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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

"I'm Moving To Canada if Trump Wins.."

~  Trump and 'B-actor' Lena Dunham.. Who?   Exactly..

Today we start with a question for our readers to ask themselves..

When was the last time you asked the person serving you food at a restaurant or pouring your drinks behind the bar what their opinions were on politics, finance, society & culture, the meaning of life or anything of actual importance other than 'Could I have my check, please?'

Most of us would say 'Never'

Yet in places like New York City and Los Angeles, these are the future philosophers and sociologists and other 'intellectuals' who will shape how people (especially young people) view the world based on their mere expression blurts and the media will rabidly seek these people to give opinions on everything..

As soon as they star in their first TV or movie role of significance..
The same people that most of us could not give a damn what they think of the weather as they mess up our food orders, once they actually 'make it' in the entertainment business, then their same inconsequential views on the world now have merit and influence others

As we have said before, what other profession out there allows someone the opportunity to make 6 to 8 figure salaries while possessing nothing more than a HS diploma which in the Real World would not be enough education to manage a supermarket

And these are the people who are asked opinions about Presidential politics
So many of these imbeciles, being Democrat of course have exclaimed in grand hyperbole that if Trump wins the Presidency, they will move to Canada..

It is tiring and weak and unfortunately unenforceable because there's many celebrities we'd love to expel from the nation forever for being such nitwits

Usually a Presidential candidate does not respond to such idiocy but admittedly when Trump did yesterday, we felt this warmth down our legs (paraphrasing a comment MSNBC's Chris Matthews once said about Obama in 2008) and even more so want the Donald to be elected
The commenter was this pug ugly liberal bitch named Lena Dunham who created and stars in the HBO show 'Girls' which few to no one watches but she's a darling of the liberal entertainment community.

A year or so ago she made an attempt to be witty by penning a article for Vanity Fair called 'Dog or Jewish Boyfriend' where she compared her Jewish boyfriend to a dog by presenting that there really was no difference in the two

Of course the fucking anti-Semitic cunt was protected by the Jewish left - That's what these horrible people do..  Their politics trumps (pun pun) their religion..

Had she been conservative, her professional life would have been over.
So anyways, this loser like others stated she would to Canada if Trump was elected and happily Trump responded..

"Well, [Dunham's] a B-actor and has no mojo.. I heard Whoopi Goldberg said that too — that would be a great, great thing for our country if she got out.... Now I have to get elected because I’ll be doing a great service to our country. Now it's much more important. In fact, I'll immediately get off this call and start campaigning right now."

Now some might find that type of response unprofessional or demeaning in some way

We find it so absolutely refreshing because worthless famous people like her get asked a million Q's on things they know Nothing about, are allowed to spout whatever idiocy enters their cabezas and no one challenges them on how stupid, naive or out of touch with the majority that they are.
A while back Vanity Fair was about to publish a article that actress Gwyneth Paltrow felt was unfair and negative toward her so she contacted all her Hollywood friends via an open letter email asking them to boycott VF including giving interviews in the future..

Vanity Fair buckled and never published the article

The same kind of power play happens all the time when a truly famous person does not like how they are perceived on Entertainment Tonight or Access Hollywood and next thing you know the shows are apologizing for fear of losing access to everyone in that famous person's clique.

So you know the chances of someone in the public eye coming out and saying a celebrity is full of shit is rare and special..
In America, intelligence and education is rarely rewarded or respected

Sure there are some fields where you can not get hired unless you possess a Masters or Doctorate but overall this nation and really by extension the western world celebrates commonness and ignorance.

Whether it be 'Are you smarter than a 5th grader' or back when Jay Leno hosted the Tonight Show and he'd go around asking people very basic questions that average people would constantly get wrong, this not constituted comedy but also coolness..
What does one usually do when they get a basic question wrong such as 'what is H2O?' or 'Who was our 3rd President?'..   The ignorant responder laughs..

There's no dejection.. No shame.. No embarrassment..

Just laughter..  and maybe a shrug.

What always happens in movies when a truly intelligent person speaks?   Another has to say something like 'Whoa.. In English ok?'

Ha..  Ha..    Haw..   Haw..
We don't admire intelligent people..

We are in awe when someone slam dunks a basketball or throws a football into the air or sings a pretty tune

But everyone thinks they are intelligent (which they are not) or capable of being if they simply tried (Nope) so society does not respect it.   We're more likely to be jealous/envious

We celebrate stupidity and nothing embodies it more than actors.
Truth is with very few exceptions, celebrities have nothing of importance to say on anything outside of their profession..

They think they are worldly because they travel around the world staying in posh hotels while promoting their projects and they pretend to care about everyday people while making millions per film and hobnobbing only with others who will advance their careers

When's the last time you heard of a truly big name celebrity having a sincere interaction or discussion with an everyday person?
They live insulated lives, are as interchangeable as batteries don't necessarily have to possess any skill or talent to become famous

And Americans can not get enough of them..  Or their views.

Of course no one bothers to ask a Former celeb his/her opinions on anything..  You have to be a Working performer to have your opinions mean anything.

So let all these dum-dums move to Canada if they choose..

Just not sure why such a beautiful country as the Great White North would take them in?