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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The State of the Union Is.. (Rhymes with 'Spit')

The good news is tonight will be the last State of the Union ever for Obama

The bad news is there's still 12 months of this god-awful President left..

Some people like or love him, others loathe..

And no matter the political party or how much people desire or despise him, or how much people may complain about the state of things, very few want actual change...

At least enough to sacrifice anything for it
As The Washington Post concludes, “Americans hate government, but they like what it does.” and it doesn’t matter that the government has shown itself to be corrupt, abusive, hostile to citizens who disagree with it, wasteful and unconcerned about the plight of the average American.

Americans may not approve the jobs being done by their elected leaders, and they may have little to no access to those same representatives, but they remain committed to the political process

So much so that they are working themselves into a frenzy over the upcoming presidential election, with contributions to the various candidates nearing $500 million with the belief a Hillary Cunt.. um.. Clinton or a Trump will make a difference where it truly counts such as the budget and properly dealing with the Muslim problem.
So let's look at Barack Hussein Obama Yo' Mama's Presidency:

He non-stop promised Hope and Change in 2008 and many ignorant people including 99.9% of black voters believed it.

Instead we got Black Bush..  W Bush that is, and ultimately something worse: an invasive, authoritarian surveillance state armed and ready to eliminate any political opposition.

The state of our nation under Obama has become more bureaucratic, more debt-ridden, more violent, more militarized, more fascist, more lawless, more invasive, more corrupt, more untrustworthy, more mired in war, and more unresponsive to the wishes and needs of the electorate than 8 years ago..
Most of all, the government, already diabolical and manipulative to the nth degree, has mastered the art of “do what I say and not what I do” hypocrisy.

For example while the Obama administration is working to limit the public’s access to guns by pushing for greater gun control, it’s doing little to scale back on the federal government’s growing arsenal of firepower and militarized equipment.

In fact, it’s not just the Department of Defense that’s in the business of waging war. Government agencies focused largely on domestic matters continue to spend tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to purchase SWAT and military-style equipment such as body armor, riot helmets and shields, cannon launchers and police firearms and ammunition.
The Department of Veterans Affairs spent nearly $2 million on riot helmets, defender shields, body armor, a “milo return fire cannon system,” armored mobile shields, Kevlar blankets, tactical gear and equipment for crowd control.

The Food and Drug Administration purchased “ballistic vests and carriers.” The Environmental Protection Agency shelled out $200,000 for body armor. And the Smithsonian Institution procured $28,000 worth of body armor for its “zoo police and security officers.”

Next, the Debt..  Well, its growing and growing..

It’s almost doubled during Obama’s time in office to nearly $20 trillion. Much of this debt is owed to foreign countries such as China and Japan, which have come to exert an undue degree of influence on various aspects of the American economy.
Meanwhile, almost half of Americans are struggling to save for emergencies and retirement, 43% can’t afford to go more than one month without a paycheck, and 24% have less than $250 in their bank accounts preceding payday.

On any given night, over half a million people in the U.S. are homeless, and half of them are elderly.

While the U.S. spends more on education than almost any other country, American schools have dropped under Obama to a global rank of 28th in the world, below much poorer countries such as the Czech Republic and Vietnam.
The prison population is growing at an alarming rate (currently 2.4 million, over half of which black and over 20% Muslim), which breaks down to more than one out of every 100 American adults behind bars.

According to The Washington Post, it costs $21,000 a year to keep someone in a minimum-security federal prison and $33,000 a year for a maximum-security federal prison.

The nation’s infrastructure—railroads, water pipelines, ports, dams, bridges, airports and roads—is rapidly deteriorating. An estimated $1.7 trillion will be needed by 2020 to improve surface transportation, but with vital funds being siphoned off by the military industrial complex, there’s little relief in sight.
Remember the Economics 101 chart 'Guns v Butter'?  Well a large percentage of our taxes go to pay the 'guns' and the government takes on more debt to cover the 'butter'

The expense of those endless wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and current involvement in Syria will cost taxpayers $4 trillion to $6 trillion. That does not include the cost of military occupations and exercises elsewhere around the globe. This is money that is not being invested in America, nor is it being used to improve the lives of Americans.

And the people don't know or care because Obama has done a very successful job to minimizing the effects that ultimately we will all feel when the new President sits on the throne
For Obama, the goal has never been about truly fixing anything.  More like keeping the fingers in the dyke as long as possible until the closet dyke Hillary wins (We hate people who pretend they're something they are not [heterosexual] just to get elected) and then the Oreo cookie gets his grandiose Library and if all falls into plan, becomes the next United Nations Secretary...

Would the nation be any better if that Bitch Hillary won in 2008?

What about that old cadaver John McCain?


How about the billionaire 'Mittens' Romney?


And that's how bad the State of the Union is..
So bad that it really doesn't matter who is in office especially since they all work for Wall Street, the Fed and the same 1% elite who sit behind the scenes

The State of the Union is Shit and the pungent stench is not dissipating until someone gets into office with the sole goal of getting rid of all traces of the 'Brown', stirring the 'pot' and cleaning up the mess, re-election or "legacy" be damned