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Monday, April 4, 2016

'Apologies Made To Whoever Pleases.. Still They Got Me Like Jesus'

Today's blog header are lyrics from a 1989 Public Enemy song called 'Welcome to the Terrordome' which we've always liked because it is so true

Everyone's always apologizing for something or another..

Just the way it is in this cowardly politically-correct world...

And often the person in the public eye who apologizes for saying something isn't doing so based on being wrong or mistaken; the apology demanded by the media acting as representative of the collective society demands it merely because the thoughts or opinions were uttered..

This is probably the biggest reason so many wacky-wack fuck ducks over on the left hate Trump..
Sure there's disagreement on what he says about this group or that, but its a greater anger that he doesn't say "I'm Sawwy" and give all the people who hate him an opportunity to gloat and feel smug superior

Sometimes other people feel the need to publicly apologize for Trump who are not is friend or ally and really is speaking more for their personal politics than any sincere representation of the Donald

When Trump made his accurate comments on Illegal immigrants from Mexico, our pathetic VP Phony Joe Biden felt the need to apologize to Mexico for Trump..

Our G-D piece of shit VP apologizing for the thoughts and opinions expressed by a private citizen who may be seeking public office but currently does not represent the government in any capacity!
Then when Trump made accurate and truthful comments about Muslims, another worthless weasel named John Kasich decided he was going to go to a mosque and profusely apologize for Trump..

Wonder if the apology involved getting on his knees and providing oral pleasure to his Muslim 'brothers' whose delicate sensitivities were so affected..

If you have any self-respect as a person, you Never Ever tolerate someone apologizing in your behalf when you did not give consent for that other to represent you

Then there is another kind of apology that really takes the cake in terms of being both offensive and outright idiotic..
Last week, the city council of Philadelphia decided to waste the taxpayers' time and money by passing an ordinance or such which apologized to Jackie Robinson for how he was treated 60-70 years ago..

Think about that now..

A city council full of ignorant blacks wasting time to officially apologize to a man who is Dead for the actions of those who are also Dead so they as blacks can feel better about themselves..

Does this mean A&G can apologize to the late-great General N.B Forrest for how this PC white-guilt nation has shamefully treated his memory over the last few years by seeking to have his name removed from schools, parks and trying to get his statue taken down all because he represented the Confederacy?

If so, then General Sir, in behalf of the US and millions of southerners willing to sell their soul and their history just to appease zealots especially those direct descendants of Confederate veterans, we apologize
Think Forrest got that apology in heaven?

Think Jackie did?

We're amazed how continually more rotten a nation we're becoming due to social progressivism

No one is allowed to stand up and defend the other side or take the contrarian position, there certainly is no opportunity for debate and the so-called tolerant have zero tolerance for perspectives that counter or challenge their own

That smug elitist superiority of the coasts permeates throughout the vastness of the nation thanks to media and entertainment which coincidentally or not is located on the two coasts

Few to none say what they mean or mean what they say and when a nugget of honesty poops out, there's always some editor or boss to force insincere contrition or risk losing their job
Pseudo-apologies can sometimes backfire..

Like remember the female Country music group the Dixie Cunts.. um.. we mean Dixie Chicks (sawwy) who decided while on stage in Britain to say they were embarrassed Bush was their President and apologized to the crowd for it..

Fortunately there was sufficient backlash to permanently destroy the three bitches' career but usually when someone says something anti-conservative, they not only get away with it but their career spikes..

Like white-trash whore Miley Cyrus constantly tweets anti-Trump messages which of course have the depth and intelligence of a 12 yr old's ramblings and NBC rewards here with an invitation to be on 'The Voice'

Former baseball player Curt Schilling who does commentary on ESPN tweeted how basically Hillary Clinton is a lying scumbag and everyone in media circles were shocked he did not get fired..
Too much apologizing going on and not enough people saying, "'Sorry' does not matter.. I just want to understand why you think or feel as you do"

A&G never apologizes for what it writes or the beliefs it holds..

And neither should you the reader