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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Man in the Blue Shirt & Red Baseball Cap

Though a few games were played on Sunday, yesterday was 'Officially' the Opening Day of the 2016 MLB season, a time of excitement and optimism for pretty much all baseball fans; the symbol for many of the true beginning of spring and much warmer weather to come.

So as I was sitting back and enjoying a game between the Texas Rangers and Seattle Mariners, on occasion the camera would show this older man in his 60s with bushy eyebrows wearing a powder blue button shirt and a red Rangers cap on his head (Texas was the home team)

He was sitting next to an elegant looking and refined older woman wearing a red jacket and you could tell they were a happily married couple.
Normally these would be quite ordinary and unexceptional people and if a TV camera were to pan on such a couple, it would be for a millisecond then move on to some attractive female with nice breasts wearing a spaghetti-T

But of course the man wearing the red cap with the letter 'T' emblazoned and deeply focused on the baseball game was no ordinary Joe..

At one time this man by being an ex-President was not only the leader of the free world, but some might argue that for 8 years, he was the most powerful person on Earth
When I saw him sitting in his seat and watching the game like any normal person, against the juxtaposition of all he did as President where Iraq and the current financial recession-depression is concerned, I felt some resentment swell in me..

The scene reminded me of a small child of wealthy parents who has a tantrum, going 'Bam Bam Bam' around the house then later sits quietly and obliviously watches TV while Consuela the maid and the rest of the hired help has to clean up all the mess

So many lives lost, both American and Iraqi since the invasion to topple Saddam..So much money pissed away.. So many lives uprooted and forever changed for the worse

And the man directly responsible for the regional destabilization just sitting there clap-clapping with the crowd with each home-team strikeout or base hit as Secret Service protection strategically sit around him
The man who signed into law the Bankruptcy Overhaul Act making it harder for people struggling with massive debt to have it discharged and whose over-tolerant policies on mortgages and teaser APR rates to get more blacks and other minorities into home ownership brought about the 2008 Crash...

Well he's just sitting and peering out with squinty eyes upon a baseball field oblivious to everything past, present and future.. Solely in the moment

The funny thing is for all the waste in money and lives and how bad Bush left the nation vs when he took office, people just don't seem to really care
Because if the American people were smart enough or made the conscious effort to connect dots between governmental policy and how it detrimentally affects the everyday person's life, there would be far more rage and anger..

And no way would any politician current or former feel safe sitting in such a public venue

One day the super smug and even worse President Obama will be out of office and he will go to sporting events where the morons in the seats will cheer and applaud his presence, completely forgetting (or not realizing) how bad a leader he was.

It must have something to do with not being able to ever serve as President again..  All faults, failures, foibles and fuck-ups forgiven.
I wonder if the Romanov family would not have been murdered after the Communist take over of 1917 if Czar Nicholas II's term in power was to have ended in 1918 with Americanized elections of a new Czar to follow?

Would Marie Antoinette's head been spared the guillotine if the people of France knew her husband Louis XVI's reign as King was to end after just 8yrs with another King to take his place

And on the other side of the coin, how passive and milquetoasty would the American people be if Bush or Obama could be in office indefinitely?

We the USA have not had a genuinely good President who cared about more than themselves or the wealthy in a super-long time..   I mean decades..
Might have to go all the way back to Eisenhower..

Since then, every President being a disingenuous philanderer (Kennedy), small ego (LBJ),  corrupt (Nixon) , a weakling (Ford), overly passive (Carter), deeply naive about the 'goodness' of big business (Reagan), a liar (George 'Read my new taxes' Bush 41), a Wall Street whore (Clinton), a man-boy with Daddy issues (Bush 43) and professional race-card player and complete incompetent Obama)

No wonder the nation has gotten progressively worse since we won WWII
So as annoying it was at times to see the man responsible for so much bad during his time in office sitting and watching baseball as if he never held so much power over so many lives, it dawned on me..

It is better that Bush have spent yesterday watching baseball vs sitting in the Oval Office and the sooner Obama joins him in the ex-Presidents club spending his days doing nothing of importance but watching and playing sports, the better for us all..