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Monday, January 25, 2016

Why Hollywood Skews Heavily to the Left

As the last week's news was dominated by blacks and white-guilters uttering empty complaints of lack of diversity in the nomination process of actors as to who gets Oscars which the Academy succumbed to with typical cowardice

And how no one seems to give to care that blacks have their own segregated movie award show called NAACP Image Awards, which like their music awards, theater awards and black-only scholarships, race-preference based affirmative action and everything else under the sun they control via manipulation..

Caucasians are excluded as in "Sorry honky Whitey, you are not allowed entrance into our celebrations of achievement but you better make sure we.. *ahem* African Americans are"
Well it got us thinking, how is it the entertainment industry which we will include all of the performing arts, got so wacky-left?  For simplification purposes, we will just use the term 'Hollywood' but it is an umbrella term to also mean television, the theater and entertainment news

After considerable thought and brainstorming around the round table, this is what we came up with (and please, feel free to disagree as you wish since this is more a thought-stimulating exercise than anything else...

Hollywood always had people who espoused liberal beliefs and voted Democrat and there's absolutely nothing wrong with any person voting their conscious and using the medium of film to express their convictions..
But in the 1930s, even with FDR as President, being liberal was something of a minority in Hollywood and you stood out.  Especially notable entertainers like Charlie Chaplin who never hid his political beliefs and used his movies to satirize everything from the wealthy to big business to Fascism..

Hollywood in fact flirted with Nazism during this period..  It is documented fact that the big-wigs of Hollywood,many of them Jewish would actually capitulate to the demands of Hitler so their films would be shown putting money over morality and ethics.

This included never having Jewish actors or characters be portrayed as heroes or physically strong, and insist all Jewish actors change their names if ever appearing in films to be shown in 1930s Germany

If interested, you can read more by clicking the link below:

By the 1940s, we entered WWII and then for better or worse, the entertainment would become very stereotypical-based and according to some, 'racist'..  That is not something a 'liberal' Hollywood would do..

The shift occurred during the 1950s and the one evil parasite to 'thank' was Sen. Joseph McCarthy and his pathetic witch hunts which hurt Hollywood deeply and caused a great chasm between those who would and would not testify i.e. rat out their colleagues over whether or not 'X' was a Communist.

A lot of people needlessly got blacklisted and blackballed from their chosen profession and suffered economically for decades if not the rest of their lives...  Just because of their beliefs... or alleged or insinuated political
When the fire died out and McCarthy was put out to pasture, Hollywood was still full of wrath and fury... And many who otherwise may not have been politically left saw a great injustice done, empathized and well..  

Hollywood politically would never be the same. and while they hated what was done to them, they became masters at his tactics including social ostrasation based on political belief which in Hollywood's cliquish society is career-death for an outward Republican.

By the 1960's the shift really was seen clearly for the first time as the early part of the decade painted blacks always in sympathetic light and the motion picture industry did every humanly possible to promote and push Civil Rights upon the rest of America
By decade's end, the counter-culture infected the industry with films like Easy Rider and the lawless, wild, drug happy hippie was portrayed more and more as the hero or sympathetic figure against the 'Man'

And from the 1970s onward, Hollywood has looked at itself as on a zealous mission from high above (ironic since most in the industry are secular or utterly godless Atheist) to challenge  mock all semblances of morality and decency.

Senseless continual violence which is more vile and damaging to the human spirit then watching any amount of naked bodies having sex..  Constant profanity, especially among black comedians in black oriented films..  

Seems they love saying 'Fuck' on screen to each other even more than 'Nigger'
Then there's the glamorizing of drugs, including the continual Lie that marijuana is harmless.  Back in the studio days, cigarette use was pushed upon the unsuspecting public but unlike drugs, at least we know it was due to cigarette companies paying the studios..

Anything deemed 'religious' or traditional was and is to be satirized

So when you have everyone from writers to directors and producers to the actors themselves generally sharing the same world-view and political beliefs, no wonder the entertainment is so distorted..
Another reason Hollywood is left is because there is both a guilt factor about the success many have as well as a complete smugness toward the people they used to know and lived among..

Most actors are not wealthy when starting out in the business.. Far from it

Financially many have come from less than ideal circumstances and pretty much all actors end up waiting on tables and doing menial jobs to make due until the big break comes, all the while wishing they one day strike it rich

So then It happens,.. Dreams come true..Hard Work pays off and these people are extremely wealthy..
Now the guilt and the sudden need to fight for the poor person they were once and hated interacting among and to appear like they're still 'everyday people' while driving their Mercedes into Malibu and shopping on Rodeo Drive..

And God how these people look down on Middle America; the 'scum' which make up the Red States..

Average people travel on vacation to places like DisneyWorld or Six Flags attractions..

Celebrities travel to London, Paris, Tokyo..  

Of course they mostly spend their time in clean 5 star hotel rooms and visit the clean tourist-accessible sites and are waited on like Kings & Queens because the movie studios pay for everything to promote the films globally..

But these ditzes, many possessing no more than a HS diploma, think they are more worldly and more cultured than stupid Red-State America with their antiquated beliefs on faith and Bible based spirituality..

"Jesus is sooo 20th century..  Everyone should seek out Buddha"

Or accept that planet Earth is merely a speck of sand in the great infinite Cosmos and when you die, nothing happens so that makes 'God' as real as Santa

There's something fucked up about an industry where the vast majority of those making a living, do not possess a college degree yet dare to pontificate to others how their beliefs and worldview are superior to others..

But what can you do.. Even the most harden of Conservatives allow the industry to run amok and even go so far to fight for their copyright protections vs global content piracy..
And so in summary, that is why we believe Hollywood is so liberal and will always be :

1) The lasting poison of 1950s McCarthy witch hunts

2) The belief that true actors need to be completely open to experiment with what goes in their body (and who sexually enters it) and never pass any judgments on anything or anyone,

3) Mixture of wealth-guilt and superiority over those in the 'Red States' as more enlightened and worldly especially those they left behind and uttered by many with merely a HS diploma 

This is why the vast majority of what comes out of Hollywood is a mixture of social engineering and pure shit masked as 'entertainment'
And the dirty secret Hollywood never wants to admit is this:   

It is the wholesome family friendly movies the elites hold their noses at; films like Star Wars, the comic book films and animated Disney fluff that makes all the enormous profits for studios and helps recoup the heavy financial losses of the sanctimonious Crap they release every Oscar season.. 

For instance, current Oscar nominated 'The Danish Girl' starring nominated actor Eddie Redmayne which promotes and hard-pushes for the acceptance of the abnormality of Transgenderism has generated $9.7 million domestically according to BoxOfficeMojo..

The family-accessible Disney Pixar film 'Inside Out' has made $356 million domestically
About 40x more people will have seen 'Inside Out' vs the liberal social engineering film 'Danish Girl'

And yet what does Hollywood keep churning out every Oscar season even at sizable financial losses??

Ironic isn't it..