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Thursday, February 4, 2016

The True 'Father' of the Republican Party

As we wrote about the other day, Republicans love to perpetuate the Lie that it is the party of Lincoln just as Democrats like to say their modern origins can be traced back to Jefferson and Andrew Jackson..

Both claims of course being BS since political parties do not work in a nice linear straight line and with few exceptions we all are political mulattos, quadroons and octroons.

But let's just focus today on Republicans for the rest of this posting..

If there was a 'father' of the party, it wouldn't be that sociopath bastard Lincoln who plunged America into the nation's first truly needless and expensive (in lost lives and treasury) war, doing so 152 years before Bush 43..
It would be John C. Fremont who was the first Republican candidate for President back in 1856

And what a colorful character he was..

As a 27-year-old officer, he wooed Jessie Benton, the 15-year-old daughter of Senator Thomas Hart Benton. Despite the senator’s best efforts to keep the pair apart, they wed in secret when she was 17.

During the Mexican–American War, Frémont who served as a major in the U.S. Army, took control of California from the Bear Flag Republic in 1846, then proclaiming himself military Governor of California

Having no authority to do this, Fremont was court martialed and convicted for mutiny and insubordination, a sentence ultimately commuted by then President Polk.
After the war, Frémont stayed in California and acquired massive wealth during the California Gold Rush, but he was soon bogged down with lawsuits over land claims, between the dispossession of various land owners during the Mexican–American War and the explosion of Forty-Niners immigrating during the Gold Rush.

Because the courts continually sided with Fremont, he was able to keep his vast wealth and ultimately became one of California's first two Senators when it officially became a US state.

His $10 million in gold holdings was worth the equivalent of perhaps a half billion dollars today..
During the 1856 presidential election, he lost to Democrat James Buchanan mainly because of his extremist abolitionist views which split the Rep. party vote after Democrats warned his election would lead to civil war.

During the Civil War, he was given command of Department of the West by Lincoln, where he ran his department autocratically and made hasty decisions without consulting Washington D.C. or Lincoln.

In late 1861, after Frémont's emancipation edict that freed slaves in his district, he was relieved of his command by President Lincoln for insubordination.  

Big 'No No' on Fremont's part..
This may shock many Lincoln zealots out there but the war was Never Ever intentionally fought to free the black..  Ever!!  The black freedom like the slave itself was subordinate and when someone tried to free them, two years before Lincoln's famous edict, he was fired.. gone..

During the election of 1864, the rotten, despicable 'Radical' Republicans, unhappy with Lincoln for his 'mild' stance on slavery, nominated Fremont to run against him.  Ultimately with the war turning in the Union's favor thanks to the bloody sadistic Sherman's March, Fremont ultimately pulled out of the race..

After the Civil War, Frémont's wealth declined after investing heavily and purchasing an unsuccessful Pacific Railroad in 1866 and by the time of his death, this once obscenely wealthy man who couldn't just be content with what he had, died in financial destitution in the city of rats, NYC in 1890

Think about that.. From possessing what today would be worth near half a billion dollars to dying near dirt poor.. All because of a hungry, greed filled need to Invest and make more and more money instead of being content with what one has

Sounds like the perfect father of the Republican party to us.