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Friday, January 22, 2016

Work Stipends vs College Loans

~ Students attending Washington Agricultural College, 1900

Once upon a time, life was simpler

The year was 1900..

The air -- fresher, the water -- cleaner, people knew their social status & stayed there, and people communicated with one another in person.. face to face

And having a college degree meant something quite special.
~ Malvern College football team, 1900

It meant you were the brightest of the brightest and the world and all the opportunities a good education presented was truly open to you

This was because in 1900, only 4% of Americans attended a University.

When you had a diploma, you separated yourself from the everyday rabble, 50% of which had not even completed an 8th grade education before dropping out.

With a degree, you were learned and treated with respect and esteem.
~ Boston College basketball team, 1900.. no tattoos.. how refreshing

Even in 1959, going to college was something somewhat special with only 35% of young Americans attending while the rest either found decent work that didn't require a degree or accepted their lack of academic intelligence and moved on with their life.

In 2015, over 20 million students were attending college with the enrollment rate among young women at 72% and young men at 64%

And for most, what a complete waste of time & money!

For the 2013–14 academic year, the average annual price for undergraduate tuition, fees, room, and board was $15,640 at public institutions, $40,614 at private nonprofit institutions, and $23,135 at private for-profit institutions.
~ Victoria College (Canada) Field Hockey champions, 1902

Charges for tuition and required fees averaged $6,122 at public institutions, $29,648 at private nonprofit institutions, and $13,787 at private for-profit institutions

And during the 2015–16 school year, colleges and universities are expected to award 952,000 associate's degrees; 1.8 million bachelor's degrees; 802,000 master's degrees; and 179,000 doctor's degrees..

Add this to the millions upon millions upon millions of people already possessing degrees who currently possess employment and you can see how obtaining a degree at best keeps you swimming with the rest of the school of guppy fish...

And does anyone really care that a generation of young people are locked into a perpetual debt cycle that even bankruptcy will not rid themselves of before a young person is even old enough to legally drink?

~ Women's basketball team, Vassar - 1900

Now some professions do require undergrad degrees so the student can advance to Masters and beyond.. fields like law, medicine and certain sciences for example..

However most majors including all Humanities do not..

Here's how we would fix the problem if in a position of power to do so..

As an option besides taking out a traditional school loan, a young person applies for an educational stipend...

Now this is quite different from a standard loan because instead of giving it to a college or university, the stipend is given to a company in exchange for an apprenticeship.
~ Girls' dormitory, Oxford College for Women (Oxford, OH) - 1900

So if you wanted to learn business management, you could go to a 4 year school or you could give the stipend which you are borrowing to a corporation of your choosing and in exchange they retain your services and teach you the ins & outs directly..

Same would apply if you were interested in being a mechanic or plumber or fix air conditioners, roofs, build homes, etc.. and the stipends would help to keep businesses afloat that may be struggling from the continued economic slowdown..

As stated before, the stipends are loans which the student is ultimately responsible for paying back in the future but what would mean more to someone starting out in the work world -- a degree from Chug-a-Lug U. or saying you apprenticed 2-4 years under a reputable local or national/international company?

Of course the schools would lose a lot of money but.. So what!
~ Virginia State University, a black college - 1900.. See how respectable and dignified they dressed vs the sloppy way students attend school today

Did you know last year the athletic conference known as SEC generated over half a Billion dollars just from its football alone while giving those who play nothing but a worthless degree

So they'd survive if our idea was ever implemented..

The big loser would be political correctness and white-guilters who call themselves Professors and Deans

They use their positions and power of grades at 2 and 4-yr Liberal Arts colleges and universities to indoctrinate millions of young people to look through life and themselves with very specific and often distorted racial, ethnic, gender and socio-economic prisms.
~ Cycling club at College of William & Mary, VA - 1900

People don't spend all that money seeking to be told how to think..  They just want a good paying job that leads to a career..

We believe our idea would accomplish this task.

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