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Friday, March 18, 2016

People are Funny Creatures..

~ Deeply Corrupt.. Deeply Ugly.. Deeply Despicable.. And people are going to vote for her nonetheless..

People are funny creatures..

They often don't mean what they say.

People say they want 'tolerance'..  So much so, that some are willing to act like mindless, lawless thugs to try to disrupt a Presidential campaign of someone they disagree with..

Not accepting points of view and political ideologies different than one's progressivist slant and wanting to do all one can to shut them up, in some cases 'permanently'..

Hmm' that does not sound too "tolerant" does it
People say they want Change, or at least they did 8yrs back..

It was all the mulatto monkey campaigned on..

Change.. Change.. Change.. and more Change with a dash or two of 'Hope' thrown in for good measure for the gullible to eat up

Of course aside from Obamacare (which was really Romney-care since it was 'Mittens' to first implement it as governor of Massachusetts, thus making none of Obama's policies original) no actual 'Change' has been conducted that deviates from policies set forth by W. Bush

Shh.. Don't tell the Obama loyalists that.. Shh..
So yes, people want Change..  sure..

A Presidential candidate makes brash and bold statements of changes in policy and you'd think it would be heartily welcomed

For millions, it is..   For the Establishment and the nutbags on the left, they're pooping their pants..

Did you know going back since the beginning of the 20th century with President William McKinley to W. Bush, no Republican President has Ever made a Sincere, Genuine attempt to fight rampant liberal progressivism?
They give lip service in campaigns in order to rally Christian voters to vote against their economic interests in the hopes that a President will instill some morality and ethics into his social policy..

Then once elected, how instantly that Republican President forgets

The #1 priority has always been money..  Keep Wall Street growing and keep those bankers, investors and corporations happy..  To the GOP Establishment over the last 106 years and counting, nothing else matters..

You have to go back to the 1860s to find the last time the GOP fought on the side of social morality and decency and those Republican 'Radicals' were in Congress, not the Presidency.
Don't you find it interesting that many Republican candidates for their party's nomination have promised if elected to weaken if not outright abolish Obamacare yet not even the very right-wing Ted Cruz has ever said 'vote for me and if President, I will do all I can to overturn gay marriage or Roe v Wade'

Obamacare is a financial nuisance to Republicans; gay marriage, abortion, etc.. not worth the time or trouble to properly combat...

Speaking of gays, they can be funny creatures too..
They fight and fight to marry when a legally strengthened civil union would quite sufficient and whenever they'd lose or take a step back, they'd keep plugging along..

Once the High Court with the blessing of those Corporations made it legal, now its ipso facto Law and to them, no one Dare challenge any aspect of it on legal, moral or ethical grounds..

How does that work exactly that social policy only moves in one direction and those who disagree and choose to take no part in the act or ceremony can find themselves sued or arrested?

And of course the Establishment GOP stands and does nothing..  Fighting the good fight wouldn't cause the Dow to go up or lower corporate tax rates so no point in trying..
Blacks are especially funny creatures..

They have always said they want equality which is noble and fair..

We just never realized when they keep taking more and more slices of the political power "pie" to the point they are superior to whites, that is their definition of "equal"

And black is not always 'black' to them..
Back in 1989, when Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall passed away, the 99.8% Democrat blacks had the Audacity to demand of a Republican President none of them voted for (Bush Sr.) that he appoint another negro to fill that slot..

So weakling wimp Bush did so..  His name - Clarence Thomas

And what did the blacks cry out immediately afterward?  

"Nooo!  We didn't mean That kind of black!..." then did all they could to sabotage the confirmation of one of their own, even trying to sexually degrade his manhood during the hearings and equating him to a porn star, pubic hair on Coke can reference n' all..

Liberal blacks are pretty classy folk, yes?
They don't like being called racist names like 'house nigger' or 'Uncle Tom' and take great personal offense when one says it.

But when that black is a Conservative Republican like Condoleezza Rice or Colin Powell, two people of intelligence and distinction, then its quite OK for both blacks and liberal whites to shit on them and degrade their dignity in political cartoons

And then when Powell said he endorsed Obama in 2008, then the mass of monkeys gave the General respect once more.
Jewish people are funny creatures..

Over 85% of Jews vote for a political party that was responsible 77 years ago for thousands of their people's deaths when President Roosevelt refused to take in the Jewish men, women and children due to made-up 'quotas'

Many ended up perishing soon afterward in camps..

The Jews shrugged, continued donating to and supporting FDR and the donkey party, and have been loyal lemmings for many decades since..
It was also reported many rabbis were upset at the comments Trump has made on Muslims and threatened to boycott their AIPAC Jewish power conference

We are talking about the same Muslims what want to wipe off the Earth every Jewish person and do it most painfully as their worthless scripture states in Dozens of passages throughout that great rewards in Heaven will be given when this is carried out...

Those same Muslims the little stupid Jewish rabbis were defending?

Its enough to even make a gentile say 'Oy!'
But what can one do..  Just shake the head and remember..

People are funny creatures..