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Friday, April 29, 2016

Drug Use & Social Tolerance

Last night while most sports lovers were focused on the NFL draft, it was announced that reigning MLB National League batting champion Dee Gordon of the Miami Marlins tested positive for banned substances and would be suspended 80 games

Gordon basically cheated last year to pump up his statistics to earn an off-season contract of 5 years/$50 million that he most likely wouldn't have received if the PEDs didn't assist him in hitting .333 and stealing 58 bases

His current hitting coach is super-cheat Barry Bonds and when in LA playing for the Dodgers, his hitting coach was that cheater-coward Mark McGwire...

Wonder if either pieces of shit taught Gordon tricks of the trade?
The Marlins response from owner to manager to players?

They 'love' him and they 'support' him

And this folks is why we continue to lose and always will lose the drug war

I know it seems like I am confusing two types of drugs.. addictive and performance but the end result is the same..

'Love' and 'Support' rather than Anger and Ostracization

Not a single Marlin sees Gordon as a Loser human being??
If people boo Gordon when he returns to baseball after the suspension, mostly its because he does not play for Their team and not his actions.  Miami will cheer him

A-Rod still gets loud cheers in NYC and McGwire is still adored in St. Louis and Bonds is still looked upon as a hero in San Francisco

People react to habitual drug users the same..

How many undeserved chances and opportunities did Robert Downey Jr get?

How long is this unwarranted tribute to Prince going to continue?
Now compare this over-tolerance with how we as a society look at pedophiles?

How many chances to redeem himself will Jared from the Subway commercials get as he's currently serving time and getting beaten up by other inmates for his sick attraction to collecting sexual photos of children?

Recently a teacher in California was sentenced to 10 years in prison simply for sexting (sexual texting) a minor..  Not even touching the victim..

Drug users.. what is their sentence?   Counselling?  Rehab?

How many times did Lindsay Lohan avoid jail back in the day because the weak, timid judge chose rehab and halfway houses?
We tolerate drugs because no one wants to judge anything or anyone.. We're told its not politically correct..

Well, except pedophilia and be patient -- give the leftist social Progressives another decade and we as a society may not even be allowed to harshly judge man on boy "love".

I've personally always hated drugs and not just because of the physical and mental damaging effects and how they hurt the innocent, fracture families, etc

I've always hated drugs because with few exceptions those who use always thought themselves so G-D fucking 'Cool'..
Goodness knows music and movies portray it as such and every teen comedy has to have pot use or references..

The worst part about drugs including marijuana is that because one does not OD and die after one use, users think the worst of it won't happen to them..   Denial

I watched a documentary last night on Chris Farley which was supposed to be a celebration of the man and his funniness..

What I saw was an extremely fat man who was still emotionally a little boy craving for people to like him and willing to embarrass and humiliate himself to the most outrageous extent so his friends and fans would laugh

Behind the scenes, he would eat and drink and drug and party to extreme excesses to the point none of his friends and family were really that shocked when he died at 33.
And some got him into rehab (he was in rehab over a dozen times..  what does that say about voluntary treatment?) and others tried nicely to tell Chris he was going down a really bad path that would kill him..

No one had the guts to tough-love him and shun him.

'You can do drugs and kill yourself but not around me'

Would it have made the difference?   Depends when the tough-love approach was used...

In the final weeks before his death when Farley was just too far gone?   Admittedly no.. it would not have made a difference.

But prior when he was performing in Chicago on stage at Second City then eventually on Saturday Night Live and just starting his up-hill trajectory towards being a star?

Yes, it would have.
But who really cares That much for another person?

Easier to say with gylcerin-tears, 'I.. I told him to watch himself'

There was a moment in the documentary where the celebrity friend interviewed said Chris would put himself down and they'd always say positive, reassuring things to pick him up...

And I thought to myself how would Chris have reacted if someone said.. 'Yes you're right..  you are all the things you are saying about yourself'

Would Farley have nodded, weeped or got angry or said 'F U!', meaning he still had some fight in him..  We'll never know of course..

So hard to tell when celebs are surrounded by enablers and supporters
There's many people in showbiz I like who make me laugh or sing a great song or really are skilled at their particular sport but it takes much more for me to admire and respect them then put a ball in a hoop or fall on a table for laughs..

With the singular exception of taking prescription drugs to deal with continual pain, there is no one I admire or respect, either famous or everyday who uses or has used drugs.

When people try drugs that first time. usually it is in a social atmosphere where peer pressure is involved and that means the need to to be liked and accepted; to conform

Social drugs.. hard drugs.. performance enhancers..  really no different than another when it comes to the public conditioning..

'Love the person, hate the drug' and don't judge anyone

And that is why the US will never Ever win the drug war.