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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

3 Examples of Why Trump is Correct About China

The Establishment Corporate Media like to fear monger Trump because they themselves are so scared shitless of him..

Do they really believe he is a 'Hitler' or a 'Stalin' or 'insane', etc..

Except for maybe a couple delusional left-wing nutty nuts in the newsroom, the vast majority do not sincerely look at him in the manner he is characterized and caricatured in media and TV programming..

Yet they fear a Trump Presidency..
Ok, why?

He does not represent the status quo and that means there will be an aire of unpredictability and business will Not be as usual..

Especially when it comes to China.

The Establishment i.e. those who run the Show from behind the shadows and pull the puppet strings (yes these people do exist and you're only getting a taste of the power structure watching the GOP big-cats at play) like the current relationship with China
We keep borrowing and borrowing $$ from China to pay back our debts including to them and in exchange they continue to make cheap crap that US workers used to manufacture and which US companies can then sell to its people at a profit

Our companies like Apple and Google will continue making a big stink over here about freedom, democracy, equal rights and all that nonsense, then bend over and happily spread their cheeks if it means increased access to the one-billion+ people representing China's market.

And the philosophy is this symbiotic relationship keeps the peace.
The truth is China is continually taking over the USA politically and economically, so much so it staggers to mind when really taking the time to analyze it..

This is why no establishment politician, either Dem or Rep, including both Presidents W. Bush and Obama ever had or currently has the guts to openly state that China continually manipulates and devalues its currency which forces the rest of the world to weak their money just to keep up

Just yesterday, within a mere two minutes, we were able to find three distinct examples of how China either destroyed or is currently in the process of gutting the US economy..

Example #1

From NY Times:

On Trade, Angry Voters Have A Point -- "What seems most striking is that the angry working class — dismissed so often as myopic, unable to understand the economic trade-offs presented by trade — appears to have understood what the experts are only belatedly finding to be true: The benefits from trade to the American economy may not always justify its costs.
In a recent study, three economists raised a profound challenge to all of us brought up to believe that economies quickly recover from trade shocks. 

In theory, a developed industrial country like the United States adjusts to import competition by moving workers into more advanced industries that can successfully compete in global markets.

They examined the experience of American workers after China erupted onto world markets some two decades ago. The presumed adjustment, they concluded, never happened...
Wages remain low and unemployment high in the most affected local job markets. Nationally, there is no sign of offsetting job gains elsewhere in the economy. What’s more, they found that sagging wages in local labor markets exposed to Chinese competition reduced (US worker) earnings by $213 per adult per year.

In another study they estimated that rising Chinese imports from 1999 to 2011 cost up to 2.4 million American jobs."

The article then has the Audacity to say global trade has benefits because it has helped pull millions of Chinese of of poverty, etc..

Fuck them!
So the Chinese get pulled out of poverty, the US worker gets dramatically pulled down and everyone meets ultimately at a 'middle' called near-poverty where no one ever lives a good life with taking on ample amounts of debt and working into their 70's

And that is 'Good' to the NY Times

That is the ultimate goal of globalists -- raise Chinese wages and lower American so ultimately they're so close, that US companies can keep their plants and factories on US soil, keep receiving those tax breaks, save money on exports and now get cheap US non-Union protected labor..

A nation of slaves, serfs and sharecroppers with credit cards
Example #2:

From AFP:  

China buys soft power with hard cash in Hollywood -  "With cash flowing faster than the Yangtze river, Hollywood is awash with ever-expanding volumes of Chinese funding, but analysts are warning the film industry there's no such thing as a free lunch.

The Beijing-based Wanda Group's record-breaking deal in January to buy US film studio Legendary Pictures finally confirmed the long-heralded emergence of the world's second biggest box office as a major player in Tinseltown.

The $3.5 billion agreement is the largest-ever cultural takeover by China, with US studios keen to capitalize on its burgeoning cinema market at a time when Beijing is pushing entertainment as a source of "soft power."
Everyone with half a brain knows that Hollywood is all about social engineering, historical distortion & revision, and political propaganda with the occasional pot-smoking sex comedy made for the kiddies

Do you think you will ever see a film that honestly or accurately reflects the hell it is to live in Communist China where you can still be imprisoned, tortured and killed just for what you say or read or watch?

Its bad enough when US owned media corporations put in token Chinese into their films and alter themes and plot points to make their garbage more palpable to Chinese audiences..

It will be 100x worse now that China owns the studios.
Of course China isn't the only Asian nation to own a movie company.   Sony owns Columbia Pictures as well as 'Left Bank Pictures' which produce movies and TV programming

Guess that would explain why Asians are never portrayed negative in film yet Americans are..

China also owns AMC Theaters so you can spend your weakened US dollars (thanks to China devaluing their currency) to sit in a Chinese owned theater watching a film owned by a Chinese corporation 

Example #3

From NY Times:

Unpacking a Chinese Company’s U.S. Hotel Buying Spree -- "When the Japanese began buying trophy properties like Rockefeller Center in the late 1980s, there was an intense reaction...

David Letterman began his show one evening with the announcer saying, “From New York, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi, it’s ‘Late Night with David Letterman.’ ” A New York Times Op-Ed was titled, “An Economic Pearl Harbor?”

Even Donald J. Trump got in on the act: “Bidding on a building in New York is an act of futility, because the Japanese will pay more than it’s worth just to screw us,” he told Playboy in 1990. “They want to own Manhattan.”

A quarter-century later, it is China’s turn.
On Monday, in a head-turning series of deals, a Chinese insurance company that just over a year ago purchased the Waldorf Astoria, bought $6.5 billion of properties from the Blackstone Group and made a $12.8 billion offer to buy Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide.

The collection of brands — Sheraton, Westin, W Hotels, St. Regis — is remarkable. Properties include the Essex House on Central Park South; the Hotel del Coronado near San Diego, where “Some Like it Hot” was filmed; the Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel and a smattering of Four Seasons and Fairmont properties.

So far, none of the candidates have made comments about the deal. But it wouldn’t be hard to see it become a talking point. In one of Mr. Trump’s position papers, he said: “America fully opened its markets to China, but China has not reciprocated,” describing its “Great Wall of Protectionism.""
And that is the problem not only with China but places like Japan and Mexico when it comes to job loss..

A complete and total lack of reciprocation  -- They get the economic benefit and while shoppers may get to save 25 cents here, 15 cents there, the US workforce has been decimated by it while the politicians who agreed to these trade deals starting with NAFTA found their pockets enriched with cash

Will a Trump Presidency turn the tied and force more equal and ecumenical trading between nations?

Based on the rhetoric, it would seem so, especially when everyone else from corrupt Hillary to Obama to every Establishment politician on the left and right are so continually silent on the matter.

That would make sense when economically 21st cent Democrats and Republicans are cut from the same cloth