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Friday, March 4, 2016

2 Videos: Cruz Praising Trump and 'Reading Body Language'

We wanted to end the week with a couple more videos

The first one is Ted Cruz praising Donald Trump for his political stances, especially when it comes to illegal immigration when he appeared on Fox News on July 22, 2015...

The second video is from a Democrat nominee debate on Jan 21, 2008 mainly between then Candidate Obama and then & current bitch Hillary with weasel John Edwards chiming in during the last 10 seconds..

The content of the video isn't that important i.e. the two of them accusing each other of supporting and admiring Republican principles..  We know now both are pro-Wall Street

What is interesting is what is unspoken.. the body language, the way Hillary looks at Obama as if she's like to beat him like a slave if she could; the confident way Obama basically tells her to shut the fuck up because she makes him physically ill (without actually saying those words of course)

And ultimately the video shows how you defeat a lying snake like Hillary in a debate.. You have to over-talk her and you have to constantly be on the Attack.   No let up..  No pause to breathe..

This is just one of many reasons we openly support Donald Trump as the only candidate who can defeat Hillary..  Every other Rep candidate, she will just walk over, squat down and pee upon..

~ Don't forget, to click each video to play and adjust volume from within as necessary