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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Corrupt Hillary, Her Lies & If We Could Inject Her w/ Truth Serum

We at A&G make no secret we hate Hillary and we're not even referring to Presidential Candidate Hillary..

We deeply despise the person..

A deeply corrupt, disingenuous, power hungry sociopath the likes of which Americans haven't seen since Nixon, and since Tricky Dick had his loyal minions, so does Tricky Dyke (anyone who can not see she is a closet lesbian possesses no 'gaydar' and yes, we harshly scold her for never coming 'out' and admitting who she really is)

And in no way shape or form does she represent anything close to the best of womanhood.
She is actually a disgrace and embarrassment as a female, staying in a loveless marriage that has probably also been sex-less for over two decades as Billy-Boy played the field and she continually took it since he had the power and political contacts

All those years of soul-selling to culminate with this election..

We didn't watch the Democrat debate last night but read a transcript later on and the following statements by Hillary made us laugh..
First on Benghazi..

"I testified for 11 hours. Anybody who watched that and listened to it knows that I answered every question that I was asked..."

Then later responding to a Q on whether she will leave the race if indictment on her personal emails being investigated by the FBI:

"I'm not even answering that question", to with all the losers who love her excitedly cheered and clapped like trained seals
~  'Yay Hillary.. Don't tell 'us' the millions who are loyal to you for no logical reason when you've accomplished Nothing and have donated our precious money so you can be Queen if the indictment will alter your campaign..  'We' Democrats do not have the right to know.. Woo Hoo!'

Yep.. too funny..

The rotten bitch supposedly spent 11 hours 'answering every question' on Benghazi yet would not answer what she'd do if criminal charges were filed against her..

We keep trying to ask Clinton supporters why they will vote for her and try to listen sincerely and without interruption..

Admittedly we have yet to hear an answer that makes logical sense..
There's the belief that she's always been a victim and others need to stand by and support her

Then there's the mindset repeatedly analyzed by clinical psychologists involving subtle peer pressure as in 'Why waste your vote on Bernie when its so Obvious that Hillary will win.. She has super delegates, money, this, that.. Why waste your vote?...'

And then what ends up happening is people voting against their own interests or for terrible people because the majority is, and the weak voter needs to fit in

There's so many questions if given the chance, we would love to ask that bitch assuming she took truth serum.  Here's just a few:
Q:  Do you think Obama is a great President?  If so, are you glad you lost in 2008 so someone Better than you is leading us now?

Q: Do you feel if you do not become President, that you will never be a complete person? Are you so weak inside that you Need to be remembered; Need to see your face on commemorative plates and coins as '1st Female President'?

Why have you had the White House on your mind for decades and feel the need to run in your late 60s?  Do you think you are the only Democrat who can 'save' the nation?  You do realize there have been female world leaders since the days of Cleopatra and what you're doing is nothing special?
Q: You are pro-Wall Street, pro-big Banks, pro-Corporation, pro-Federal Reserve and believe in making as much money as humanly possible.  You are also a war hawk who as Secretary of State destabilized Honduras, Libya, the Ukraine and Syria...    Tell us again why you call yourself a Democrat?

Q:  Back in 2008 when the market crashed and the Dow went down thousands of points, it was then legal for Senators and Congresspeople to have insider information as to when to pull or move their assets to protect themselves while the people were unaware...You were a Senator in 2008.. What insider info were you personally given to protect your investments?
Q: Knowing all the allegations and assertions of women like Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, Gennifer Flowers, etc were 100% and you were married to a philandering hillybilly scumbag who could not keep his zipper up, why did you stay married, and do not insult our intelligence by saying 'love'

Q:  In all your $250k speeches to Wall Street corporations like Goldman Sachs, what did you promise them if you won?

Q: When you lose in November, will you plot to run again in 2020, be content inside and move on with your life, or get depressed and bellow 'Life is so unfair!'?

So many Q's... So little time..