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Monday, April 11, 2016

The Real Reason Blacks Aren't Siding with Bernie Sanders

~ Bernie Sanders being bullied by some black buffaloes last year in Seattle

Over the weekend we've been reading about an interesting dynamic in the Democrat primaries..

That even though Bill Clinton's administration made it worse for blacks economically (welfare reform) and in terms of increased incarceration rate and longer sentences, and even though its obvious to anyone with a brain that Hillary could not give two shits about blacks outside of courting votes..

Blacks still by and large haven't gravitated to Bernie Sanders

So why is this?
 Truth is, collectively, blacks really can not stand Jewish people

For many like the Farrakhan black Muslims, its hatred.

Now Jewish people really should not like blacks either but we guess they're just a better people -- too busy succeeding and thriving while blacks are sucking at government's swollen teat for benefits

So why do blacks as a group have such animosity toward Jews compared to any other race, religion or ethnicity.

Simple.. Jewish people are the Only group that can look back at their past and Always trump blacks in the competition as to who has suffered the most in their history
~ Niggaz being Niggaz..

In other words that guilt crap that colored people love to dump on Caucasians does not work on Jews..

Well, non-Democrat Jews at least..

Here's how a pretend conversation between a victimization-card playing black (red font) and a Jewish person responding (blue font) would go if both sides kept things 'real' as the ghetto slang goes..
"Let me tell you.. No one has suffered more in this world than blacks..  We've had it worse than anyone!"

"Hmm..  OK, I'll play along..  How so?"

"Well first and foremost we were slaves for over 100 years... Taken away from our families.. put on ships.. made to work others' land.. beaten.. mated with..  treated like dogs.."

"Yes that was bad no denying that But my people were slaves in Egypt for 400 years and we had to make large bricks from straw and mud then pull away at great distances to make the Pharoahs' pyramids.  And we were beaten and tortured and denied our faith and..

"Yeah yeah.. but we've been lynched.. You know what that is like to be hung from a tree for no reason but because you're black?"
~ Presidential candidate Sanders is that small white man off to the right letting those military niggers dominate his political rally..

"I empathize but you didn't have to go through an Inquisition where you were forced to convert to another faith or be tortured or killed...  And your people never went through what Jews in Russia dealt with.. the pogroms.   Cossack troops marching into Jewish villages, killing, looting, burning homes.."

"Dayum man! (breathes hard)  Are you not listening to anything I'm saying?!   Blacks have it worse than Anyone..  We were made to sit in the back of the bus and we had to use separate water fountains and we couldn't eat at the same table as the whites.."

"Are you serious?  You complain about That as the worst thing ever when my people went through the Holocaust!!  

"Fuck you Jew!  You money hungry, bagel eating.. "

"Nice response there.. You represent your people well.. Stay classy.."
~ The smug black bitch pigs are proud; Sanders is staring at his shoes 

It is hard to play the victimization game for every perk and benefit to be given to you when there's another group that not only has consistently had it worse but has succeeded as a people while they're still as bitter and ignorant as during Reconstruction.

And in America, blacks always get the sympathy

Remember the film 'Mississippi Burning' with Gene Hackman?  It was based on a true incident where three naive and stupid young people from the north took a trip to Mississippi to get colored people to vote..
It was two whites and a black..  Specifically, two Jews and a black..  All were killed and the film only focused on the black boy's death..  To the filmmakers, his death was more to the story..

Jews and blacks actually worked side by side during the Civil Rights struggle..

Well they 'Did' until the insecure blacks saw how successful it was being operated by the Jews then the militant element kicked the Jews and rest of the whites out... All except the white women willing to spread their legs to show empathy for their lost cause.

So blacks as a group feel great animosity and jealousy toward Jews..
According to a poll taken by the Pew Forum, there is no group of people with a higher median income than Jewish people with 43% earning over $100k.   Hindus come in second.  They are successful in the law, healthcare, the sciences, business, entertainment...

Then there's the common blacks..

Their median income is just over $35k which is about 20% less than the US average..

They rather play basketball then ever focus on education and strive to Own a basketball team.

They are more content seeing them play lawyers and doctors and intellectuals on TV and film then ever committing the time and energy to be those professions for real..
And all the white-guilers do is feel empathy and try to manipulate things more and more in their favor.

It is actually rather pathetic the way Bernie Sanders have been courting those monsters.

Last year he actually said the LIE that 'black lives matter' which they absolutely do NOT then let two black buffalo women rush upon the stage during one of his speeches and take over while he stood with hands folded in front and stared at his shoes

Then a week ago, the candidate said if/when he was President, he would officially apologize for slavery..
How rich is that!

A Jewish man who's family did not even immigrate to the US until AFTER the Civil War and thus who is 100% clean of any ancestral involvement and thus guilt free wants to apologize to Dead people for the actions of other Dead people..

"Sorry slaves..  We made a big boo-boo there.."

Of course bitch Hillary is promising the moon and the stars to a group of people with only a 54% high school graduation rate and who's 12th graders read at the same proficiency as white 8th graders..

Guess both figure blacks are easy to bamboozle..

Judging by their history and how they voted in lockstep for Obama in 2008, maybe they are.