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Monday, February 22, 2016

Bye Bye Bush Boys

~ Jeb trying to decide whether to hug or strangle his brother, 'W'

Well Trump won South Carolina and has momentum fully on his side..


I admit I regret seeing Jeb Bush surrender and capitulate so soon into the actual competition to see who will be the Rep nominee...

It is not that I feel any respect or connection of any kind to Jeb..

Any person who as governor of Florida takes down the Confederate flag when there was absolutely No controversy or demand by anyone to do so is a political coward I personally want to spit on...
The reason I wish Jeb was still running was so his baby brother Georgie W. would still be on the campaign trail, thus making all the failings of his Presidency open game to Trump to point out..

Especially Iraq..

It really doesn't matter a fig newton what side of the fence you were on back then -- In support of the invasion or not

The information presented as to why to go to war was so intentionally faulty and purposefully misleading, that you can not fault anyone who was not part of Bush's inner-circle for thinking positively on the invasion based on what was told to the American people at the time.

Many, many were lied to.. Some knew it immediately and others it took some time
In 2003 based on information presented, A&G supported the invasion..

Within a few months after when it appeared Bush had no exit strategy and planned on being in a perpetual rebuilding mode which is a 21st cent word for 'colonization' and we weren't getting any of the oil to pay for this, then we completely turned off and realized the con.

Trump essentially ripped the bandage off for all to see the pus

The Neo-con right did not manipulate or drag Bush into war..  It is the opposite.

Bush wanted war badly to avenge Saddam trying to kill his daddy and the neo-cons happily assisted in providing the reasoning and rationales for invasion to take place and figured once they were exposed as liars, so what!

Troops already on the ground..
They or rather W. Bush promoted every conceivable narrative pointing to Saddam Hussein as the perpetrator of the 9/11 attacks, no matter how fantastic and bereft of evidence.

Remember when the Iraqis were accused of being behind the dissemination of anthrax through the mails?

Remember the forged Niger uranium documents – the basis of George W. Bush’s claim in his 2003 State of the Union that Iraq was building a nuke?

Remember the leaked “secret” memo to give credence to the debunked story of a meeting between 9/11 hijacker Mohammed Atta and Iraqi intelligence?

Remember the metal tubes and all that yellow cake?  (Betty Crocker or Duncan Hines we're not sure..)
New-con publications like William Kristol's Weekly Standard served as a clearing house for these outright lies which were then utilized by the Bush administration to make the case for war.

And all the Dems with their smug-superiority, one Q for you:

In 2009 you controlled the White House and Both houses of Congress..  Why did your leaders (Obama, Pelosi, Reid, etc..) not establish Congressional hearings up to see if any criminal charges could be filed against Bush for war crimes?

Wall Street and the Fed tell you not to?  Bad for 'recovery'?
So all the remaining Republicans in the Presidential field other than Trump, the good little boys who toe the Party line argue Bush was misled by 'faulty intelligence'

When you actively seek 'intelligence' which is faulty then try to sell it as truth, you can't really say you were misled..

As stated before, its a shame Jeb is out of the race because even though the war can be brought up by the candidates as they so wish, when George W isn't campaigning for his brother, he's just a private citizen and not open to being pressured to respond to the valid criticisms
But then again, Jeb gone means not having to hear any more worthless opinions about Trump from his grandmother Barbara..

Oops.. That is his mom..  Amazing how she went from looking 40yrs old to looking 95 when George H W Bush won in 1988 and hasn't aged a bit since..

An eternal nonagenarian

Hopefully by by Super Tuesday the Republican field will be officially decided with Trump the victor and then it will be interesting to see what tricks, schemes or scummy means the Party tries to deny him the nomination..

Or if they will dare to actually respect the will of the voters..

More political fun and games ahead..