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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The BS which is 'Black History Month'

~ Cold weather, snow and Black History Month.. 3 reasons to hate February

~*~  All examples in this posting that start with (**) are fictitious and written as satire..   Everything else expressed is as always brutally honest & truthful

Yesterday was known by All around the nation as the first day of February and by a select percentage of people as the beginning of a fictional event called  'Black History Month'

** On this day in Black History, in 1978, Cleavon L. Johnson of Hollis, Queens became the first black man to purchase a pair of burgundy/white Nike, size 13.  Later that day he scored 35pts in a pick-up basketball game with friends and was given high-fives by teammates and opponents alike..

Its intent is to show that blacks have made a contribution to society which admittedly to a degree is noble and positive..
Problem is in order to find people of color who contributed much in anything outside sports and entertainment, they have to scrape the bottom of the barrel.

For instance, during the American Revolution, the role blacks played was extremely insignificant.  In fact, way more blacks fought for the British crown than the colonials since they promised emancipation to all those who joined

But its not politically correct to ignore a race that makes up 15% of the population and has purchasing power, even if said race contributed next to nothing to the cause of Independence.

Enter Crispus Attackus, praise be!  

He was one of the few Bostonians the British shot and killed prior to the start of the war during the Boston Massacre..   Yep, he'll fit the bill..
**  On this day in Black History we honor Jasper 'Cornbread' Owens of Marietta, Ga who back in 1899, was the first black to be allowed to participate in a soda taste test between Coke, Pepsi, Dr Pepper and Moxie, the popular soft drink of the day.. 

Owens was said to be equally fond of the first three and not so much Moxie and the rest is history.. Eventually Moxie went out of business, never to be heard from again... All because of one Jasper 'Cornbread' Owens and his tastebuds...

Black History Month is silly..  As silly as a Caucasian History Month..

It also goes against the principles that civil rights leaders like Dr King was striving for: a fully integrated, color blind society where we celebrate not our differences, but what makes us similar.

But you know there's always a segment of the black population that will have none of that.
Fuck 'equal'..  They want exceptionalism

Not good enough to have a seat at the figurative 'table'..  They want the power chair and a majority of what seats are left and if they can't get it through violence (1960s), they'll get it through heavy heaping doses of white guilt which shockingly is such an attractive elixir for many whiteys

**  Back in 1928, George Halas, then coach of the Chicago Bears noticed while eating lunch, a black man break into a sporting goods store to steal a football and as he was being apprehended by authorities, threw the ball to his cohort in crime who caught the ball right before being tackled and arrested.   

This act inspired Halas to integrate the forward pass into football making the game what it is today.. The inspiration's name:  Levon Clement of South Side, Chicago.    Halas ultimately entered the NFL's Hall of Fame..  Clement got two years hard labor and contracted syphillis..  Way to go Levon!

What have blacks achieved 150+ years since Emancipation and the creation of the 13th Amendment..?

Yes we know they contribute a lot to sports and dancing and music and even acting..

That's lovely..

What else?
According to the 2013 Census, Blacks made up just under 4% of practicing physicians, 6% of trainees in graduate medical education and 7% of medical school graduates

If you ever find someone in the medical field who is black, you're far more likely to find he/she is a native African then that fake-bullshit title 'African American'

African blacks must be far more intelligent than American blacks..  Or their single mothers are not happily letting their children play basketball all hours of the day

** On this day in Black History, in a pool hall in Montgomery, Al. in 1902, Billy 'Big Balls' Johnston became the first black man to successfully hustle a white man while playing pool.  

Johnston ultimately won $64 dollars that day but unfortunately for him, he beat the mayor's brother so Johnston was beaten to a pulp by Sheriffs and the $64 taken back..  Let's all celebrate Billy 'Black Balls' Johnston's bravery and billiard skills..
Of all American scientists and those involved in that field, only 3% are black males; 2% black females..

About 3% of all engineers and computer programmers are black..

BigLaw found that 13% of all attorneys are black and despite the constant Bullshit on TV and film where every single judge is colored, in reality, only 2.5% of those holding that position are black.

On and on..

And who's fault is that?

Yes, it is the blacks' fault
**  Millie Oates of Savannah, GA was the second black woman to refuse to stand up and move to the back of the bus to accommodate a white.  Unfortunately for her, the person needing her seat was a severely disabled white child so she was not able to capitalize or profit from being a 'hero' like Rosa Parks and spent the rest of her life working as a cook at a local ribs shack. 

No other race, creed, color, ethnicity, etc puts as much cultural emphasis on sports for one's future success than blacks..

68% of those who play in the NFL are black..  They make good money but the average length of a career is about 3.5 seasons..

74% of those who play in the National Black Association.. um.. Sorry, 'Basketball' play professional hoops..  The average career is 4.8 seasons and the vast majority of players have obtained at most one year of college education

A person can graduate from studies with all his/her degrees and practice law or medicine into their 70s..   Most athletes' careers are through before turning 30
**  While over a million Americans served in World War I,  Deacon Little of Bainbridge, GA was the first colored soldier to enlist.  Nothing remarkable happened to him and he ended up living a very long life after the war.  But since this is Black History month, we thought it best to single out Deacon Little while we ignore the names of all the whites that fought with courage and died.

 But nothing changes.. the emphasis in many black homes is sports as the way out of the projects into a better life.   School is just something that keeps the kids away 7 hrs a day so the parent has free time to themselves

And that is why Black History is such a pathetic joke.

Instead of scraping the barrel to honor the few or the one, how about emphasizing education and strengthening mind vs the body, so to be truly representative in professions that require thinking, not dunking..