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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

On illegals, Trump more like FDR than Hitler

~ The German Ocean Liner, MS St. Louis, 1939

The last week or so, it seems every insipid liberal moron has been comparing Trump to Hitler as if to imply the Donald wants to mass slaughter all the illegal immigrants that continue to cross the border the way der Fuhrer did to Jews and every other so-called 'inferior' race during WWII

Former Mexican President and brown rat Vincente Fox started the 'Hitler' comparison in an interview and the non-original Democrats just picked up on it..

And to both the Trump-haters and the simple minded, the comparison seems perfect even if its nothing more than a character tear-down designated to dissuade prospective Trump supporters to vote what's in their better interests vs the Establishment and Wall Street whore Hillary who has spread her holes so wide for them she should have contracted political syphilis by now..
Putting aside the facts that 1) Trump is not against immigration, only Illegals, 2) He has never one even hinted much less expressed as President he would cause any bodily harm to them and 3) The Mexican impoverished illegals are not escaping for fear of political persecution..

If one really understands the history of the 1930s and 40s, Trump would be more like Democrat President FDR than Fascist Nazi Hitler..

It was Roosevelt back in 1940 who would not allow German boats containing hundreds of Jewish men, women and children to dock on US shores, which would have saved their lives.

Because quotas had already been filled as to the number of Jewish-German refugees we were going to accept, these "illegals" were denied entry even as the people could literally see the Statue of Liberty from their boats.
The most famous example being the fate of the MS St Louis,  a German ocean liner with 908 Jewish refugees from Germany.

FDR refused to take the people in then desperately tried to dump the passengers off on the Cubans who refused.   Then the Canadians declined..

So after they were denied entry into United States, the refugees were finally accepted in various European countries, and historians have estimated that at least a quarter of them died in death camps during World War II.
That's blood on FDR's hands..

The same man that most American Jews voted on four separate occasions to be their President and the same political party that so many Jews ignorantly allied themselves so fiercely back then as they also do in the present with millions upon millions in donations to soulless scum like Hillary and Obama who do not ever have their best interests at heart..

Whoever said being 'book smart' meant you were intelligent...
There is another eight months to go in this election to see who will be President of what is in some ways, the nation with the rottenest, most greedy, most power-hungry, and most self-centered people on earth

And the fear of Trump being elected and altering the power and financial structure of the Establishment is so intense, the American people are experiencing a non-stop barrage of incendiary hate reserved for banana republic elections..

Just think how much sewage will be permeating the media and pop culture landscape (Saturday Night Live) when they're all forced to call him 'President Trump'?!