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Friday, February 26, 2016

Rep. Debate Farce & What Trump v Hillary would look like

We didn't watch last night's Republican nominee debate -

We made a conscious decision to not watch any debate of either party after the first Rep debate where Megyn 'I slept to the top' Kelly asked Trump the low-blow personal attack question about women to try to purposely destroy his candidacy from the outset

Um, don't think you succeeded there, you Fox News whore..

But of course unless one lives in a cave, there's always the opportunity to news-skim over and see if anything interesting happened..
Turns out the other Republican candidates and the establishment themselves are Desperate turkeys finally realizing Trump will soon be chopping off their heads and serving them up on plates with all the garnishments..

So they attacked..and attacked.. and attacked..

They tried to be like Trump..  Tried to sound like him.. Yell like him.. Use inflammatory language like him

Difference is that it works for Trump because as hard as it is for many to believe, it is sincere.
He is a New Yawker and that's how he's communicated all his life..

The other candidates are professional politicians which are criminals with suits (and in bitch Hillary's case extremely unfeminine pant-suits)  and politicians are able to steal more donations and connive more votes with a sugary soft tongue than honesty or anything close to sincere anger

So it was all a joke really..

The remaining candidates will split their base Republican votes, Trump will march into Super Tuesday next week and pretty much wrap things up unless something insane happens between now and March 2nd
Now on the Democrat side, its looking more and more like every person who votes with 'D' is a moron or imbecile because they will be choosing a deeply corrupt and morally bankrupt woman in Hillary vs a genuinely sincere man in Bernie Sanders who actually wants to make a positive difference in fixing all that is rotten financially in our nation.

Just shows the modern Democrat of the 1990s to present is just as greedy and pro-corporation, big business, big banks, Wall Street and pro-Federal Reserve running our finances as the Republican brothers and sisters they pretend to differentiate from..

FDR's generation is most assuredly dead or voting for Bernie.
So if its a near given that its Hillary vs Trump, who wins?

The Hillary lovers will say her as well as the establishment Republicans who are betraying their own core convictions to donate to her because well, really they all serve the same masters don't they??

Trump loyalists will of course say he will win and because A&G has openly and honestly expressed that we feel he's the best Republican out there, and despise Hillary, you all know where we stand.

So rather than give personal opinion, we will quote another source as to why ultimately we do believe if its Trump vs Clinton, the Donald wins in November..
The article by Nathan J. Robinson in Current Affairs is titled: Unless the Democrats Run Sanders, a Trump Nomination Means a Trump Presidency.

We do not know this person or read the publication with any regularity so we couldn't tell you if this is a pro-Trump biased person or someone writing objectively in spite of his personal beliefs, but obviously we agreed with much he expressed:

"Instinctively, Hillary Clinton has long seemed by far the more electable of the two Democratic candidates. She is, after all, an experienced, pragmatic moderate... Clinton is simply closer to the American mainstream, thus she is more attractive to a broader swath of voters.

Bernie Sanders campaigners have grown used to hearing the heavy-hearted lament “I like Bernie, I just don’t think he can win.” And in typical previous American elections, this would be perfectly accurate.

But this is far from a typical previous American election... 

Donald Trump is likely to be the Republican nominee for President. Given this reality, every Democratic strategic question must operate not on the basis of abstract electability against a hypothetical candidate, but specific electability against the actual Republican nominee, Donald Trump.

Here, a Clinton match-up is highly likely to be an unmitigated electoral disaster, whereas a Sanders candidacy stands a far better chance. 

Every one of Clinton’s (considerable) weaknesses plays to every one of Trump’s strengths, whereas every one of Trump’s (few) weaknesses plays to every one of Sanders’s strengths. 
From a purely pragmatic standpoint, running Clinton against Trump is a disastrous, suicidal proposition.

Her supporters insist that she has already been “tried and tested” against all the attacks that can be thrown at her. But this is not the case; she has never been subjected to the full brunt of attacks that come in a general presidential election. 

Bernie Sanders has ignored most tabloid dirt, treating it as a sensationalist distraction from real issues (“Enough with the damned emails!”) But for Donald Trump, sensationalist distractions are the whole game. He will attempt to crucify her. And it is very, very likely that he will succeed.

