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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Brussels: Trump Was Right.. Again

This morning four explosions ripped through that Brussels, Belgium killing at least 34 dead, 100+ injured as of this writing (10:30a EST) with more fatalities to come once the bodies are fully counted

Guess what cult religion the Killers believed in?

Five letters..  Begins with an 'I'

It was an attack that's likely tied to last week's capture of Paris fugitive Salah Abdeslam in the Muslim enclave of Molenbeek.

Guess which false "prophet" the murderers bow down and pray to?
Begins with an 'M' and shared by an arrogant former boxer with Parkinsons

The Paris attacks, the San Bernardino massacre, and the wave of sexual assaults that have swept Western Europe, particularly Germany and now Belgium..

Guess which backward people are responsible?

Hint:  It is a group beginning with an  'M' that Donald Trump has been saying for months needs to be watched closely and kept out of the US while the secular-progressive Left laugh and sneer and make bullshit comparisons to Hitler
We can just imagine that super-stubborn little rabbi who we wrote about yesterday still defending the "dignity" of Muslims after the mass killings..

There's just a certain mindset of some people you just want to shake your head then punch that person repeatedly in the face for daring to act so smug and superior vs admitting reality..

And really what is most amazing isn't that Muslims are detonating bombs and killing Christians and Jews at every opportunity

What is amazing is there seems to be no 'tipping point' where the American people and globally, the people of the Western Judeo-Christian world stand up and say, 'Enough!', we are no longer going to tolerate you or your cult faith, and expel them back to where they came.
There is no Ft Sumter (Civil War), Pearl Harbor or 9/11 moment that galvanizes people into anger and a passionate resolve to kill our enemy and stop socializing and associating with them.

For this, you have to blame George W Bush even more that Obama

Some time in the first couple hours between secretly flying the bin Laden family to safety and telling the people they were "Patriots" if they shopped and traveled, the Texas prick made sure the message got out that 'Islam was a religion of peace' and police & military were used to protect Muslim communities from deserved retribution..
You see not every Muslim has to strap bombs on their bodies or pull a trigger to be evil.. They may not all support the violence but pretty much they all support the aims and goals of the terrorists and would love Israel and its people wiped off the earth.

So their quiet cheers of joy when the twin towers are hit, or ISIS beheads nuns (as they did the other day) makes them guilty of being as backward and evil as those with blood directly on their hands..

Muslims overall refuse to assimilate into the societies they relocate into; this situation being even worse in Continental Europe than even the UK and the US

Of course we're all told to accept them as-is
But of course why would a group want to assimilate into secular 21st century society of bumper sticker slogans like 'tolerance' and 'coexist' when they really want things to go back to the days of the Crusades

Every time Muslims do as their nature is prone to do, it only helps Trump and his candidacy over that rotten cunt Hillary that the kool-aid Democrats will support to their collective graves.

And as much as we personally feel a Trump Presidency would be far better than a Hillary one, we'd rather it be not based on precious lives that Muslims continually extinguish in the hopes a bunch of virgins will pleasure their little pee-pees in heaven
Brussels is just another reminder of what an abject failure Obama and the rest of the West has been in dealing with these soulless animals.

Wonder if the negro will come back to Washington in the wake of this tragedy or continue eating, drinking and smoking like a simple minded brown monkey while Castro shuns him?
 ~ Obama:  A toast.. to Communism!  Gulp Gulp Gulp...
~ It's good to be the King.. Sniff Sniff..  Puff Puff,,  

Such a fuckhead President who couldn't give a damn about the world burning around him.,.  Ugh!

Ten months to go..