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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Weepy Barry O.

~ If Obama was British, his finger positioning would indicate a 'Screw You' to whoever he was looking at

Seems the President cried today..

At first I assumed it was because either Oslo granted him another Nobel Peace Prize or mourning black victims at the hands of blood-thirsty white marauder-murderers..

Nope.. Obama shed a few tear droplets as he announced his new anti-gun measures..

The Obama cock-sucking media (we mean both the term as a colorful adjective and the fact the liberal media, whites especially love this man so much, they'd give him a blowjob if they could) wrote that he cried over thoughts of the victims of Sandy Hook, NJ..
Honestly, it seems more like tears of joy that he could pass draconian anti-gun measures while circumventing Congressional authority, even though there's a good chance (thankfully) this will all be overturned

Besides, as tragic as Sandy Hook was, it took place on Dec 14, 2012..  That is nearly 37 months ago..

I sincerely doubt those children have been on his mind all this time.

Wonder what imaginative 'vision' he would have conjured up had those innocent children instead been killed by an explosion or an arsonist setting off a massive fire..

Maybe his 'son' Trayvon?
Some will disagree with the stance A&G takes when it comes to gun control and support the President because he is targeting those with mental health problems

Problem is, most violent acts do not occur by people with mental health issues but by those who are pretty much normal everyday folk but who may Snap at a given moment or those who wish to kill another and plan out then perform the deed with clear deliberation

That is not mental illness.

Also, if psychological-medical records can be accessed to determined who can and can not possess a weapon, not only does that intrude upon issues of privacy and confidentiality, but it will ultimately dissuade anyone with half a brain from ever seeking out a psychologist or psychiatrist for counselling..
Simply say at one time or another you feel depressed, despondent, suicidal or express irrational thoughts or fears and its forever documented and Goodbye 2nd Amendment Rights..

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2013, just under 2.6 million Americans passed away including those from health related issues like cancer and old age and non-health related like car accidents and gun violence...

Of 2,600,000 million people who passed away that year, only 11,208 deaths were by firearm.

This averages to just over 30 deaths a day by gunfire for a population of 320 million people..
More than 2x as many men died that year of prostate cancer (27,540 deaths) and nearly 4x as many women died from breast cancer (40,800 deaths) than who died by a criminal possessing a gun

You are 7x more likely to die due to diabetes complications (75,000+ deaths in 2013) than a bullet entering you and terminating you life

Yet these god-damn liberal politicians-- all they want to do is control the right of an individual to possess a firearm

And let's once again honestly re-state what the 2nd Amendment is for..  It is not necessarily meant for you to shoot prowlers and protect your color TV from being stolen
The Constitution framers' goal was for the citizenry to be allowed to be armed to direct fight against the government itself if there ever was a threat to the people's freedom and liberty from tyrants in power.

The colonists were heavily subjugated under the thumb and foot of the British crown during the pre-Revolution days..  They were heavily taxed, severely punished for even gently mocking the King and had to allow British soldiers to quarter (live/reside) in their homes without any say..

And were deprived of weapons..
So the entire purpose of the Bill of Rights was to ensure the legal protections to be granted by the new government which were so deprived by the Crown prior..

For those who still don't understand what I saying, here's the simple version:

The System does not want you or I, the everyday person possessing weapons to use against law enforcement and will conjure up any bullshit excuse to put limitations upon acquisition and ownership under the false guise it is doing it for your benefit and protection..
So today's posting will wrap up with a news item from yesterday January 4th care of the NY Times:

"The night manager of a McDonald’s in the Bronx was stabbed to death outside the restaurant before dawn on Monday and the suspect in the killing fled, leading to a hunt for a man the police described as homeless and mentally unbalanced..."

Hmm.. A Killing.. by a mentally deranged man..  weapon of choice?


I feel sooo much safer knowing the President is on top of things