This campaigning style makes Hillary Clinton Donald Trump’s dream opponent. 
She gives him an endless amount to work with. The emails, Benghazi, Whitewater, Iraq, the Lewinsky scandal, Chinagate, Travelgate, the missing law firm records, Jeffrey Epstein, Kissinger, Marc Rich (pardon), Haiti, Clinton Foundation tax errors, Clinton Foundation conflicts of interest, “We were broke when we left the White House,” Goldman Sachs… There is enough material in Hillary Clinton’s background for Donald Trump to run with six times over.

Even a skilled campaigner would have a very difficult time parrying such endless attacks by Trump. Even the best campaigner would find it impossible to draw attention back to actual substantive policy issues, and would spend their every moment on the defensive. 

But Hillary Clinton is neither the best campaigner nor even a skilled one. In fact, she is a dreadful campaigner. She may be a skilled policymaker, but on the campaign trail she makes constant missteps and never realizes things have gone wrong until it’s too late.

Everyone knows this. Even among Democratic party operatives, she’s acknowledged as “awkward and uninspiring on the stump,” carrying “Bill’s baggage with none of Bill’s warmth.” New York magazine described her “failing to demonstrate the most elementary political skills, much less those learned at Toastmasters or Dale Carnegie.” ...

Every Democrat should take some time to fairly, dispassionately examine Clinton’s track record as a campaigner. Study how the ‘08 campaign was handled, and how this one has gone. Assess her strengths and weaknesses with as little bias or prejudice as possible. Then picture the race against Trump, and think about how it will unfold.

It’s easy to see that Trump has every single advantage. Because the Republican primary will be over, he can come at her from both right and left as he pleases. 
As the candidate who thundered against the Iraq War at the Republican debate, he can taunt Clinton over her support for it. He will paint her as a member of the corrupt political establishment, and will even offer proof: “Well, I know you can buy politicians, because I bought Senator Clinton. I gave her money, she came to my wedding.” 

He can make it appear that Hillary Clinton can be bought, that he can’t, and that he is in charge. It’s also hard to defend against, because it appears to be partly true. Any denial looks like a lie, thus making Hillary’s situation look even worse. And then, when she stumbles, he will mock her as incompetent.

Charges of misogyny against Trump won’t work. He is going to fill the press with the rape and harassment allegations against Bill Clinton and Hillary’s role in discrediting the victims. He can always remind people that Hillary Clinton referred to Monica Lewinsky as a “narcissistic loony toon.” 
Furthermore, since Trump is not an anti-Planned Parenthood zealot (being the only one willing to stick up for women’s health in a room full of Republicans), it will be hard for Clinton to paint him as the usual anti-feminist right-winger.

Trump will capitalize on his reputation as a truth-teller, and be vicious about both Clinton’s sudden changes of position (e.g. the switch on gay marriage, plus the affected economic populism of her run against Sanders) and her perceived dishonesty. One can already imagine the monologue..

Trump will bob, weave, jab, and hook. He won’t let up. 
And because Clinton actually has lied, and actually did vote for the Iraq War, and actually is hyper-cosy with Wall Street, and actually does change her positions based on expediency, all she can do is issue further implausible denials, which will further embolden Trump. 

Nor does she have a single offensive weapon at her disposal, since every legitimate criticism of Trump’s background (inconsistent political positions, shady financial dealings, pattern of deception) is equally applicable to Clinton, and he knows how to make such things slide off him, whereas she does not.

Another example:  if Hillary tries to hit Trump on his Mexican/Muslims comments, Trump can accurately point out she called inner city blacks “super predators.”"
On and on the case is made...

There's also two additional factors..

1)  Bernie Sanders supporters Hate Hillary and polls have shown they would more likely vote for Trump vs her in a general election..

2)  Hillary gets her support from a large percentage of Democrats and maybe a few Independents.  She does not possess a Reagan-like personality to 'steal' Republicans over to her side outside of the bigwig 1% who care more about their stock portfolios than the nation.
Trump has been getting a lot of his support from disenfranchised voters who have not bothered to vote for a long time if not ever.  So they're voting Trump or they're voting for nobody.

And remember every Presidential election, at most 52% of the nation bothers to cast a ballot..  The other half sit at home and do other things..  Except in 2016.. They'll be voting Trump.

Should be interesting..

We're still holding out hope for Trump v Sanders though..