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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Liberals v Conservatives.. What Each Will Fight For

Often I try to figure out what the difference is between liberals and conservatives beyond the obvious political positions where one takes side 'A' which means the other must take 'B', and all that..

Now I understand that I am generalizing a little bit, but it seems one of the biggest differences is when social laws are passed that are not in liberals' favor, they fight and fight and fight some more..

When a social law goes against conservatives, even those who call themselves Christian pretty much shrug and go 'well its the law, so not much more one can do..'

Of course this mindset is completely reversed on itself when it comes to financial matters, especially where lower taxes are concerned..
Liberals may bitch and complain about the wealthy and banks and Wall Street getting every tax break and benefit at the expense of the working classes and poor but they refuse to put themselves out and risk arrest or more self-sacrificibf consequences to deal with the financial system as it needs

Even something like 'Operation Wall Street', the idiots occupied everywhere BUT Wall Street.  

If thousands and thousands who slept in city parks across the nation got together and literally blocked the entrance to Wall Street and the major financial corporations in the near vicinity, it would have made more of an impact
Conservatives on the other hand will fight tooth and claw for every penny they can save or give to Big Business.. i.e. the fear job they did on Congress to get $700B TARP passed in 2008 four days after it originally failed, and the persistence that the Bush tax cuts be made permanent to which Obama obliged..

So in short..

When it comes to something like abortion or gay marriage, once the Supreme Court or a Congressional body votes for the liberal progressive side, they pretty much just shrug and move on..

And as you see from laws passed in Georgia, NC and other places, when liberals feel their values are even remotely threatened, they go on blitzkrieg attack that would make the Nazis quite proud while the conservative keep shrugging
Of course on personal and corporate tax cuts and anything that benefits bankers, Investors and Wall Street, you see a complete opposite among the two sides in terms of passion and determination to change things..

So in a way liberals and conservatives are both the same disgusting, repugnant sort for neither has any real respect for the Law or the feelings of their fellow country people who may disagree and be hurt in some way by their zealousness

For liberals and conservatives, its about Them-- They must win.. They must control the greater society and how it and the next generation is to look at the world..

The only question is will the immorality of a society be based on greed and financial envy, or will it be based on decadence, depravity and the 'if it feels good, then do it' mantra?
Since so many Democrats like the Clintons and those who vote for that bitch Hillary are Wall Street loving whores no better than the conservatives they pretend to be better than, and many conservatives enjoy leading deviant lives in private that conflict with public posture in daily society..

The real answer is to expect a continuation of a downward spiral in both social and financial ethics for both the nation and the Western world as the powers behind the scenes inch us ever-closer to a One-World Order with global tax, global currency and global controls