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Friday, March 25, 2016

Un-PC Explanation Why Working Classes are Dying

Over the last 40+ years, the middle class has been on a progressively slow and painful Baatan-like death march where wages have either stagnated or decreased as life expenses such as home ownership and basic costs of raising a family have risen.

So what is the cause?

Now you ask different people and you will get different answers based on their world view and bias..

Some will say we live in a highly technological world and only the most educated and motivated will survive..

Others will say its all the competition from abroad or the manufacturing base is gone or we as people are holding onto too much debt and its stunting our ability to make the same choices as our parents, etc..
The real answer is not going to be a pleasant one; it is highly un-PC and will rile a lot of feathers but it is nonetheless the truth..

The slow death of the middle class (and for that matter, the continual struggles of the working lower classes) is due to competition from within

To really explain it properly and honestly, we need to use an example rather than just write a few paragraphs so it sinks in

We start with a business which we will call A&G-Mart and for this example, we'll pretend its a WalMart or Target-like chain of stores with locations across the nation
And we're going to pretend our business has white/black and male/female hiring ratio of 99 to 1 meaning 99% of all our employees are white males.

When there's a job opening for anything other then secretary or custodial, only whites are considered and usually per job opening which will pay an average salary of $40,000, A&G-Mart will get 25 to 50 responses 

So one day a law was passed that blacks could not be discriminated for hiring, and now when there was a job opening, A&G-Mart had to consider all men no matter their race
Instead of 25-50 applicants per job, the company receives 50 to 100 resumes

And because of this, A&G-Mart soon realizes they don't have to pay out $40,000 for an annual salary because surely they can find someone black who will accept the job at $37,000 and be grateful compared to the salaries he was used to being offered...

So now across the corporation, when openings needed to be filled, the salary was $37k and while the white men with families and mortgages scoffed, the black men with families living in rentals were excited...

Then one day another law was passed..  Women could not be discriminated either when it came to job opportunities..

And when A&G-Mart had vacancies to fill, they were not just getting 50 to 100 applications but more like 100 to 200..  
Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Men, Women,, All competing

And this made A&G-Mart very Excited because now those job openings once offered at $40k then $37k would be offered at $33k

And the white men were insulted by the offer and the black men used to normal pay were upset but the women..   How excited they were..  'Wow.. $33,000!!'

Whether the women were former homemakers or living on their own and used to much less, $33k felt like a windfall so they happily accepted openings at that salary in droves
So now the man of the house used to making $40k is now bringing in $33k which is nearly a 20% pay reduction..  How do the bills get paid and there be any savings to be put in the nest egg?

Well now his wife Has to work...  No longer a luxury of wanting to or spiritually needing to..  Now the wife has to experience the same misery as men and deal with asshole bosses like men and that means now you have two partners in a relationship coming home every night tired and irritable..

And what about the kids?  

Children once doted on and attended upon are now latchkey and abandoned and bored..  Bored kids get into trouble and the disintegration of the family unit commences.
Then A&G-Mart realizes the more desperate the person, the less salary they will happily accept, so the chain store begins targeting Legal immigrants with just enough education that if hired, the store will train them and still save $$ vs hiring college educated males, females and blacks

So now those jobs are offered at $29k plus free training and the people used to getting barely anything in their home country are super-excited!

If those whites and blacks and men and women used to getting more want to keep their employment, they better accept that $29k is the new $33k or they can quit and good luck finding better..

And that is how the the middle and working classes have been destroyed
Government laws interefering with the workplace such as Affirmative Action and Gender Equality have created a large, diverse talent pool of job applicants where greedy employers can play everyone against each other to see who will accept the lowest salary while the company does not suffer in quality of applicant..

And the more out there who will take your place at your job, the more fearful you are to stand up for your rights or seek a raise, or simply quit when you're fed up..
Diversity in the workplace is helpful for some but hurts most others and employers absolutely love it.

And because of it, instead of one parent being able to afford to raise a family and still build up some savings you have most families with two parents working and still struggling to make ends meet

Yeah..  Real Progress..