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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Sorrow over the $20; The PC Pathetics Win Again

Yesterday it was announced that a black female criminal law breaker Harriet Tubman would be replacing one of the Greatest Americans in our history, Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill..

Tubman of course openly disobeyed the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 which was Federal Law and like any other Law, no one gets to pick and choose what they will obey or not, or else you do not have a society 

So the worthless US Treasury decided to put a criminal and token colored woman on the $20 usurping one of the most popular and important figured in US History, certainly the period between 1810 and 1840 to give little ignorant black children another 'hero' to remember until they drop out of school and/or go to prison
Meanwhile most people completely forget Jackson was responsible for the military victory at the Battle of New Orleans vs the British which was one of the most decisive, one-sided victories a US Commander ever orchestrated upon an enemy

Jackson as President not only fought off the pre-Federal Reserve EVIL called the Bank of the United States which bankers and Wall Street wanted put in place and created a manufactured economic Panic to force compliance (Jackson did not budge)..

But it was Andrew Jackson's resolve that kept the Union together when South Carolina was about to secede over laws passed which increased their taxes, buy threatening to send US troops into the state and take over the state capitol if need be..
And now in 2016 the politically correct piece of Shit that make up a good percentage of the Progressive liberals controlling this country want to tear down his legacy piece by piece simply because was wasn't nice to those poor, poor Indians

Everyone today thinks of Indians as something from 'Dances with Wolves'.. Peaceful, spiritual environmentalists and learned men that wouldn't harm the wing off a fly

Of course no one today was alive back then when these 'nobles' were also slashing throats and scalping heads of every man, woman and child they laid their eyes on with no distinction between military or civilian.  

Many Indians would kill the men, rape the women and little girls and then when done, either kill them as well or abduct them for future use.  
Indians were savages, barbarians and base animals back in 1820s America..

General then President Andrew Jackson dealt with them accordingly..

But the historical factual truth is just so un-PC so let's remove his face from our currency and place a deeply ugly black woman who perfectly fits two minority 'boxes'..  

And who knows, if it turns out she was gay, that would make a perfect PC trifecta for the rotten, rotten human beings who run the United States
So what really will change?

Now blacks will be using 'Tubmans' given for free every monthly as welfare handouts to buy drugs, alcohol and pay prostitutes instead of 'Jacksons'

And the whites will still continue using their credit and debit cards to pay for everything...

More and more historical revisionism to appease some genuinely Weak-Minded people

You would think 150 years after Emancipation that the black race collectively would Evolve...  

That they would not keep needing these special hand-outs and social crutches and double standards galore..
Every other group of people has evolved way beyond the American black..  They have been and continue to be at the Bottom

Doesn't matter who.. the Jews, Chinese, Japanese, Irish, German, Nordics, Italians and other Southern Europeans, Arabs, native Africans, South and Central Americans, Caribbean people..

EVERY Group has succeeded as a whole except blacks..

And in spite of great success by Individual blacks including in the last 20 years, a black President, 2 Secretaries of State, a Chief of Staff, a Surgeon General, 2 Attorney Generals, 2 Supreme Court Justices, many successes in entertainment and sports, 
As a group they're still as backward a race as in 1863.. Statistically they are only 14% of the country yet They are the criminals, the addicts, the ignorant.. the sludge and scum of this society.

And no amount of impregnation of attractive Caucasian women or Harriet Tubman on a $20 will ever change that.