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Monday, February 1, 2016

Politcal Mulattos, Quadroons & Octroons

It was announced over the weekend that our Muslim monkey President plans to be the first to visit a mosque “to celebrate the contributions Muslim Americans make to our nation and reaffirm the importance of religious freedom to our way of life."

Heavens to Robespierre.. Help us all!

Politically speaking, we really don't look at Obama as a Democrat in any true representative sense of the world just like Nixon would not be an accurate characterization of what a sincere Republican is

To be very blunt, extreme white-guilt, a desire to do something 'historic' and in many a Deeply naive belief in many that all race problems & perceptions would magically disappear, allowed someone of supreme incompetence to be elected in 2008 and 2012
And it sure didn't help anything that the Republicans chose a rotten old cadaver (McCain) and billionaire Mormon (Romney), neither of which had the guts to go after the ironically stated 'white elephant' i.e. Obama's mulatto race.

Just completely ignored it..

Billions and Billions in donations raised and advertisements spent to talk about issues of nothingness

Most people do not understand political parties in a historical context..
They think everything is linear i.e. the Republicans are the Party of Lincoln (far, far from it) and today's Democrats are the party of Jefferson and Jackson (Nope!)

Most Democrats today would actually be Republicans if living 150 yrs ago.  For today's Republicans its not so clear they'd have been Democrats..

Let us explain with a concise history lesson:
George Washington was our first President.. he did not belong to a political party and was unanimously elected twice to lead the nation.

After making the amazing decision not to take on a third term and thus set a precedent for a continuous King-like leader, two political factions emerged.. The Federalist party which John Adams was a part of and Anti-Federalist led by people like Thomas Jefferson

The deep divide was between how much authority and power the central government would have in people's lives vs that of the State one belonged to..
So Adams wins, shows himself to be mediocre as President and ultimately Jefferson wins the election of 1800 and serves two terms.

By this time, Anti-Federalists become 'Democrats' and 'Federalists' become known as 'Whigs' -- these political names would hold true until 1852.

Democrats back then believed in the common man, States' Rights and correctly saw the evil of a centralized bank running the nation.

Back then, had Democratic Presidents Andrew Jackson then later John Tyler (a Whig in name only) not vetoed the 'Bank of the United States' bill, this nation would have had a corrupt Federal Reserve-like entity working to benefit Wall Street 70 yrs earlier than the Fed's ultimate creation
As you can figure out, Whigs were the political party of banks, industrialists, capitalists, Wall Street, exploiting immigrant workers, making unlimited money without any checks or balances (laissez-faire)..

In other words, the official political party of the American North, the one that eventually destroyed the beautiful South via a needless war in 1860 for economic control of an agrarian region

By 1852, the Whigs fell into complete disarray and ultimately re-branded itself as 'Republican' and uniting all the business greed elements with the abolitionist movement, ultimately took over power in 1860 (it helped big time that Lincoln ran against 3 Dems who split their party's ticket that year)
So the Republicans grew in power and became more and more Radical which is akin to the extreme liberalism of today that is not content to just let things be, but always seeking to tamper with the social and moral tapestry of the nation.

By the 1880s, people of all geographic regions got sick of them and how unrealistically extreme they were in pushing race-relations upon the citizenry and Democrats once again found themselves to be the party people wanted in the White House.

The focus turned to economic matters such as which currency to use to back the paper dollar, silver or gold?  (currently the dollar is backed by Nothing which is why the Fed can print trillions of those pieces of paper)
Republicans enjoyed a bit of a comeback in the late 1890s through late 1900's thanks to being more socially Progressive in its thinking and being the first party to place emphasis on a strong foreign policy outside beyond its borders.

By World War I, Woodrow Wilson, a Democrat was in office - among other things, he suspended Habeus Corpus, arrested anyone who dared to speak out against the war and incarcerated without trial, and if foreign born, shipped them back to their home nation because he wasn't going to tolerate disruptive threats.

By 1920, the Republicans took over the Presidency for the next 12 years and took full advantage of a Wall Street that only went up up up and the reality of when economic gravity took hold.
From here you see the beginnings of the modern Democrat party -- FDR openly courted the poor and disenfranchised and this included the blacks whom Republicans had pretty much ignored since Reconstruction ended in 1876.

From FDR forward, blacks would politically align themselves with the Democratic party, at first seeing genuine benefit like the end of segregation, Civil Rights Act, etc..

Of course today the Dems completely take blacks for granted and got them like a hook in a fish. They know full well blacks won't suddenly turn and go vote Rep even if a black person is a Rep running for public office.
So anyways from 1932 election until 1968 with the exception of 8 years of Eisenhower (1953-1961) it was all Democrats in office..  They represented pretty much all people, black and white and made sure the wealthy & well-to-do paid their fair share with top tax rates around 65-71%

So what gave the Republican party new life in 1968 to elect Nixon?

To a degree it was the Democrat fracture over Vietnam but it was also A Lot of former southern Democrats who got tired of the 1960s Dems (Kennedy & LBJ) appeasing the black with every special favor and 'gift' they could manipulate the law into giving,  so they switched allegiances.

Nixon and his 'Silent Majority' won twice and had Ford had the guts to not pardon 'Dick', he probably would have beat Carter in 1976.
Four years of malaise and gloom then a very bright, cheery eight years under Republican Reagan followed by four from his more gloomy VP, Bush 41.

In three general elections between 1980-1988, the Democrats were soundly trounced.

So how did Clinton win in 1992?

Besides the fact that Bush lied about 'no new taxes', Clinton, being poor white trash from Arkansas was deeply enamored with the wealthy, especially Wall Street.
So he offered to be their classless white-trash 'whore' and allowed key members of the financial industry into the cabinet to serve important positions such as Secretary of Treasury.

The Dow kept rising and rising as the dot-com bubble blossomed and genuine true-blue Democrats were forced to keep silent since this quick-zippered prick with the active dick imitated everything Reagan did including Welfare Reform hurting the poor while pretending to be a Dem.

After eight years of Bush 43, people were sick of him and all Reps
So it was just a choice in 2008 as to which Democrat Wall Street loving whore to the 1% would the people elect..  the extremely untrustworthy snake in the loveless sham marriage (Hillary) or the know-nothing black who spoke in pleasant cadences

And we know the outcome..  and the same rotten old Cunt is running in 2016 and will play the gender card during every 'hand' because being President is to her as Important as it is for the rest of us to breathe.

So in summary, Bernie Sanders would be a sincere true-blue Democrat embracing the economic and social beliefs of his political predecessors..

Hillary like this Muslim-loving prick currently in office are sham-Democrats.  100% fake...
They are fiscal conservatives who often only embrace social issues like gay marriage because of political pressure from those who still make up the left's core.

They will still always get Democrat support because of the 'lesser of two evils' philosophy but really, they are mere branches from the Reagan tree.

As for Republicans, if you are only one because you want to not pay taxes and be as rich as possible, you are a sincere Republican and you can trace your political lineage back with ease
If you are Rep today, yet have a social/moral conscience, have sincere faith, care about nature and its beauty and want to see the Federal government have less power over your day to day lives, you're actually a Jeffersonian Democrat who is forced to vote Rep because of extremist PC white-guilt elements which have taken over the moral compass of the Dem party..

So in other words, with few exceptions we all are politically impure mulattos, quadroons and/or octroons.