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Thursday, April 28, 2016

What Would a President Trump Do If In Office Today?

Now that Trump has pretty much won the Republican nomination in spite of deeply delusional people like Ted Cruz who had the audacity to pick a running mate after going 0 for 5 this past Tuesday and zero chance statistically of winning on the first ballot..

We feel its time for Trump to start talking more policy and express what he would do as President based on real-world situations going on in the national and global economy.

For instance in first quarter of 2016, the US economy "grew" if that is the right word by a deeply underwhelming 0.5%, the lowest growth rate in two years...

It was also the third consecutive quarter of GDP declines, and once it hits negative for two quarters in a row, that is officially a recession (though we've been in a recession-depression for 8 years and only the 1% and Obama-sycophants say otherwise)

So OK, imagine Trump is President today.. What does he do?
Does he give free reign for the evil Fed to do whatever they want like Obama did?  Does he put into motion a bill with Congress to expand Federal hiring?  Does he lower or raise taxes on corporations?

OK, Next item in the news..

A Greek Default looms in July after EU rejects Greek Emergency Summit..

We know.. We know..  Worthless Greece back in the news..
Too damn cowardly to default on the crippling debts when they had the chance to restart fresh and even more scared to leave the vampire European Union as it sucks all the financial 'blood' from the nation..

So if the EU has had truly enough of Greece and there's nothing left to feed upon, what happens when the Grecian carcass is tossed out to sea?   Will markets globally destabilize or is it built into the cake by this point?

As for a President Trump, does he get involved in any way?   Does he give Herr Merkel a call and 'strongly suggest' some alternative policy of action?  And if Greece actually has the balls to cut ties before the EU is ready and there's destabilization, what would Trump's policy on economic intervention be?
Next piece of news..

Venezuela has run out of money to print its money.. That's how broke it is..

De La Rue, the world’s largest currency maker, sent a letter to the central bank of Venezuela complaining that it was owed $71 million and would inform its shareholders if the money were not forthcoming. The letter was leaked to a Venezuelan news website and confirmed by Bloomberg News.

Late last year, the central bank ordered more than 10 billion bank notes, surpassing the 7.6 billion the U.S. Federal Reserve requested this year for an economy many times the size of Venezuela’s.
Then add in Argentina which is close to another global bank default and Brazil in a current recession along with wasted money spent to host this summer's Olympics, and it looks like some truly rough waters for South America, our protectorate and whom we treat as our colonies (though no one in government ever utters the 'C' word out loud)

What would a President Trump do if anything to stabilize the situation so you don't have democracies turn into dictatorships, imprisonment, torture and death for dissenters, etc..  You know.. all the 'good stuff' from the 1970s.?
Lastly, Japan is in a continual economic death spiral.. They've been in a multi-decade long recession with no hope of ever getting out and the only answer their leadership knows is hyper-QE

As a result, just the other day, their stock exchange the Nikkei dropped 1000 pts in one trading day...

What does a President Trump do if anything to try to stabilize this dead fish of an economy; a nation that holds more US debt than any other outside of China (the Fed holds more US debt than what all the nations of the world combined hold which is why we can never be allowed to default)

What if anything would a President Trump do if Japan or Venezuela or some something domestic caused a great market Panic at home?  Would he intervene?  Or let the natural forces of capitalism work itself out?
Honestly, we do not know the answers to these questions..   We can assume but that never gets anyone anywhere.

If Trump ever decided to be a bit more specific in terms of his economic policy and explain beyond generalities what he'd do if currently in office, it would go a long way toward Trump defeating Hillary..

And as we've said a thousand times before, we at A&G support Trump and like his combativeness..

But ultimately every person running for high office ultimately has to switch from generalities to details, especially in this economically volatile climate and among deep frustrations of many Americans seeking real leadership..

That means even Mr. Trump has to focus more on what he'd do as President and not as much the obvious rotten corruptness of his competition on the left