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Monday, March 7, 2016

Explaining the GOP Rift betw, Trump and Establishment

~ Little Marco Rubio and weakling Jeb Bush hanging around a real Man

We wanted to take some time today to try to understand why there is such a rift between the Establishment Republicans and the millions upon millions who are voting for Trump and Ted Cruz, also deemed by those in control as an 'outsider'...

First its important to state that both parties have an 'Establishment' that want the Party to run a specific way with only certain candidates acceptable to the task of representing those narrow interests vs the everyday pee-on peons they look down upon.

Because Hillary is the establishment candidate; the anointed one for nearly a year, there's no serious volatility any more within the Democrat party ranks.
Had Bernie Sanders not been let down by the deeply ignorant southern Negroes who honestly believe Hillary and Bill made their lives better in the 1990's.  Sanders would have won SC, then Super Tuesday and the establishment Dems would have been pooping into their pantaloons in fear

You would have seen super-Billionaire Michael Bloomberg enter and maybe Biden and goodness knows what other past-their-prime garbage equivalent to the Republicans' Mitt Romney do all they could to derail Bernie's Presidential run..

These aren't the good ole' Democrats of yesteryear..

Those who run the party are greedy 1% Wall Street whores with orifices as stretched and widened by Big Business, the banking industry and the Fed as the infected Republican openings
So let's get to the Republican rift..

Many want to credit or blame Trump but it goes beyond him, or Cruz.

Most every Republicans genuinely can not stand what the Establishment base pushes as the party platform:  Lower taxes for everyone Including the super-wealthy, lower or 0% corporate taxes, a complete gutting of vital social services like Medicare and Social Security under the guise of balancing the budget..

Of course budget balancing didn't stop the Establishment Reps from wanting to continually expand Defense spending and whether in Congress or in the Executive Branch under W. Bush, repeatedly seek to have the debt ceiling raised which is like asking your credit card to expand your credit limit while making no adjustment to cut back your charges..
And on social issues, the Establishment are either dismal failures or complete capital-L Liars

It has been 43 years since Roe V Wade was passed and no Republican President, member of Congress or anyone connected to the GOP has made any sincere effort to overturn the pro-fetus killing law


And the vast majority of Supreme Court choices by Republican Presidents have turncoat become moderates or outright liberals on the subject, as well as other Conservative issues.
The Republican Party no longer makes a sincere fight that this country is a Judeo-Christian nation and like Democrats, the GOP goes out of its way to show respect and appease a brutally violent and backward cult-faith (Islam)

On the issue of illegal immigration, Republicans have shown a continued unwillingness to secure or close off the US-Mexico border.

Neither party has the stomach for it..  Democrats hope all those ignorant, impoverished people turn into registered Democrat voters one day and many Republican business owners (Dems too) love the cheap labor illegals perform without benefits
So again and again, the Establishment basically middle-fingers its own constituency by keeping its platform narrow and on social issues, never follows through on anything it promises in elections.

The Establishment Republicans are such self serving pieces of shit, they can not even openly admit Obama was an economic failure and as a result you still have the sales pitch of 'recovery' in year 8 instead of the word 'recovered' i.e. past tense

This is of course because the rotten rats at the top of the GOP food chain made so much money off Obama's policies and the open-spigot pouring of Trillions into the Evil stock market that they can't even fake the presentation of fighting for the working class.

And then there's Trump and to a degree Cruz, both viewed as outsiders.
Trump basically calls the GOP politicians dirtballs and liars to their faces and as loud and often as need be.  This unnerves the Establishment because they are used to trickery done in the backroom; in secret and quietly

They can't control him with their money since Trump is paying his own candidacy and they fear Trump will institute policies that help everyday people particularly the middle and working classes which of course hurt their piggy banks

The Establishment love NAFTA..

They Love all those companies making products abroad at slavery wages because it maximizes profit and shareholder dividends

They Love that election after election they can dupe millions of everyday Reps to vote against their economic interests in exchange for the cocktease lie that they'll put passionate anti-abortion Judges in the High Court and protect citizens' gun rights (if not for the NRA, Republicans would ignore this issue completely)

Besides, where is a social Conservative going to go?  To the party that successfully pushed for the abolition of the multi-millennium meaning of what a marriage is?

Think the Bushes give a damn about everyday people?

Or that old cadaver, John 'Maverick' McCain?   Or billionaire egotist Mittens Romney?

Or any of the other people who openly speak of sabotaging the 2016 election with donations and votes to Hillary so she wins rather than Trump?
Most people who are registered Republicans are Not filthy rich snobs who live in mansions and collect antique cars to pass the time

Most Republicans like most Democrats are hard working people who do their jobs to the best of their ability, pay their taxes, have families they want to raise in safety and security and want a good life for themselves while seeking a better one for their children.

Both parties manipulate the masses by never providing viable candidates that appeal to non-1% interests and both collude to squash any third party candidate that may ever seek to represent more than the system.

And yet so many people look up to these worthless, cretinous politicians and give them respect that is not deserved or earned
When we're asked why we support Trump so strongly, a dozen reasons could easily be provided to the questioner but for now our answer is this:

'When you see how deeply frightened the power Establishment is of him and Trump actually being the nominee, how can you not be excited to want to support his candidacy?'