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Friday, April 22, 2016

Personal Simple Rules for Mourning Celebrities

I try to live as uncomplicated a life as possible and to do so, that means at times I must set forth personal 'rules' or guidelines which I follow to help keep things simple and avoiding the shaded ambiguities that is so popular at present

I have personal guidelines when it comes to life and in death..

Particularly the topic of famous people's passing.

For instance I will never mourn the death of murderers, pedophiles, rapists or other common criminal scum no matter how good they were at their given vocation...

So sorry O.J. and Robert Blake - I won't be sobbing when either of you die..
Same with you Roman Polanski.. No 'he will be missed..RIP' tweets to show off to the world like 99.999% of other celebs who use Twitter to express condolensces and seek 15 more seconds of 'fame'

I won't even mourn Jack Nicholson who lent his home while away so Roman could have a place to fuck the 12yr old girl, then defended and protected the director to the hilt

So no tears for you Jack..
I also do not mourn drug addicts or those who were heavy drug users then had the audacity to pretend all they did was simply look in a mirror, snap their finger and 'Stop!'  


The absolute worst kind of former drug user is one who pretends its all smooth sailing without even the slightest urge to re-use and won't even advise people not to use because its more important he/she not appear hypocritical than possibly save a life
So that means a big Fuck You to Prince...

You were a drug addict, it took your life and your ultimate end was no different than that of trash on skid row.

All that money couldn't bring happiness and inner-contentment; all those sycophants around you and no one was strong enough to tell you 'No' and everyone is supposed to cry and mourn your passing..

Your worthless PR person was told to lie and say your plane landed and was taken to a hospital for the Flu!!  And then you wouldn't allow yourself to be admitted because the hospital couldn't give you a private room??

Nigger please!

Just another drug addicted black man to add to the stats..
I don't mourn celebrities with addictions with one exception - prescription drugs due to actual pain from injury that becomes abused..

For instance Michael Jackson..

I didn't hold it against the self-proclaimed "King" of Pop that he died of drugs but of course I couldn't mourn a pedophile so once again I was on the sidelines when all the tributes poured in back in the day.

People say in indignation 'Who are you to judge another?!'

Well I answer two ways..
1)  It is the Lord who gave me and every other individual the ability to differentiate right from wrong, ethical from unethical, moral vs immoral so by making such evaluations both private and public, I am doing no more than my God has empowered me to do..

2)  If I am deemed with the power to sit on a jury and decide a person's fate; freedom or jail, life incarceration or death based merely on the controlled presentation of evidence in a courtroom, I'm perfectly capable of deciding a person who does not use drugs is strong of body and character and one who is addicted is weak

Really the biggest problem with society today is people's lack of social judgment.   Everything is tolerated and accepted..  Any behavior or vice or belief no matter how anti-norm

There is no peer pressure of any kind.
The disgusting secular Progressive liberals have worked extremely hard over the last few decades to create a non-judgment society and congrats to the evil-doers..  They've won

One day in the future when harder drugs like cocaine and heroin are legalized and an adult can not be arrested for dating/fucking someone underage, just thank the Progressives..

And before you laugh, did you ever see a time 30 years ago where one day marijuana could be smoked openly with no consequence and gays could middle-finger thousands of years of religion and tradition by calling their partnerships 'marriage'?
I once asked a Jewish friend how it is her people have stayed together as a religion for thousands of years in the face of so much adversity yet lately most Jewish people don't seem to care about their faith and treat it more like a nuisance?

She explained that for most of her people's history, either by choice or by force they lived among each other, everyone knew one another and there was a real sense of community with rules, structure and order..

And there was a elder hierarchy and fear of ostracization and possible banishment if they just did as they pleased with no respect for traditions or responsibility to anything or anyone greater than themselves

Americanism is the complete opposite..  As long as you don't break the law no one cares if you pray or stay at home.  Work on the Sabbath.. eat what you want.. do what you want.. marry outside the faith and allow the half-Jewish child to be Baptized..  It is all a big shrug...  

And no one in the faith is allowed to judge or criticize.. For liberal Democrat-voting Reform Jews, that is worse than the anti-Judism acts themselves..

I just listened and nodded
But back to the subject at hand..

Most celebrities I don't give two shits about..  They're vain, arrogant, mostly uneducated (what other career can you make a good living with only a HS diploma?) politically ignorant (98% of them blindly loyal Democrats who spout whatever their told)

But occasionally someone passes away and I genuinely feel sad

Someone like Garry Shandling .. Unlike Prince, he was a real loss..
Same with Patty Duke..  

She was a former addict but she never glorified it.  Rather she spent her post-recovery days trying to help people who were dealing with drugs and mental health issues like she suffered through

Now that's a good person..

Unlike Prince.