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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Understanding Why Trump is Winning and where GOP failed

~ Man: 'Aren't you supposed to rob from the rich and give to the poor?'
   Establishment Republican Elephant: 'What, are you a Socialist'?

Last night, Trump overwhelmingly won New York state with over 60% of the vote taking most of the delegates with him and inching him closer to getting the delegate votes needed to secure nomination

We at A&G say 'Yay!'

The Establishment Republicans say 'Ugh!'

And on the circus travels to the important states of Pennsylvania then California..
But let's get back to those pathetic Republican weasels that control the party and are doing everything they can to sabotage Trump

They're most unhappy how this election is going thus far and yet when taking the time to look back objectively, it is their own fault they are in this pickle

How so?  Here's How..

Not a single candidate other than Trump stood out in any genuine way.
Not counting Trump, there were 16 other major or minor candidates who ran for the GOP nomination and Yet..

Where was the Establishment Republican candidate that had the guts to address the stock market crash of 2008 honestly?

Where was the Establishment Republican candidate to explain how the everyday American got shafted with trillions more in National Debt as most of that money not allocated to the Bush wars went to bail out the banks, mortgage and insurance industries and propped up Wall Street to the tune of over $1 Trillion annually via the Fed?
Where was the Establishment Republican candidate who had the courage to explain how the 1% and the corporate elite use government to protect their own while people had to suffer for many years with either no employment or forced to take 10-20% pay cuts to do the same work they did before Lehman Bros?

Where was the Establishment Republican candidate that would Not promise more tax cuts for the wealthy and continual corporate tax cuts and make grandiose promises to "reign in spending" which is code for cut Social Security and every other benefit in existence for the working class and poor??
Where was the Establishment Republican candidate explaining honestly they myriad of ways the China has fucked with and fucked up the US economy including the open admittance they manipulate their currency as well as economic stats?

Where was the Establishment Republican candidate with the courage to express how out of hand the ILLEGAL immigrant situation is in this nation, particularly from Mexico who cost the taxpayers $113 billion annually which averages to over $1,000 per American, and want to take steps to stop the infiltration?

Where was the Establishment Republican candidate to honestly and truthfully talk about Muslims and Islamic terror in realistic terms and not idealistic pretend-positive fluff?
And where was the Establishment Republican candidate who would passionately stand up for the social values and morals of which the Party claims to possess and defend and yet rarely ever does?  For instance its been 43 years since Roe v Wade and No Republican leader has Ever made a sincere legal challenge with goal of overturning it..

So you had every candidate other than Trump up on stage speaking soft and civil, regurgitating the same talking points and making the same promises which most please their financial backers, and for whatever reason the Republican voter finally rebelled in 2016..

And that is why Trump barring some deviant accounting trickery will win the GOP Nomination and why the Republican Establishment will be left out in the cold if he wins the Presidency