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Thursday, February 11, 2016

More Examples of Hillary's Rottenness

When it comes to US news including finance and politics, I simply adore getting my information from British newspapers

Unlike US media, they do not have a personal vested interest in what goes on here in the States so they are much less likely to inject personal bias and opinions into their articles even when its a liberal rag covering so-call 'liberals' running for office here

There was a great article in the Daily Mail UK about essentially what a liar and all-around scumbag Hillary Clinton is..  Of course pretend husband Bill is trash too but he's not running any more, though he wishes he could...
According to the paper:

*  Hillary and Bill Clinton have taken in a total of $150 MILLION since 2001, when he left office.  In 2015, at the height of their earning power, she and Bill made $27,946,490 in total - $76,565.72 every day

*  As A&G already reported, they made speech after speech to Wall Street big names with 39 appearances for banks and other financial and legal institutions

*  She refuses to release transcripts which she ordered to be made of the speeches unless every candidate does the same for all private sector talks
* And as reported here earlier in the week, Hillary spoke to series of other bodies, never for less than six figures, and even got $100,000 for a satellite appearance

And of course Now she says she wants to 'rein in Wall Street' and get 'secret unaccountable money out of politics'

"According to figures from the Social Security Administration, the average American earns $44,000 a year, less than half of what Hillary earned in a day during 2014, her highest earning year.

An analysis of tax returns, campaign finance disclosures and her own filings shows that her close relationship with Wall Street goes back at least 17 years to when she was running to be a New York senator in 1999.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics' website,, which tracks campaign contributions, during her time in office until 2009 when she resigned to become Secretary of State, Hillary's top donor was Citigroup, which gave her $824,402.
The second was Goldman Sachs on $760,740 followed by law firm DLA Piper in third place on $700,530.

In fourth place was JP Morgan on $696,456 followed by Morgan Stanley on $636,564.

Among Mrs Clinton’s other top donors were Lehman Brothers, the investment bank that collapsed in the 2008 financial crash, which gave $362,853.

Credit Suisse donated $318,120 to her campaign as well, campaign finance disclosure records show."

They're certainly not giving Hillary that money for her looks..
Some would pretend to be master (de)baters and argue 'So what?'  and then say 'What about the Republicans?  Yeah.. Yeah!  What about Trump?  Yeah!"

This is where 'rolled eyes' comes in..

The difference is this..  They Republicans have Always been the party of the super-filthy rich and Wall Street and banks and corporations and anti-union, etc, etc..

The God-Damn Democrat party is NOT supposed to be!!

Can't make it any clearer..
If you are Democrat and sincerely admire FDR, Kennedy and LBJ, then you have to look at the Clintons and want to spit directly in their faces how they completely sold the soul of the party to Wall St. so the party could finally win an election (1992)

"Some of the (Hillary) speeches have already proved controversial even without the transcript being released.

Shortly after taking office as Secretary of State in 2009, she intervened in the investigation of UBS (bank) when the IRS was suing to obtain names of Americans who had accounts in its secretive Swiss division.

The highly unusual move led to a deal under which UBS handed over data on just 4,450 accounts out of a total of 52,000 which had been sought (that's less than 10%).

UBS later booked the Secretary of State for a speech and UBS increased its donations to the Clinton Foundation, the Clintons’ charitable initiative, from $60,000 in 2008 to $600,000 by the end of 2014."
Why this despicable woman is not in some prison being beaten daily by women twice her size and strength is beyond me

And of course many intelligent people of many different walks of life will end up voting for this cretin if she defeats the better man in Bernie Sanders in the primaries because you know, the shittiest shit Democrat always trumps any Republican..   pun pun..

In other news, as of this writing, the Dow has dropped -225pts at 15,693

Wonder if the Wall Street loving rat Hillary will publicly express happiness or disappointment during her insincere speeches to South Carolinians?