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Monday, April 18, 2016

Random Election Thoughts

We've been thinking about this election over the weekend as both parties are on the ballot this Tuesday in New York state and its funny that every candidate is something different in reality than they try project..

On one hand you have a historic social liberal running as a Republican (Trump), a Canadian running for office in the US (Cruz) and a non-factor pretending he's still a viable candidate (Kasich).

While on the other side, you have a female who is a whore to Wall Street pretend she is both a feminist and for the working people (Clinton), and the most anti-Israel candidate in speeches and posture happens to be the Jewish candidate with the thick Brooklyn accent (Sanders)
It always seems every election the worst people end up representing each party in the winner-take-all illusion of free election where millions decide how 538 electoral college delegates are to vote.

Of course there's a very good reason for this..

Usually the best people know how dirty elections can get and while they possess the minds to be good leaders, they don't possess the stomach or heart to actually run.

They're just not tough enough inside and if someone can not handle a Megyn Kelly, how can he or she handle our enemies abroad?

So ultimately we get what we deserve.
We tolerate these faux debates filled with 'gotcha' questions and allow candidates to address moderators instead of each other, and ultimately we get events more entertaining than informative..

Real debates go like this:  

Let us say A&G represents candidate A and you the reader are 'B'..  A moderator asks something like 'Candidate A, please explain where you stand on US-Russia relations and if Presidents, what steps would you take to improve them?'

So we would spend 90sec answering, then you as candidate B would have 90 seconds to respond and then each has another 30 sec follow up while engaging the other..    Four minutes spent before onto the next question/topic
Of course in the days of Lincoln/Douglas it would take 4 minutes just to thank the audience for attending but in modern debate, that would be sufficient.

Yes we know.. hard to do that form of debate when the Republicans have 25 candidates running as what occurred earlier which was rather pathetic..

How many people needed to be up on stage saying 'Vote for me and I will make life better for the Wall Street, corporations & the 1%, exploit the middle class and ignore the poor'?

Besides we could easily vote for Hillary if we wanted That
We were also thinking about what we wrote on Friday.. the historical examples of elections being stolen from people.

It was pointed out to us over the weekend that we forgot to include the 2000 election and ultimately we realized we were in error not to include that.

For those who supported Gore, it most definitely felt like an election was taken from them

But the historical pattern still fits with the other examples..  some entity other than the voter decides a Presidential election, people grumble and vent, then move on..
No protests.. no riots.. no violence..

Guess elections and all that voting is supposed to signify is not as important to people as they pretend.

If only Louis XVI had given the French people a vote, he could have gotten away with murder and those delicate necks of the King and his Marie Antoinette would have been spared the chopping block

And if only Czar Nicholas II had given his people the right to vote.. maybe there'd never have occurred a Russian Revolution

Certainly the American people have been fucked over by its governments in worse ways since its inception but that mere illusion of a vote that counts keeps people most docile
Well that and the comfort of sitting in front of the TV at night

They may have TVs in prison but they're not 4k HDTV and the convicts don't each get their own recliners, so that is quite a deterrent to anyone middle-class wanting to take law into their own hands as their freedoms, liberty and voice are made more and more inconsequential.

We as people are funny creatures..

Someone goes into our homes to try to steal our television or puts their hand in our purses to steal $10 and we get so violently angry and at times go on the attack without thinking of consequence

But something like the 1876 or 2000 Elections being stolen and it treated like sports..  'Ehh, tough break.. well we will get em' next time...'
At least in a Communist one-party, one-candidate ballot you know after you cast your vote, you can feel pretty self-assured that that person will win rather than Congress or Court interference

Not sure what we will do if the Republicans manipulate and steal the nomination from Trump..

There's things we'd like to do.. Things we'd like to imagine we'd do..  Things that evoke devilish laughter..

But like we said before, watching Sunday football in a cell on a regular TV with no Lay-Z-Boy to relax in is just more torture than we can bare..

Elections, Democracy and Voting be Darned..  Right kids?