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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Hillary and "Colored People" Time (Video in the posting)

There are certain things a Democrat can get away with especially in a Presidential campaign that Republicans just can not..

Infidelity is a biggie..

When a Republican cheats on his spouse, all the rotten liberal pieces of shit particularly in the media rush to make it a major story and the late night comedians pee on themselves in excitement about all the vicious, cruel jokes they can tell about it..
When a Democrat cheats like say Bill Clinton, its either 'ehh' or its really super-terrific cool and all the jokes are where the Democrat fornicator is 'The Man'

Its just how those bastards play the game.

Really anything immoral, illegal and/or unethical a Democrat politician can do and liberals will keep quiet and show lock step loyalty..

The fact so many are adamant to support Queen Hillary shows complete lack of a personal value system or ethics among loyalists a

Now it seems she can be a racist and it is all swept under the rug.
There was a little 'skit' over the weekend at a New York City Press dinner (why this god-damned Bitch was invited and why everyone clapped loudly for her should be no mystery)

And during the skit with NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, delivering her line with the same coldness as between her legs, she states 'Thank you for your support.. Finally..'

This gets cheers from the biased press people in the audience
To which the Mayor apologizes and says his reason was he was on C.P. time which to those who have no clue, means 'Colored People' time

It is a little code that blacks use among themselves to negative stereotype that when arriving to an event, black people generally tend to show up late

Then Hillary "cleverly" responds 'Cautious Politician' Time...

Ha Ha! Hee Hee! Ho Ho! Har Har!...

~*~  Click on video to play..
Yep, the conniving corrupt criminal cunt is quite pleased with herself..

Honestly the black guy on stage playing along should be ashamed and embarrassed with himself for tolerating that skit because his political party was performing it

And this occurs very soon after Bill Clinton created negative press for his wife’s campaign after he was caught on tape clashing with Black Lives Matter (psst - No their lives do not matter more than anyone else) protesters about black-on-black crime.

Hillary has refused to comment on the skit.
Now imagine Trump on stage delivering that line.. or Ted Cruz..

Picture the wall to wall blitzkrieg of liberal media scum and black activist filth demanding an apology then for that person to drop out of the race with protests and demonstrations to follow if not..

But hey.. come on you Democrats.. It's Hillary..  She loves black people.. When she referred to black children as 'super predators' she was just joshin'..
Yep.. keep supporting that Parasite because right now there's only Twenty Three (23) women who are Currently heads of their nation and goodness knows how many since the days of Cleopatra so its really um.. "important" for a woman take over the country...

Nope.. not a racist bone in the old crone's body..

She'll warmly accept both black and white votes and donations with equal insincerity..