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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Censorship, Banishment & The Naughty 'R' Word

Funny thing happened to me yesterday..  Well, not 'Ha Ha' funny but..

After writing a comment to a sports related article in my local paper, I got a notice that my account had been permanently suspended.

Seems I used the naughty 'R' word - 'Retarded' which in this shitty PC society is equivalent to typing or saying 'fuck', 'shit', 'nigger' or 'cunt'...

Yes,, the word 'retarded' is now part of the censorship lexicon.
Personally I would never call someone or even refer to one with Actual mental or learning disabilities any negative name of any kind.  Ever..

However, I Will and Do call Normal people who Act like or express the thoughts of idiots, morons and nitwits the 'R' word..  And I do so with zero guilt.

So that's what I did in this one comment pen (think ostrich, not writing instrument) and the admittedly humorous part was I tried numerous times to get my word in..

I typed 're-tard-ed' and 'r.e.t.a.r.d.e.d'..  Even tried re(tard)ed

Boy those robot censors were tough bastards
Finally I put my comment across with the word 'ret@rded' and that worked like a charm... well, briefly..

Of course 5 minutes later I created a new ID and password and was able to resume leaving comments as usual but still I admit I was deeply miffed that this worthless newspaper that like all news media is supposed to be perched upon 1st Amendment freedom of speech and expression would go so out of its way to stifle then punish the use of the word 'retarded'

These corporations and media outlets keep getting worse and worse..
Years back I was permanently banned from CNBC and by extension the NBC family of websites because I used words that offended another group's sensibilities..

That group being the collection on rot known as Investors, banks and the 1% class that continually profits off the backs of the bottom 99% while most of the common people are conditioned to look upward with admiration towards these blood-sucking ticks

And the words I used to describe them were things like 'rats' and 'cancer' and 'tumors' which those entities are to the overall economic lifeblood of a nation

And I kept expressing that the people that would go on TV and tell people to Buy Buy no matter what were worthless carnival barkers, and hucksters and the scum of this society for never trying to protect the everyday Mom & Pop investor to say 'Hey, its really bad right now.. might be best to pull out'

So I got banned..

I admit I am proud of that.
The media.. Does not matter if its related to finance, politics or sports -- they will tell you what they want you to know and how they they want you to think or act/react, and then block as much as possible the lines of communication back because the reader or viewer is merely a peon

Newspapers will moderate comments of course to make sure you don't cuss, threaten others or use PC no-no words but you could write paragraphs of academically sound and astute points to refute what the article writer expressed and well..  No one gives a damn.

Your comments are rarely if ever actually read.. At best, their skimmed

The NY Times thinks so low of its readership it does not even provide a comment section..  Why bother even pretending the people's thoughts matter
Most people who read online media and don't bother leaving opinions will have a hard time relating to all this..  What's the big to-do?

But many, many out there possess passion and vitriol towards this nation and where its headed..

They're tired of being lied to.. sold to.. used and discarded like a carton of milk.. They're so frustrated they leave comments knowing full well the all-powerful media entities don't give a damn even when a letter is sent directly

That is why for those reading who identify and feel the same Rrrrr, I strongly urge you start your own media to get your message out there and make your voice heard..  
Blog, podcast, etc..   It does not matter.. But get in the fight..

When you own and run your own media, no one can censor you or control your content, your topics, your word choice, the flavor and tone of your presentation...

It may not make money but honestly, that isn't why one should be doing it..

You're doing it to be heard and counted!
Around 7 years ago we ar A&G got sick and tired of the post 2008 crash and how both the rotten Republicans and despicable Democrats worked together with the banks and corps and Wall Street and the Fed to patch everything up quickly and create more economic balloons and QE trickery to get that God-Damn NYSE Dow to keep rising

Wherever we turned.. liberal or conservative media, no one wanted to write the truth and they certainly weren't going to allow those who differed to use their web platform to correct them

Then we decided to get our voice out to the world.
On Sept 6, 2010  A&G was created and with nearly 2,000 postings, it has been going strong ever since.  We have thousands of readers in the US and over two dozen other nations around the world who are tired of propaganda, spin and PC bullshit..

A&G has always had two goals.. to Inform and to Inspire

There is nothing we'd love more than if you the reader one day feel motivated to do what we do and in your own voice scream out 'I'm not taking this nonsense anymore!'

And even if you don't ever create your own media, we hope A&G continues to be a place you can visit and know that you're not alone in your beliefs and worldview, no matter what the PC retards say..

Oopsie.. I used the 'r' word again..