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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Pope Frances: Prostrate to the Muslims

~ Pope Frances cleaning and kissing the feet of Muslim so-called refugees’ feet only days after believes of Islam denotated suicide bombs in Brussels, killing 34 and wounded hundreds more

* Definition of prostrate -- laying oneself flat on the ground face downward, especially in reverence or submission.

The current head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis is probably the weakest and most clueless Pope the Vatican has seen in history.

And we're talking a long history..
The Church has lost many devotees to the flock due to the enticing tugs of secularism, atheism, new-age 'Zen' thinking and people confusing what is man made law with what is in the Bible 

There's a demand by some within the fold that after nearly 2000 years telling people what is right from wrong, the Church should modify or outright change all its doctrine and principles to appeal to egotists who call themselves "Catholic" yet don't want guilt for promiscuous sex, abortion on demand or any other sins they carry out in their lives

Remember, we now live in the Era of Non-Judgment as the Progressives and Secularists want us to believe..  No one ever does wrong
And as embarrassingly he goes out of his way to appear 'cool' to young dum-dums who think they can define what Christianity should be, Frances tries even harder to appeal to an enemy religion that has been at war with Christianity for over 1400 years..

Islam... The cult-faith that makes Scientology look valid in comparison..

But this love-affair with an evil, violent people isn't all about peace and love..  it is also in some instances about money

Christian charities in the US receive quite a bit of taxpayer dollars in exchange for importing U.N.-selected Muslim refugees into American neighborhoods... 

And do so without ever checking these people's backgrounds..
Right now there’s a federal refugee program that hands out $1 billion per year to non-profit charities with five of the top nine being Christian charities of which  one is Catholic. 

Among other financial perks, each charity receives by the federal government a $70 million per year refugee resettlement budget. 

And who decides who these refugees are? 

Of the 100,000 refugees resettled in the United States in 2014, an estimated 40 percent of them are Muslims.
The Catholic charities — they’re paid by the head for each of these Muslim refugees and paid handsomely. And after four months, they’re not required to learn anything about them: where they go, where they live, what they’re up to. 

They’ve got their cash and they wipe their hands of it, and they go on to import more possible terrorists into the country without the slightest care or concern.

There was a time when Muslims would kill hundreds of Christians with an explosion or rape & kill 4 nuns like what happened in Yemen earlier in March of this year at a mission blessed by Mother Teresa..
And the Pope, being the leader of the Catholic Church would tell his people of a great enemy to peace in the world; the greatest anti-Christ of them all.. the Muslim..  And then motivate the people to avenge the bloodshed by the descendants of Satan, or whatever language a real Pope would use

This Pope Frances the Prostrate does the opposite..  

He cleans and kisses the feet of people who believe Christians are polytheistic because they believe in God & Jesus and to Muslims, Christian people like Jews should be wiped off the Earth.

Just wondering when the Prostrated one had his prostate (and 'balls') removed and how many dead innocent Christians, Jews and Hindi people have to die before the world stops pretending a people of murder are a people of love and peace

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