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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Small State Slice of Sincere Democracy v. the System

~ Winners..

For whatever it is worth; big or small, short or tall, after months and months of campaigning and advertising and baby kissing, the voters of New Hampshire spoke

And disagree or not, we believe they made the correct choice in both party elections.

First the Democrats..

If the posting for Tuesday wasn't abundantly clear enough,we Hate and Despise that soulless she-Devil Hillary and her level of corruption and hunger for power has not been seen in American politics since 'Tricky Dick'
A&G both respects Bernie Sanders as a politician & person and agrees with some of his political views especially where it comes to the economy and how deeply corrupt to the core it is thanks to Wall Street and the banks' tentacles.

Of course this contamination has been a part of American finance not as some modern phenomenon but goes back not just decades but its permutations originate with the formation of the Whig party back in the early 1800s

And if you really want to see Wall Street run amok, study American History between Civil War Reconstruction and Teddy Roosevelt's Sherman Anti-Trust Act (1865-1905) to see how disgusting and powerful that entity was..

Then of course the powers that ran the show back then got together in secret at Jeckyl's Island, Georgia and created what ultimately Woodrow Wilson in 1911 validated as the Federal Reserve..
So even though the depths and breaths of greed and avarice and illegality go extremely deeply, we appreciate a political candidate at least sincerely telling all the people wearing horse blinders that its all there around us and wanting to fight the David v Goliath fight

So yes, we're openly hoping Sanders, a sincere, genuine True-Blue Democrat representing the best of that party wins that nomination..

Now the Republicans and Trump..
A&G also makes no secret it would like to see Trump win the GOP nomination for many reasons..

First, the Republican party has been a great disappointment for the last 12 to 16 years and in many opportunities to demonstrate some backbone and/or a clear cut message of what it stands for and who the party represents, they've been failures

To paraphrase what Trump said Monday night about Ted Cruz, the GOP have been pussies

They did little to nothing to stand up to the Bush Administration back in the pre-Iraq invasion days, to say 'look George, don't put American lives and interests at risk because Hussein tried to kill your Daddy',  and made no sincere effort to distance themselves from the political train wreck until near the end of the 2008 Election
They offered Nothing new, much less original or inventive in the wake of the stock market crashing other than ample bailouts and giving all the 1% & corporations infinite tax cuts

The establishment never hid the fact they held their collective noses at average Americans, especially the workers and the poor (as Romney demonstrated in 2012) and now these sons of bitches are  'shocked' that charismatic Trump has taken the lead

He talks tough and speaks blunt; he says out loud what Many Americans think, feel and say privately among themselves and he's unapologetic about it..

And to be honest, we love that Trump is completely shaking all the establishment rules as to how to properly run a Presidential campaign..
Normally, what happens is someone who is a weakling like say Al Gore will spend all day fretting over what color tie to wear to an event or whether the appropriate bottoms should be denim jeans or khaki

These people will have handlers who control Everything and freak out if their guy (or gal) says so much as 'darn', 'shucks' or 'poo'...

When its time for the debates, even when dealing with spiteful, vindictive agenda-filled cunts like Megyn Kelly who only got to the top by sleeping with others, the candidates have to keep quiet, respectful and take it like good little boys (and girls)..

Here Trump tells Kelly to her face what she is, expresses how he honestly feels fearful by the influx of Muslims as we all should be, as well as the genuine concerns over illegal Mexicans and not concerned a wit about poll numbers
And in the case of Trump, his popularity actually rises

Remember, there's 50% of the nation that Presidential election after election never vote because they know both parties are shit and no one cares about them or will even spend a breath of oxygen communicating their feelings publicly

Trump is tapping into that 50% much the way a refinery would drill into untapped oil reserves and that is why he is leading the stuffy establishment Red-State but blue blood GOP field

And why we ultimately believe he will be the GOP nominee..
If the newspapers are any indication of how the greater news media feels, they are sick to their stomachs..

The bastards at the Hillary-loving NY Times called Sanders a 'Socialist loon' and other outlets were forced to acknowledge Trump has to be taken seriously over the next few months

So yes, Tuesday night was a very good night for sincere Democracy as the people of NH voted for candidates the powers that run this nation from behind the veil (Wall Street, Neo-Cons, etc) would rather exterminate JFK style then ever see sit in the Oval Office.

And now on to the beautiful Confederate south to see how they vote..