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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Wheww, I Didn't Win Powerball..

Well its early Thursday morning and guess I didn't win the Powerball..

I was so sure I would..   Spent $2 and everything.

In a way I felt quite relieved..

Winning $1.5 billion means having to give back $750 million in taxes to a nation with a most rotten President who would undoubtedly use the money for war and providing aid and comfort to Muslim refugees..

Yes, I know.. I know.. I get to keep the other $750m but for better or worse, its just not how I look at things..
I am spared hiring lawyers and accountants to help me figure out every tax loophole to hide the money and in the process, making investments (some intentionally with goal of failure) just to avoid paying anything, like the other 1% do..

Also spared having scumbag family members (like everyone, some family I have are capital 'W' Wonderful and some you just want to punch in the face), ex-friends. ex-lovers, ex-something or another crawl out of the woodwork like termites, roaches or rats to ask me for loans or handouts

Spared bodyguards and extra security to protect my body and home from those a wee bit jealous of my new-found financial gain as newspapers make me into a 15-second 'star' for the world to see and come after

So yes, spared all that..
$750 million -- Enough money to buy season tickets in a luxury sky box to see myr favorite sports teams play at home..  Even to afford the concessions and parking

Not enough money to actually buy the franchises away from the idiots who currently own them as they dwell in the standings cellar

Now theoretically if I was that wealthy, I could buy up some ICBMs (Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles..  The LGM-30 'Minutemen' go for $7 mil each so that would allow me 107 of them or if I wanted the LGMs-118's, they cost $70m each so that's 10 I could buy..

Of course in the US, if the President had his way, you could not even legally own a Red Ryder BB gun, much less any individual have their own weapon arsenal..

Pooh!  ~finger snap
I will always wonder how much $ it would take to get someone to stand in middle of a crowded public area and loudly cluck like a chicken or to watch a manager sternly reprimand or fire a bad employee in my presence like they do on TV

Now I could have used all that wealth to become a major philanthropist and donate sizable amounts of money to hospitals, universities, endeavors to feed the poor and help the sick and diseased..

Of course as I learned through observing how Bill Cosby was shit on by every single entity he ever donated or raised money towards, I would have to assume if anyone falsely accused me of anything, all honorary doctorates would be stripped as quick as my name and plaques off the walls of the building wings my money helped to build...

Don't personally care if Cosby is guilty or not..  His money helped a lot of people and the entities that took it, turned around and basically urinated on his face in the name of Political Correctness.
So probably best I didn't win the Powerball..

Not like I need even needed a thousandth of it to live the life I am happy living or it would do me any good when my time ultimately expires and the next life begins..

David Bowie, God Bless his beautiful soul may have taken his creativity and artistry with him on his 'Space Oddity' but he didn't take any pretty pictures of the stoic Queen Elizabeth or evil Abe Lincoln with him on the journey..

Besides why would I need so much money to accomplish any life goals in a world that hungrily needs and feeds off of accessing endless credit to make dreams come true?
Heck, I'd almost feel too guilty not being a borrower bee like my bumblin' fellow citizen drones..

I'd almost be hurting the economy if I had so much money, I could never possibly get into crippling debt

So its all for the best.

Now pardon me as I turn away and quietly whimper into my beer