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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

White Appeasement

~ Hattie McDaniel won an Academy Award back in 1939 for playing a loyal, contented slave..Maybe if more blacks were willing to play such a role today, they'd earn more nominations and awards...

We're really, really sorry to keep harping on a topic that has been a dead-horse issue since it was first brought up in the news two weeks ago, especially when more important things are going on in the world..


A&G is absolutely Fucking sick and tired of this whole Pretend Academy Awards controversy and the reaction by so many of the parasites who work in the industry who express such 'disgust' and 'embarrassment' with lack of color representation
We wish it would go away..

We wish we could ignore it..

But It Just Does Not End!

Just very piece of shit actor, especially the ones nominated express empathy and solidarity with the blacks...  The usual suspects.. Clooney, Damon, Theron, Penn..

Of course not a single one who has reaffirmed their white-guilt liberalism has volunteered to step down and not be considered for the award he/she was nominated for
Oh, they will express their hypocrisy in interviews and who knows if a pretentious celeb wins, maybe they'll pull a page out of Marlon Brando's Oscar playbook

You know.. let a token Negro come up on stage and accept the award in behalf of the "suffering" of their people like an American Indian did back in 1973's Oscars accepting for Brando

But its all many blacks know how to do -- Cry 'racism' at every turn when the deck isn't stacked in their favor and a whole lot of shameful whites will repeatedly acquiesce and appease like Neville Chamberlain to Hitler

We wonder what will ultimately be the blacks' "Poland" moment where the weak and conciliatory actually begin to try to fight back against the darkness?
So, OK..  Ever wonder how the nomination process really works?

All the Academy members eligible to vote are given an initial ballot with quite a lot of names in each respective category.. Some may have upwards of 40-50 names for each..

Then a few are selected.. maybe 3 to 5 off each list and once ballots are received, an accounting firm tabulates the results and the top 3 or 5 of each list based on category become the 'official' nominees...

So to be so-called 'racist' that would mean there was an intentional conspiracy among voters not choose a black actor among the 3 to 5 names that could be checked off in each nominating section
And as expressed in a previous posting, what the Hell has any black actor or actress been in this year worth a damn?

Some will say Will Smith in 'Concussion'..  

Why?!! It's just a biopic with the 'hook' that it goes after the NFL

The film financially was a bomb.. only $33.8 million made domestically since Christmas and critically, showed a consensus grade of 63% which is not all that stellar

So what else has any black been in worth a shit this year?

Honestly.. Name one!
People also love throwing up the name Spike Lee..  Ok, let's look at him..

He released a movie recently called 'Chi-Raq' about..  well, does it really matter??

The critics gave it a consensus score of 82% positive but audiences overall thought it stunk and gave a 56% approval..  The film has only generated $2.6 mil at box office thus far

Now why should Spike be honored with a nomination?
Once again.. What black person has acted or directed anything worth a damn this year to be worthy of a nomination??

And yet the white-guilt Hollywood clique keeps expressing horror that only Caucasians received honors

There may be great black actors and directors but it doesn't mean they played great parts or directed anything worth seeing this past year and who's fault is that.. the Academy voters??

Besides, black performers should be thinking 'Thank God I am not nominated for anything' since no one ever sees the films nominated anyways!
Let's look at the nominees for Best Actress and the current domestic box office figures based on thus far...  

Cate Blanchett, Carol  --  $10.5 million
Brie Larson, Room -- $7.8 million
Jennifer Lawrence, Joy -- $54.1 million
Charlotte Rampling, 45 Years -- $680k  (yes, that's $680,000)
Saoirse Ronan, Brooklyn  -- $27.5 million

That's pathetic!  All five movies combined do not equal $100million
If the average movie ticket cost $8.42, that means this many people saw the following films thus far in a nation of 320 million people:

'Carol'  --  1.24 million people
'Room' --  926,000 people
'Joy' --   6.42 million people
'45 Years' -- 80,760 people
'Brooklyn'  -- 3.26 million people

That means only 2% of the entire population bothered to see the highest grossing film of the five, 'Joy'..
Why would any black want to be a film that grossed figures so low??

And yet is artsy-fartsy nonsense like this which gets all the hype between now and when the award show mercilessly ends

Then America instantly forgets all the winners and moves on..

This event is as good an example of any as to how the corporate controlled media not only creates news from nothing then gives it extended legs to distract from other things of relevance..
But people do not realize how fully entertainment, news, pop culture.. even sports seeks to manipulate how you are to think and feel and act and react through covert social engineering

By rights, people should be reading and observing the non-stop coverage of black victimization with the Oscars and feel Deep profound Resentment and Hatred for blacks and people who actively work to help their continual power-grab

But instead, you're told you're 'bad' and 'racist' and 'evil' if you don't agree with the discrimination narrative created
It really is hard to fight this daily onslaught..

Most people are just too busy with work, family and their own personal day to day lives to take the necessary energy to be aware much less organize and combat it..

And that's why the politically correct keep winning and the world is so rotten and unrecognizable than it once was