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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

When Wolves Pay the Woman Who Pretends If Elected to Guard the Hen-House

Is it possible for someone to sincerely guard the figurative or literal 'hen house' when paid by the 'wolves' of Wall Street and big business six-figures to do nothing more than give a speech?

Of course its not, which is why the economics of this nation have been so screwed up for so many years..

Usually what happens is a former President who is out of office will basically 'collect' on all the special favors he has done for the super wealthy and power elite by going on a speaking tour of various major corporations, banks, etc..
~ Oh Bill, you rascal you...

And he will read a pre-prepared speech often written by someone else filled that has no real substance or significance to anyone since that person is after all out of office and not in power to effect change, and after 45minutes, everyone stands and applauds..

Then the checks are cashed.

When it comes to the old rotten bitch Hillary however, it is a bit unique because usually you don't give a former US Senator who accomplished absolutely Nothing of merit or significance $250k to hear a rotten cunt read words off a teleprompter
We read earlier today that between 2013 and 2015, Hillary earned $3.7 million from 16 speeches she gave to Wall Street firms including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, and Bank of America.

That comes to average out to $231,230 per speech

Of course, being that I was reading that fact from a financial news site, the liberal scum writer spent the next 6-8 paragraphs defending, rationalizing and justifying it and saying she didn't have to apologize to anyone..

The subtle headline being, "Goldman Sachs helped Hillary Clinton get rich? So what?"
Interestingly but not surprisingly every article I read on this topic from Bloomberg to Yahoo! Finance to CNBC went out of their way to defend both her and their lovely financial industry, one even daring to suggest the vast majority are good, decent people..

Yes and I've seen video of Hitler petting dogs and smiling at little children as they give him bouquets- what a decent man

No-- you are not 'good' and 'decent' if you make your living on Wall Street..
Of course this is the same Goldman that was a Major player in the collapse of Lehman Brothers back in 2008 which led to the crash and financial instability the System still has not stabilized

The same Goldman that would tell its clients to invest its money in particular risky ventures then go about and invest the opposite way so they made profit while their clients suffered heavy losses

Below is a list of All the various entities that had paid that wretched old lying Bitch a minimum of $150,000 to do nothing more than give a speech at their benefit within a 24 month period between 4/18/13 and 3/19/15..

Some days, Hillary gave speeches to two or more different corporations, collecting a big check for each.. Yep -- Cha-ching!

All $$ went into Hillary's pocket, not towards her 2016 Election bid:

After taking the time to add up all the speech amounts, the total ends up being $21 million 

According to Bloomberg, when about them at a New Hampshire town hall meeting this week, her response started out merely vague -- “Look, I made speeches to lots of groups” -- before becoming reckless: “I’m out here every day saying I’m going to shut them down, I’m going after them... I’m going to jail them if they should be jailed. I’m going to break them up.”

Yes, I'm sure the rotten to the core old witch told these powerful entities that while taking their six-figure sums..  Nothing the powerful love more than paying someone to hear he/she say their mission is to take them down..

~ Headline from 12/14/15..  Her son in law (Chelsea's hubby) has his own Wall Street Hedge Fund and used to work for.. yep,  Goldman Sachs..

We can hear the bullshit now.. 'What about Trump?!' and 'What about 'this Republican' and 'that Republican'?

When one is a devout zealot defender of a person, it really doesn't matter if he/is a ethically bankrupt vestibule, a cretinous dog or someone who molests, kills then eats little children..

No matter what, if that scummy person is of the same party affiliation, the zealot will always defend that bastard or bitch to the very end, and very little to nothing can be said to change their minds..

Also, the better of two we(evils) argument comes into play..
~ Two soulless parasites:  Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs, and who claimed back in 2009 that he was doing 'God's work' and a power-hungry mutt

And there will always be people who will never concede an inch involving Hillary..

Just not gonna happen.. Will defend her more passionate than their loved ones.. even their children

No matter the fact that she is a dishonest, disreputable, power hungry person with no redeeming qualities, no soul, no goodness and rather than represent women, actually set back True feminism by staying in a loveless marriage with a constant philanderer for financial and political reasons.
There is only One sincere True-Blue Democrat running for President

Only one who speaks correctly on the evil of Wall Street and has the track record behind him to show he's not just talking out his rear quarters..

And he's Bernie Sanders.