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Monday, February 8, 2016

What Would You Pay to See A Commercial-Less Super Bowl?

Last night was a pretty good Super Bowl I thought..

Or if I was an advertiser, the 'Big Game'.. wink wink..

I enjoyed it especially because I got to see the entire game; every single ball snap in 50 minutes rather than 3hrs, 30 min, and I was spared the pre-game, the National Anthem, the Halftime music acts and most importantly, the commercials..

Now this privilege was not free
Back in August, I paid $99 to subscribe to NFL Game Pass which allowed me to see every football game from exhibition to regular season to playoffs to Super Bowl completely commercial free on my TV, computer or iPad/iPod..

I also had two choices.. I could watch interested games with full presentation meaning all the chitter-chatter, jibber jabber between plays and network TV promos, etc making it a 2hr game without ads, or a condensed version of plays only meaning each game could be watched in 35-50 minutes..

The only real caveat is no game this season including the Super Bowl, could I see live.. I had to wait until the broadcast was over which simply meant brief sports-news blackout..
Was the $99 subscription worth it?

In a word.. Absolutely!

If a football nut sits around the house on a Sunday afternoon and watches the 1p, 4:30p and 8p contests, he or she will have lost about 11 hours of their life just sitting in the lay-z-boy or ole' couch and accomplishing nothing..

A person who had Game Pass could have done a million things with their day, and as long as making sure he/she was not in ear shot of someone talking scores or passing by a TV, all the games would have been a surprise and 3 games could reasonably be watched in a total of 2 hrs.
I honestly do not understand why anyone watches football the 'old' way, and I certainly do not understand why people attend games live in person...

They're so expensive from the seat and surcharges to concessions and then there's the added charge of parking..  Ugh..

I was considering joining MLS Live which is the Major League Soccer version of Game Pass for $64 and at first that seemed rather pricey but then I did a little investigating..

To attend one home game to watch my local MLS team (assuming that sport holds any interest to you), the least expensive seat is $27 then add a sickening $20 to park.
Take into account the gas used and possible tolls paid to get to and from the soccer stadium, and ticket-master's cut that added up to $68 and I didn't even take food into consideration..

So its $68 for one person to go to one game vs $64 to watch all 26 games (home and away) plus all the other teams at any time I wish and free of commercials..


In another month, MLB will sell its annual TV package for $129..  You can see any game you want live or commercial-free though home team telecasts aren't available until 90min after that game is concluded..
For 162 games, that price is well worth it, especially if you don't have cable..

This is really the only way I can stomach watching and following sports anymore..  To have the luxury to watch what I want when I want and fast-forward through or move on to other games when I want..

People do not want to watch sports with all the commercial ad clutter anymore, even the Super Duper Bowl and are willing to pay even more to watch the events live...

How much would you be willing to pay to see a commercial-less Super Bowl live?