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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

How a Hillary Supporter Rationalizes their Vote

We were reading through our daily barrage of news sources both liberal and conservative, domestic and foreign and came across an article where college students were expressing which candidates they were going to vote for

And different people expressed different sentiments, mostly for Democrats and one person in particular we were struck by his opinion as to why he was a Hillary supporter which is a real quote and not something we made up in any way:

"I support Hillary Clinton for President … When you add up her know-how, leadership, and experience, it's clear that Hillary Clinton is a perfect fit to be the commander-in-chief of the largest military the world has ever seen … The thing is, we've been trying the free market thing for centuries. All we have to show for it is a super wealthy class of people who run the country. What we need is someone to represent the common man, and that someone is Hillary Rodham Clinton.”
After the initial reaction which was to do a cross between a spit take and literally throw up, we decided to try to take a moment and understand the mindset of this shamefully naive "educated" person.

So first he says that Hillary possesses 'know-how, leadership and experience'...

OK, what has she led?
US Senators like Congresspeople do not 'lead' unless you include their paid staff.  It is Governors and Mayors who lead everyday folk on a state and local level.

People who serve Cabinet positions do not 'lead' in the sense of having an identity or clarity of purpose and galvanizing the public to support that outlook.

Secretaries of Defense are supposed to take orders from the President, then assuming they are not corrupt souls, execute his agenda as representative of him and the nation.

Has Hillary ever created a business that creates jobs?
We guess some could argue that pretend charity 'The Clinton Foundation' has many employees who are either completely naive to the scam or quietly part of the 'donation' bribes for future political influence con..

And what is this Presidential 'experience' that the vile person possesses?

She can pump and prop herself up all she wishes but during the 1990's we did NOT have a co-Presidency!!   Bill Clinton for better or worse was the only President, and his rotten wife did all she could to ignore the traditional responsibilities of a First Lady.
So let's compare it with Trump who has never served a day in public office.

Trump is a businessman, global entrepreneur and multi-billionaire

Because he has investments and business interests beyond US borders he has had to interact with major and minor politicians of every greedy political stripe in every nation he's expanded the Trump brand into..

He understands perfectly how the game of US politics is played, having donated to both Democrat scum (Hillary among others) and Republican trash like all corporations and influential business people do; they hedge their political 'bets'

This is one of many reasons the Donald has remained so tough and strong amid the consistent barrage of attacks and disgusting dirty-play among the rotten rat Republican establishment saboteurs.
So back to the supposed 'smart' college student..

His sentence on leadership and experience is finished with 'it's clear that Hillary Clinton is a perfect fit to be the commander-in-chief of the largest military the world has ever seen'


The same viper snake who caused destabilization and continued civil war in Libya, abandoned a democratic free-elected President of Honduras who was ousted in a coup andwho's policy in Syria was to fight alongside ISIS and Iran to get President Assad out of Syria?

The same bitch who who happily embraced the Cold-War mindset political policy of seeking to pick a fight with Putin and Russia (whom we should be close allies with in the war on Terror) while defending the racist-fascist nation of Ukraine so we can put our NATO missiles there and when our Ambassador was killed in Benghazi, basically said 'So What!!'?
What is this genuinely stupid guy majoring in?

Obviously not History or Political Science..

The last part of his rationale made our collective stomachs wretch..

The imbecile actually thinks this old, well-used Wall Street Whore is going to fight her Pimps and represent the everyday person vs Big Banks, Big Corps, Big Business and increasing power of the Fed??


Does this twerp know anything about politics and finance over the last 3 decades.
How to put this delicately yet succinctly..

It if was possible to contract sexually transmitted diseases by being whores of Wall Street like it would be for a literal prostitute working the streets picking up tricks, both Bill and Hillary would be HIV+

But since their whoring didn't involve use of vagina or rectum, the Clintons are physically cleaner than a typical call girl but on the inside just as dirty.

If the guy was genuine about wanting to fight Wall Street and their stranglehold over the economics of this nation and having someone represent 'the common man', he would support Bernie Sanders if Democrat or Trump if Republican..
Between NAFTA (passed by Bill Clinton) and continued open borders, Mexico has absolutely killed the US economy since the mid 1990s..

Factories and whole businesses closed and shipped off overseas to third world nations paying pennies an hour in labor and when a nation like Haiti rebels and their Parliament passes a $5 a day minimum wage (that comes to 62 cents an hour), Hillary Rotten-Dog Clinton, woman of the ' common people' used her influence as Sec of State to fight and overturn back to $3 a day..

Unfortunately there are a lot of dim-witted voters like that guy; people who think they're knowledgeable and informed and haven't got clue #1

Until one has to take an intelligence test before voting, this is what you're going to get and just hope and pray his guy is the statistical and electoral minority.