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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Venting when the Target (the Ventee) Never Hears It

We at A&G were sitting around on a rainy Monday and discussing what is the most frustrating thing about politics in this country..

And ultimately what was decided among us was that the most frustrating and angry thing is political leaders and those who run for public office are so completely insulated and thus never directly have to be confronted.

For example, President Obama is a piece of shit.

He is..  Just a truly awful leader and disingenuous person
Now we have written dozens and dozens of posts full of statistical facts and figures explaining why we've come to the above conclusion but its not as if he or anyone connected to him has read it..

And even if A&G was as popular read as the Establishment news like NY Times and Washington Post and we explained why Obama is shit without using the 'S' word, chances are, either the mulatto would never read direct criticism or ever publicly acknowledge he had.

Millions upon millions of Americans feel as A&G does about Obama..

They hate the man... Deeply...

Certainly over the last 7+ years billions of verbal and written ventings have been expressed at one time or another, whether it be among friends, frustrations expressed in those worthless comment pens (think ostrich pens, not writing instruments) and maybe some even have written or called the White House directly..

The guy has never had to genuinely hear what people Really think of him..

President Oreo picks up the Democrat left leaning papers or the ultra left Huffington Post and he gets to read how wonderful he is..  Everyone in his staff and all those who share the same 'D' affiliation continually kiss his bony ass

And when there actually is a public criticism, its done so politely with kid gloves so as to not imply race, that its quite easy for the prick to brush it off.

Same goes for candidate Hillary..
Everyone knows she is a vile, despicable woman, corrupt and power hungry to the core and the most scary politician since Nixon though millions will still vote for her, and yet for everything that people have said or written about her, its never been directly to her face.

The Republican Establishment who pretend to hate the bitch openly say they would rather give her money and their votes than a candidate who actually voices the people's concerns and anger

And the over-privileged millennial monsters who support Sanders and believe in bullshit like 'black lives matter' give the old witch a free pass while they are paid by George Soros and the gutter people to disrupt Trump rallies.

And these politicians.. especially Presidents, and Presidential candidates are given a million-billion Secret Service agents who would break anyone into a million little pieces who dared breathe on these 'exalted' ones wrong..
In 2013, the Secret Service budget was $1.6 billion with a B -- all that money wasted to protect a piece of shit like Obama whose life would be worth 10 cents if he was just a law Professor and a bunch of former Presidents who are all multi-millionaires and could easily afford to pay for the protection, but of course we all do

But like everything else, what can ya do but vent?

A Soviet in the days of Stalin had a better chance of expressing what he/she thought of the leader to his face than we do in this supposed democracy...

We have a President deserving of being pelted with tomatoes, eggs and AA batteries and the only outlet anyone has to express how they genuinely feel is 140 character tweets which he of course never sees..
There's never a political version of the 'day in court' where the victim, in this case the American people, can face the person who did them wrong (Obama) and tell him directly what they think of him

Nope, in America, Obama will finish his 8yrs next January, have Secret Service protection for himself and family for the next 40+ years on taxpayers dime until he's extremely old

After he's deceased, he'll get a 21 gun salute and a stamp and a statue or two..

And all the while, the left will herald him with a Library, while airports, streets and school names are needlessly changed in this rat's honor..

All this to celebrate a scumbag who made the nation worse off by simply delaying the eventual economic cost of the 2008 market crash rather than dealing directly with the banks and the financial industry as they deserved
And for the rest of his days, this fucker Obama never has to hear the truth directly spoken to his face by anyone; only ass-kissers are welcome

Yep.. As Mel Brooks once said, "It's good to be the King"