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Monday, February 29, 2016

88th Academy Awards - Thoughts & Opinions

Last night was the 88th Academy Awards..

Due to all the bullshit involving 'diversity' and complaints among black multi-millionaire actors and actresses that somehow they're not treated fairly, I decided to completely skip watching

Doesn't mean I can make comments here and there based on who won and what I read in this morning's newspapers

So we'll start with Chris Rock
I've no idea what his monologue was..  honestly could not care.   Figure it was 25% black jokes minimum and a few digs at future President Donald Trump..  

No matter, I know I didn't miss anything special..  Rock is and always will be a race pot-stirrer.  

That is his shtick -- trying to shame white people through humor for every imaginary injustice ever perpetrated on the darker races with occasional jokes about how much he loves sex.  

Standard typical black comedian fare; especially bitter ones with chips on their shoulders do even though Rock was raised by loving parents in a middle-class suburban world so really he has nothing sincere to bitch about

So now we get to the awards and we'll start with the insignificant ones.
Alicia Vikander, a Swede won Best Supporting Female for 'A Danish Girl'

Maybe she was great in her role.. Maybe she wasn't.. Who really knows since I along with 99% of America never bothered to see the sickening film that glorifies Transgenderism as 'normal'

As of yesterday, the box office domestically was $11 million.   For perspective, Police Academy 6 made the same amount when it was released in 1989..

Maybe there will be a post-Oscar spike but considering the film was released on November 27th of last year, I don't see a clamoring for people to trek out to their local movie theater, spend $15 plus popcorn and soda and see her performance.

The Oscars has a rich, illustrious history of celebrating films that no one will ever bother to see and this another such occasion.
Next is Best Supporting Actor which went to Mark Rylance, an actor I've never heard of prior..

I did see 'Bridge of Spies' and even though the film itself is one 2hr falsehood chock full of liberal ideologies that only scum like Spielberg could shove into a suspense drama like creme inside an eclair, admittedly Rylance was very good in the part he played..

Oscar worthy?  Who knows..  

I admit I rather see this guy win than Stallone.

You don't get away with intentionally making 30 years of deeply shitty films like 'Cobra', 'Over the Top' and 'Stop or My Mom will Shoot!' then get rewarded because you're an old fart with bloated face playing a washed up Rocky Balboa

PS to Stallone..  When you won your Golden Globe, you thanked your family but you left out one person... You never acknowledged your son from first marriage Sage who passed away a few years ago..  Real Classy, Sly..
Next is Best Actress which went to Brie Larson for 'Room', another film no one has bothered to see..

As of yesterday the film has generated $13.5 million domestically which is terrible considering it was released October 16, 2015.

Maybe Larson was terrific in it.. Who knows?   

Admittedly I'm just very happy Jennifer Lawrence didn't win..   She epitomizes total classlessness and self-absorption.  Only someone completely egotistical and in total love with one self takes dozens of fully nude selfies that show not only breasts but vagina

And then the bitch had the audacity to feel violated when the pix were released into the Internet..   Here's one way to prevent that -- Don't take nude selfies!
Onto the Best Actor which was Leonardo DiCaprio for 'The Revenant'

I was disappointed to read he needed to politicize his speech by talking on climate change which is not 100% proven, but nonetheless he is probably the greatest actor of his generation and deserving of official acknowledgment of this..  

So even though I didn't see his new film, I was happy he won and plan to rent it once available..

Best Director once again went to Alejandro González Iñárritu for 'The Revenant'.  He won last year for 'Birdman' starring Michael Keaton

I read that he felt the need to waste some of his speech time talking about the need for greater diversity, etc,,     Yawn..

Glad I skipped it
Best Picture turned out to be a surprise..  

The Academy decided to choose a movie that spits on and middle fingers Catholicism by choosing 'Spotlight', a film that has only made $39m domestically, about the Boston Globe investigating pedophilia among clergy

Can you imagine a film about the vile Muslim monsters who believe deeply in Islam and brainwash the young, having sexual intercourse with underage boys ever being made into a film, much less winning awards?
Remember, A&G wrote extensively on this a few months ago..

SNL Hypocrisy & Islamic Pedophilia:

Islamic Pedophilia Pt II

Just click the links...
The producers decided to use their speech time to shame the Pope and the Vatican

It is always fashionable to portray the Catholic Church as monsterous while ignoring all the Violence, Hatred, Sexual Vileness and Depravity of Islam.

But see here's the real Catch 22:  Liberal Catholics want the Church to modernize and change nearly 2000 years of how the religion is structured to appeal to the modern, secular masses and this includes letting priests marry like in the Protestant faith

But very rarely are the priests molesting and sexually penetrating females..

So how would modernizing the Church in that respect alter what went on with some members of clergy?  
Or are the Catholic secularists and Atheists demanding Priests be allowed to gay marry and that would magically stop the abuse?

Just something no one really addresses publicly..

Because people like to say they are sickened because the age difference and the breaking of the trust that is implied when dealing with members of clergy but really they are also saying they find homosexuality disgusting to their sensibilities

And if not, ask this.. if Catholic Priests were caught having penetration sex with 18yr old males who were consenting, would people then find it 'cool' and not want those same clergy removed as did prior?
So anyways, a forgettable Oscars came and went, and outside of DiCaprio, the vast majority of people will not remember any of the winners by this time tomorrow..

By the way, rating for this farce were deplorable.. 8 year lows..  Hopefully that piece of shit Chris Rock will never be asked to host again and someone of higher quality and lighter skin hosts

And more important, hopefully just on principle all the nominees of all acting categories are white once more just like 100% of all NAACP Spirit Movie Awards are Negro.

Sorry folks.. Blame elitist Hollywood...   No one tells a free spirited individual how to think or what to believe on anything..  That is solely up to each of us to decide and personally, the wealthy black actors and actresses had no right to complain and tarnish this annual grand spectacle

And now life moves on to Super Tuesday and Spring Training Baseball..