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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Cuba: Our Once and Future(?) US Colony

~ Obama:  'I felt so bad over the tragedy in Brussels, I can not even take off my "too cool for school" Ray Charles Ray-Bans because then you will all see my tears'   (yeah, right)

Yesterday while Brussels was being attacked by Muslim terrorists resulting in dozens of deaths and over 100 injured, the little brown monkey we call 'President' was in Cuba watching an exhibition baseball game between a local team and the Tampa Bay Rays

It made us wonder..

Were the Rays there to celebrate the fact that the President was visiting?

Or was the President visiting to celebrate the fact that the Rays were there in Cuba playing?
This is very important distinction and something no worthless media outlet even hints at..

We all know corporations and banks run the world and the leaders of the various nations of the world are nothing more than 'ambassadors' or glorified servants to their interests..

You are leader of a nation and want to improve your infrastructure or improve education or hire more police, how do you pay for it?

You go to the global banks.
You want to create jobs so people are not out of work and can pay taxes which is used to pay back those loans, well how do you do it?

You bow down to the Corporations' needs and allow them entrance and while they pay little to no corporate or property taxes, now jobs are now created..  Wonderful jobs in factories, fields and fast food restaurants

And the PC word for all this exploitation is called 'Globalization'

Now there used to be a time the US treated Cuba as our playpen..
Hard to figure out once upon a time who was more corrupt and evil - the mob, the Corporations or the US Government itself..

And collectively they exploited Cuba every which way to Sunday and like rats on top of a fresh corpse, they ran over each other to see who could make the most money off the island while the people saw little to nothing..

Ultimately the collective US greed which we teach in school to be 'good' got to the point the people of Cuba couldn't take it anymore and many chose to support Communism and Castro over the failed weakling Batista who let the Americans run amok.

So now all these years later after embargo and trying to economically destroy Cuba, the little brown monkey President wants to normalize relations..

How lovely..
We can see it now.. One day US corporations will open factories as they have in Haiti and Dominican Republic, have the locals make our underwear and toilet tissue and hemorrhoid creme, and pay the Cubans the same wages as their Caribbean brothers and sisters..

Three dollars a day or 38 cents an hour

That is how much workers get to make your Froot of the Loom's and Hanes under-garments

Who knows, maybe the pieces of scum that run the casinos in Las Vegas will then try to expand back into Cuba as the mafia once did prior to the overthrow

And that gets us back to baseball
The MLB like all sports entities are Corporations.

Your local sports franchises..  Dodgers.. Giants..  Yankees.. Cubs..  they are also Corporations..

When you commit your time and energy and money and passion to root, cheer and be saddened by your local sports franchise, you might as well take the same emotional allegiance to Burger King or McDonalds or Wendy's

Maybe in 100 years instead of the NY Mets vs the Atlanta Braves, it will be the NY Verizons vs the Atlanta Coca-Colas
The MLB like all the other sports Corporations have a massive boner over the idea of future international expansion of their product

The league already had played a couple games in Cuba in 1999 and now yesterday.  Ultimately the goal one day is to perhaps expand and have a Cuban based team as part of the league.

Why else would the MLB have spent so much time and energy flying teams over to Japan to start its regular season..  The hope is one day to make their sport international and reap the financial benefits.

The NFL plays annual games in England and is thinking of how to get China to be interested in allowing a game to be played there

The NBA has sent teams over to China and various nations of Western Europe as 'ambassadors'

It is all about money..
There are currently Only three nations that do not owe the IMF or World Bank a single penny in loans..  There's Iran, North Korea and..

Yes, Cuba.

What do you think the first thing we the US will demand to truly normalize relations?

That Cuba commit to improving its infrastructure which will be expensive since there's parts of the country that are as backward as the 1960s..    

The money needed will not be just given out..  It will be Lent, and who owns/runs the global banks..  The US does.   We always have a puppet European at the head of the IMF but the US runs it.
There used to be a time this world was beautiful and corporation free and different nations and backgrounds kept their cultures and traditions sacred; their clothing, hair styles, food, etc unique

Now everyone dresses and looks and acts and thinks and shops the same

Thanks Corporations, you bastards..

Corporations were created during the early days of  colonialization to go into indigenous populations, steal their resources or offer a fraction of what the sold product was worth, then use government protections (bribes) to keep competitors out and all decisions made to only benefit shareholders.

No different then as in now..
So now in the present.. these American corporate profit hungry fucks want to get into Cuba badly and the hope is Obama or some other Wall Street whore in office will broker whatever deal is necessary to either get their businesses a foothold or at least establish Cuba as a corporate tax safe-heaven like in Switzerland and Tel Aviv, Israel

And oh yes.. improve the lives of the people..

If the present and future leadership of Cuba has any brains, they will never let the US and its nefarious interests of greed and modern colonialism back in