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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Some Honest Discussion on Race in America

Today's posting is a bit of a read but we feel an important one and unlike most things on the Internet on this topic, honest to the core..  We express views that may be at times shocking but only because publicly expressed; we know others out there feel similar.

The other night on Lifetime network, we watched a TV movie (originally shown on BBC last Christmas) of a great Agatha Christie novel entitled "And Then There Were None"

And though quite politically incorrect to express, it was quite Refreshing in 2016 to see something on TV where the entire cast from top to bottom was white with no token color representation just for fake-diversity jelly bean counting sake.
Which is a bit ironic actually since Christie's original title was "Ten Little Niggers" but American publishers even back in the 1930s had a cow over that title and had her change it to "Ten Little Indians"

The book to this date in all its title alterations has sold over 100 million copies since its original release in 1939.

But this posting is not meant to be a book report or movie review.
Few to none have the guts to ever express what we write about and do it as we do because in spite of what some may think at times, we are not nor ever have been a hate blog

We peel back the veneer of these catchy bullshit terms like political correctness, tolerance, co-existence and so forth to not only show groups for what they are but to strive to figure out how we all can get along and exhibit true equality and understanding..

As Individuals.    That is the key...
Most people go about their daily lives consumed with daily routines.. Getting to work.. Leaving work, picking kids up from school, whats' for dinner?, what's on TV?, time for bed..

They're not thinking heavy issues or consumed with race..  People are simply living..

So why is race even still discussed in 2016?    Actually its never "discussed" is it?

We mean to say the media, school or the workplace never encourages honest forthright discussion where everyone lays their fears, mistrusts and anger on the table in the goal of finding a mutual understanding..

Speak honest on race and be Caucasian and your career is kaput.
So back to the question.. Why is race still a big topic?  There's no slavery anymore.. No Jim Crow.. No 'separate but equal'.. No back of the bus..

Why are we as a nation still dealing with this nonsense of 'black empowerment' and feelings of victimization and discrimination 150 years after the 13th Amendment and 7+ years into the Presidency of a supposed black man exclusively raised by white mother and white grandparents?

The honest, non-PC answer is that is a combination of two factors:
1)  Blacks as a group are not content nor ever really have been content to simply be equal to Caucasians.. They want more power and control, to the point they call the shots in all aspects of society

2)  Continual white-guilt allows this fraudulent thinking to be perpetrated and new subjects are indoctrinated through the public school system where the fertile minds are young and innocent

There's so many examples of this but for clarity and brevity, let's stick to a couple..
Remember the Oscars from a couple weeks ago?

Of course you don't,, 90% of people couldn't name who won the major acting categories outside of Leo DiCaprio if correct answers were financially rewarded

But we all remember the bullshit over lack of black representation in the balloting don't we...  The blacks aided and abetted by liberal white guilt weasels, allowed that theme to suffocate the 6 weeks of discussion that preceded the awards show..

Who started the fury?  

Actress Jada Pinkett Smith, who is married to Will Smith and in her mind, dissed for an Oscar nod for his film 'Concussion' so she publicly stated she wouldn't attend
So think about that a moment..

A multi-millionaire black actress married to a multi-millionaire black actor, both are wealthy enough to have a small but still noteworthy investment in the Philadelphia 76ers basketball team among other business ventures feels her beloved spouse got the shaft at award time

Then she ties in the racial component and Bam!!

So now a personal matter of a wife protesting in behalf of her hubby because this whole racial-cultural brouhaha where extremely wealthy, successful and powerful black actors, directors, producers, so forth are crying 'poor me!' while a segregated all-black movie award show sponsored by the NAACP goes on a month prior without any mainstream white complaint..
And every person in the industry who tried to speak up and express what utter bullshit the blacks' argument was was poo-pooed and even Worthless piece of Shit Obama had to have his little say in the matter

Ultimately the truth is no blacks were nominated for major awards because the Academy annually rewards artsy-fartsy crap that very few to none pay money to see in a theater, and generally speaking, blacks would prefer acting in projects that people actually want to see.

Which really is a compliment to black actors that as a group they shy away from box office poison

But to argue that, goes at the heart of what the whole fakery of the Oscars is about...
The Academy Awards is merely a annual public pat on the back to itself where social issue movies no one wants to see will take center stage over films that gross a lot of money and attract millions of people to the theaters providing sincere entertainment.

The movie industry is as Elitist and looks down on everyday people as much so as the two political parties do...

So if you're black and want a nomination, just appear in a social commentary film no one wishes to be bothered seeing and you will get chosen to be one of the 5 nominees trapped for hours during the telecast.
Another example is the idiocy of #blacklivesmatter

Does the life of a black person matter?

Of course it does.  Individuals of all ages, colors and stripes Matter

Black people i.e. a collective grouping..  Do they matter?

Absolutely not!   For to stomach that shit means having to stomach #whitepeoplematter as well and none of that matters anyways since once a person dies, the spirit leaves the colored shell and that black or white body is merely put into a hole or burnt to ash
Being black is Nothing special or exceptional.. It is Not a gift.. Not an achievement..   No skin color is

To be proud of being black is as absurd and ludicrous as being proud of being right-handed, having nice breasts (no surgery), brown hair or possessing five fingers on each hand.

Pride comes from accomplishment and achievement and a life matters when it is put to good use and lived in a positive, constructive way..

The rest of it is pure social-political bullying to try to take more from 'whitey' than is deserved or really needed to have a good life.
Can't be sincerely looked upon as equal when you still need quotas, handouts, special treatment and other crutches

Can't say you want a color blind society when you want more political and corporate power, more token representation in movies and TV,  more this.. more that..

And as for socialization between races, the truth is most blacks like most whites want little to nothing to do with one another during their private time..

When in the workplace, people do the best they can to "coexist" and get through the skulduggery..  Once its quittin' time, whites mostly congregate with whites; blacks with blacks and everyone's happy

Liberal Hollywood social engineering be damned..
We hope this stimulates Sincere thought and real discussion whether you agree with us or think we're full of it..  

People simply do not talk to each other..  They just fake friendly because that is what they are taught tolerance is.   That isn't tolerance.. it is phoniness

We can not progress as a nation until people stop "frontin'" as they say and do as A&G does..

We keep it real..