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Monday, March 14, 2016

From Nazi Intolerance to Dem. Dictatorial Tolerance in 80yrs

History is a funny thing, especially when it comes full circle..

Take the concept of 'tolerance'..

Around 80 years or so ago, most of the world was completely enamored with military dictatorship, fascism and Nazism (the two are not the same.. Fascism is merger of business under State control and Nazism is fascism with religious/ethnic bigotry elements)

People just needed to be controlled and willingly gave up all freedoms for the near-guarantee of a job, some national pride and the feeling they were superior to the genetic backgrounds of others.
Tolerance was completely forbidden and especially in the case of Nazi Germany, if you dared show a smidge of compassion and kindness for those Hitler targeted for suffering, you were sure to suffer as well.

So let's now fast forward to the present..

Pretty much all Western societies are democratically elected with Constitutitions, branches of government, checks and balances and tolerance is not only celebrated but actively pushed upon the populace from grade school indoctrination onto adulthood
And those in charge, especially those governments more liberal demand a complete acceptance of racial, ethnic, religious, sexual identity and gender difference in every day society.

Which of course is preferred vs how it used to be..

Problem is they have zero-tolerance for political or ideological diversity in the public discussion i.e. conservative thought or embracing any concept from the past which conflicts with their hard-push of co-existence.
If a political candidate like Trump says truthful statements about Mexicans or Muslims, the leftists, especially the young feel they have a right to actively disrupt speeches, provoke violence and cause seeds of discord to protect their progressive politics of not being judged for unethical and immoral choices (abortion, marijuana, etc..)

These elitists will continually shit on Fox News and other conservative media outlets as biased and completely non-credible then sop up and spew all the Democrat talking points on MSNBC, Huffington Post, NPR, etc as if the information presented did not have a distinct left slant.

And generally speaking, God help you in today's society if you do not believe the bullshit that we are all equal
Sorry but no, we are Not all equal..  Never have been.. Never will be

Not two groups, not two individuals, not two blades of grass, and those stereotypes some people wince at -- as harsh as they may be at times, all have basis in reality.

This is why no one jokes about blacks being great at math or the best way to stop 5 Jewish guys from raping a woman is to hand them a basketball or Asian men having extremely big penises (Funny how blacks hate all stereotypes railed against them except where they're compared to breeding bulls)
And in today's world of tolerance, acceptance, co-existence and brotherly/sisterly love, Lord help you if you say a single negative thing about another group or use the no-no word 'Nigger'

The word is not the end-all, be-all of offensive..  Sorry, but its not.  There's 100 other equally 'wrong' words to say which aren't suddenly treated as the 'F' word and bleeped on TV.

But its not about the word or 'pain'.. Its about power and control and that is why we rebel, not because we have axes to grind or wish to go out of our way to offend.

You simply can Not have a free society when 15% of a population is allowed control language no matter the word and its usage while the other 85% is put into a subservient state, scared shitless to even whisper it.
And no matter where you stand on the word, it is just plain Wrong that If you blurt it while at work, you're whole life is pretty much gone and you might as well jump off a bridge!

 You will be suspended at a minimum and more than likely fired then ostracized. Unless you have a nest egg saved away, you will find immediate struggle to pay bills and make ends meet..

If married, this will put a strain on the wife who ultimately will leave with the kids, file for divorce, take the house along with alimony and child support and you're left with your car, a thermos and your dog 'Sparky'
Everything you spent a lifetime building and working hard for and playing by the rules because you say a word, or make a off-color joke or make a tease

And the tolerance police will look at your downfall and mutter 'Good!'

Quite a dramatic change in 80years..

People today are much weaker and emotionally frail than their parents and grandparents.
Most don't seem to remember the kindergarten saying "Sticks and stones will break my bones..."

'But mere Words will never hurt me'

We've become a society of adult children; of emotionally fragile babies.    Used to be if someone called another a name, it was dealt with verbally or physically and even if a fight was lost, self-respect was gained..

Now its tattle-telling on co-workers or bosses and looking for any excuse to sue
And instead of people learning to accept other people as is naturally, it is dictated to each of us with distorted pop culture media continually pushing how people 'should' be rather than how things are.

As a result of the last 25 years of political correctness, and the societal push for tolerance and acceptance, admittedly I've gone the other way..

I hate groups.. All groups..  Individuals I like and whatever their background and belief system, I am completely fine with..  But will never defend or be complimentary toward any group or collective

I choose my social circle that makes the tolerance I have for those who may be different completely natural and more important, Sincere
You can not tell other people how to act and think; to force people to socialize with groups they prefer to sit or stand 1,000 feet from at all times and it not up to government to social engineer children via the school system.

People will fake civility and kindness and they won't tolerate..

Besides, until these leftists start tolerating the views of a Donald Trump, a Sarah Palin, a Bill O'Reilly or A&G in the public discourse, I and many others will not ever take those with bumper-sticker philosophies on how to get along serious.