you're going to lower taxes, you're going to put people to work, you're going to improve the schools, you're going to stop crime.. And crime is up, schools are worse, taxes are higher.. Be real!"

The quote from a CNN interview can be found via this link:
So how do you decide who to support in an election of any magnitude when everyone lies or puts on a show to convince you only 'he' or 'she' can make your lives better or save the world?

The best suggestion we can give is decide what 3 things are most important to you in who your next leader is..  And we don't mean to vote by gender, how a candidate dresses or who tells the funniest jokes..

What matters to you... Taxation?  Education?  Public Safety?  Civil Rights?  Abortion Rights?  Gender/Sexual Equality rights?  Gun rights?  First Amendment?  Etc..
Once you decide your personal top-3, study each candidate closely to see who is honestly most consistent and representative of your beliefs.

Don't just based on recent speeches.. See what each person's ideological history is..

Once you find the person who most closely shares your values or takes the same things seriously that you do, then there's your guy or gal, and you can pretty much tune out the election for 9 more months while you do other, more productive things with your time
That's why we don't bother watching debates or reading the daily news of who said what

We want Trump v Sanders because they best represent the purest polar political opposites and whoever would win in November, you'd finally have a clear-cut ideological direction which we haven't had in decades

For instance Democrat Bill Clinton pushed for and won Welfare Reforms that the poor and elderly are still suffering from today..  Republicans Bush 41 and 43 neither had the guts or inclination to ever seriously challenge Roe V Wade while constantly lying to their Republican voting base...

And Obama while somehow painted (wrongly) as Socialist is really a fiscally conservative Wall Street whore; a step n fetch 'boy' for the corporations, banks and 1% to get richer as everyone else is economically stuck in the mud

Don't listen to the speeches..  study the policy decisions..

So who would you like to see win the primaries?