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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Where is a 'John Tyler' When We Need Him Most

Today, March 29th is the birthday of John Tyler (born in 1790) who was the 10th President of the US, serving between 1841 and 1845.

Most of you probably have not a clue who he was other than the catchy phrase you were taught in history class --  'Tippacanoe & Tyler too'

This was a campaign slogan for the 1841 election where 'Tippacanoe' was the famous (in his day) military hero William Henry Harrison; the same one who died of pneumonia about a month into office because he have an incredibly long Inaugural Address in the cold rain without a hat.
Smug historians like to gloss over Tyler's Presidency and say he didn't accomplish much except establish the line of succession from the President to VP rather than go to a Congressional vote as some back then considered the proper thing to do when a President died.

But historians like most elitists tend to only see the forests for the trees and miss the bigger picture.

We at A&G greatly admire Tyler because he possessed qualities completely lacking in modern politicians, namely Inner Strength and Personal Conviction.
These are qualities Completely Absent in pieces of garbage like Georgia Governor Nathan Deal who went against the will of his own constituents and vetoed the 'religious liberty' bill which currently forces people who oppose same-sex marriage on religious and moral grounds, from having to participate nonetheless (florists, caterers, Reverends, etc..) or be open to lawsuits or jail time.

Now Deal did not veto the measure because he personally found offense with the bill..  That would have been understandable for many governors veto legislation they personally disagree with.

But in this case the cowardly puss-puss vetoed the bill because of continued and coordinated pressure by profit-first corporations and that den of Evil called Hollywood to veto or they were going to financially try to hurt the state every way they could i.e. no movie shoots, no conventions or conferences, no future Super Bowl, moving the MLB all-star game, etc..

Why is it when the mafia arm-twists people to comply to its will, its considered wrong and illegal but when liberal-progressive minded corporations do it to appease and not alienate any demographic who possess a credit card, its a normal part of the political process.
We can just imagine what the response would have been if Tyler was Governor

He would have been too dignified to say 'Fuck You' to these scumbags but not only would Tyler have signed the legislation into law but said to Apple, NFL and the others the following:

 'Any company that tried to bully/harass myself and the State, we're going to pass a law either preventing your products or services from being sold here or add an high excise tax so people go to your competitor to buy what they need'

And ironic isn't it how Apple run by a openly gay man is so active in gay rights and the whole gay marriage push while threatening states like Georgia who disagree and yet when it comes to nations like Uganda and Nigeria which kill gay people just for being gay, CEO Tim Cook stays silent while Apple products are freely sold without interference in their politics..

Selective defender of gay rights or another ass-spreading money whore?
Pres. Tyler would have stood up to these bastard-bully corporations..

The reason we can say this so assuredly is simply by looking at his record as President..

Even though he was politically a Whig (precursor to Republican), he also had Democrat policy leanings..  No one seemed to care when he was chosen the VP candidate because the fact Tyler was southern was good enough for ticket balance.

No one then actually expected a VP to serve more than a couple weeks if a President passed; the VP was meant to be a temporary fill-in and nothing more.

So as written prior, Tyler stood up to the pressure of Congress and defied them that he was no 'accidental President' and Won..
Tyler later bravely stood up to and defeated the monstrous entity called the 2nd National Bank of the US which was like the 1st National Bank, a precursor to the Evil-Rotten Federal Reserve that runs the nation financially at present

President Andrew Jackson in the 1820s was able to stand up to the greedy soulless bankers and vetoed their measure even though they purposely caused a financial panic to scare the people into pressuring Jackson to cower...  He didn't

The bankers and financial Wall Street scum of the day were prepared to cause the economy to suffer to get their 2nd National Bank bill passed..

Tyler stood firm.  
No matter the political pressure.. No matter that every one of his cabinet resigned except for one in protest.. It did not matter..  Tyler had those two valuable qualities lacking today..  Inner Strength and Personal Conviction..

Tyler vetoed the 2nd National Bank and the nation would be saved another 70 years before the corrupt financial world fully entrenched its tentacles around the nation, affecting everyone's life ultimately for the worse

Toward the end of Tyler's one term (he didn't run for re-election), the hot issue of that day was whether to annex Texas and thus end up fighting Mexico over it
Most politicians of both stripes wanted the next President whoever that may be to make the decision on annexation but Tyler knowing that politicians even then were cowards and corrupt opportunists decided what needed to be done..

So days before the end of his Presidency, he annexed Texas so future President James Polk couldn't weasel out of a decision.   That was very unpopular but as before stated, Tyler had convictions and he wasn't going to be intimidated.

The end result.. by early 1848 the US wins the Mexican War and not only acquires Texas from that nation of future illegals, but also acquired California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, etc,,,

Not a bad haul..
We're sure President Tyler would be too dignified to say from beyond the grave "You're Welcome!" if it was possible so we will express it in his behalf,

Now compare this man to that spineless Prick in Georgia (and so many like him in office, especially the current little brown monkey in the White House).

We are not anti-gay by any means but A&G has always been anti gay marriage because we have always seen it clearly for what it was and not what we were told

The ultimate goal was a big middle-finger to organized religion especially the Catholic Church since it is religious institutions who historically have treated gays and lesbians the most horribly over history, especially teens finding out who they are and at times the rejection by God some faiths push lead them to suicide

So there was a vengeance aspect that was kept under wraps as the outward focus was on equality.
All Congress needed to do was pass a law strengthening the legal rights and benefits of partners in a civil union and forcing companies, hospitals and such to treat them as valid as a marriage for the sake of health benefits, last-rights decisions, etc..

Then you would have had real equality without crossing over into religion which is what this nation was always supposed to be about i.e. a separation between church and state.

Everyone knows the rest.. What could not be won in a ballot box was usurped through a Supreme Court of 9 people deciding for 320 million, and now people are forced to obey their conscience and suffer legal repercussions or participate in something some may find abhorrent.
Now of course corporations have become political muscle in the manner the mob and loan sharks possess

Governor Nathan Deal peed in his undies and capitulated to the God of money and progressivism over the God to which he was raised to love and serve

John Tyler sure as hell would not have..

Can you honestly name anyone else in politics today who represents the political strength and convictions of Tyler?