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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Hiding From Factual Truth & The Right To Be Wrong

~ Such an adorable hiding hamster..  

The main challenge or difficulty in writing and maintaining a unique blog such as A&G is not in coming up with topics to write about or figuring out how best to express our ideas

Rather it is knowing that no matter how much we wish it wasn't the case, there will always be some readers who can not bring themselves to continue to read simply because of disagreement with what we express.

If some don't agree, they click off then run off and hide snug and nestled in the warm tender bosom of media that expresses what they want to hear.
No wonder elections turn out to be such hate-filled affairs full of collectivist paranoia; the so-called "tolerant" show themselves to be anything but and everyone who disagrees is broad brush painted as 'Fascist' or 'Hitler' without any sincere understanding what these words mean beyond its intent to be incendiary

We're amazed so many defend that bitch Hillary..

What's not to love...  She's a closet Ugly butch dyke who refuses to come clean about her sexual identity and a total Embarrassment to all who understand what Feminism really means by staying in a loveless sham marriage for decades for political expediency.
All this happiness sacrificing so she could one day rule the US and see her name in the history books as the First woman President as if that really means anything..

Apparently the conceited, corrupt cunt forgot that powerful women who've led nations have existed since the days of Cleopatra thus making her candidacy most Unexceptional.

Now her loyal legion of lackeys follow her to the end and most really don't know why other than empty arguments like 'I will select Hillary over any Republican' or the 'lesser of two evils' argument.

We repeatedly call the old woman out.. We express opinion and use the most unflattering names but we also use facts, figures, news sources and whatever information is available to convey truthful facts about the repugnant creature..

The loyalists prefer to just run into the safe arms of Huffington and the New York Times because who wants to read information that contradicts Party mantra?

And not too many have the Courage to consciously and actively read what they disagree with and risk seeing the world through an altering prism?
We at A&G read a lot of papers of many different political persuasions and even actively seek the European perspective to get some semblance of truth about America especially when it comes to this ever-recovering yet never 'recovered' economy..

Most just stick to the news sources they agree with; mental comfort food

A Hillary loyalist does not want to really know how much of a liar she is or delve into the absolute corruption which is the Clinton Foundation, or understand how harmful she was as Secretary of State to the peace and stability of the world..
They want to ignore her lack of real accomplishments, her six-figure speeches to Wall Street firms, some of which were Directly responsible for the 2008 crash, her deviousness and single minded pursuit of the White House with her in charge as if that is a healthy or normal preoccupation for a post-menopausal grandmother

Then bury their heads under blankets or in the sand when anyone calls out the cold hearted bitch for being who she is..

Group think is never healthy..

But what can one do?

One should never be forced to go against their conscience or be pressured to read or see or listen to what one does not wish..  That is quite un-democratic.

Of course non-democracies love when people only actively seek one sided opinion

In a free society, people have the right to be wrong and the politically astute, the know-nothing know it all and the everyday oblivious get equal vote without qualification

Isn't democracy just grand?